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30 Foods You'll Never Have To Buy Again

30 Foods You'll Never Have To Buy Again
1. Bake low-fat tortilla chips in the oven. Takes 10 minutes and zero skills. Here’s how to do it. Optional: You can make the corn tortillas yourself too. 2. Essentials: Hazelnuts, good milk chocolate, and a food processor you believe in. 3. Get the recipe for these crunchy peanut butter bars here. 4. Also less likely to break your molars. 8. Skip all the hydrogenated oils (which are really bad for you!) 11. Required: cream, bowl, whisk, arm (or cream + electric mixer). 12. You will need a decent food processor if you want it super-smooth, but nobody’s going to mind a few little chunks. 13. It will make you realize that store-bought sauce is basically just supersweet baby food. 14. Seriously, it’s SO EASY. 15. Or freeze for future joy. 16. Then you can package the mix in airtight containers and label with the amount of eggs, milk, etc., you’ll need to add when you’re ready to make the pancakes. 17. And so easy to make that you have no excuse not to. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 24. 26. 27. 28.

The Science Behind Baking Your Ideal Chocolate Chip Cookie You like soft and chewy. He likes thin and crispy. If only there were a way to bake chocolate chip cookies to please everyone. There is! And, no, it's not Martha Stewart's way. It's science.

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken I owe my mom for finding this recipe for me! I have been so busy back and forth from the hospital that she has been such a help in having dinner ready for me when I go home to feed my baby. She made this for dinner, and I kid you not, every single person in my family LOVED it! And I mean everyone… My mom, dad, my brother, my two sisters, my brother in law, AND my picky 2 year old! My husband probably would have loved it too had he not been on a diet restriction at the time! 76 Genius Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Everyday Life We’re going a little nuts for coconuts—or its oil, at least. But can you blame us? It turns out that this miracle oil is the solution to many of life’s little (or big!) problems.

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Chinese Buffet at Home It is no secret that I have an obsession with Chinese cuisine. The place that started it all was a local Chinese buffet here in Michigan. After frequent visits to the buffet over the years, I finally decided to take a stab at cooking my own Chinese dishes at home. The majority of the dishes were delicious and I began cooking different Chinese meals every week, but I had always wanted more variety just like the buffet.

5 Fruits and Veggies You've Been Eating Wrong If you're anything like us, you would eat a lot more beets, pomegranates, and kiwis if you could just figure out an easy way to prep them. Luckily, some of our favorite food blogs have come up with pretty ingenious ways to simplify the process. Take a look, then try these tricks for yourself: Mandarin Oranges "I love how peeling an orange gives me sticky hands," said no one, ever. Which is why we're obsessed with this mess-free method from JewelPie. Just use a paring knife to slice off either end, cut a slit in the orange peel, and roll the whole thing out in a strip.

Homemade Doritos Tortilla chips are simple to make, whether you plan on converting them to Doritos or not. For your tortilla chips you will need: Soft corn tortillas an oil with a light flavor, like sunflower, soybean, canola, etc. Using a pastry brush, spread a thin layer of oil on both sides of 1 tortilla. Kitchen Cheat Sheet…. Measurements, Conversions, Meat Cuts, Storage and so Much More (thanks Wow, this is like having Martha Stewart on speed dial! Check out this absolutely amazing infographic from Everest on everything you need to know in the kitchen! No more floury hands scrolling through google on my phone trying to convert US measurements to metric while the white sauce is burning! Thanks a million Everest!!!! Pssst… if it appears blurry, just click on the image. Like this:

Strawberries are the star in this tempting shortcake This delectable recipe was developed by Ricardo Larrivee, the Montreal-based host of Ricardo and Friends, which aired on Food Network Canada. You can also make this cake with other berries, such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and ground cherries. Cake 1. With rack in the middle position, heat oven to 180 C (350 F).

How to To Make Your Food Taste Awesome Posted by admin on Aug 19, 2012 in Food Preparation | 211 comments In case you are not skilled with the food recipes and preparation, listed bellow are some of the easy food tips to make your meals delicious easy way. No matter you prepare breakfast, dinner or just a snack, the easy food tips are here to make your food even more attractive and awesome.