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Tortillas de Harina / Flour tortillas

Tortillas de Harina / Flour tortillas
Tortillas de Harina Flour Tortillas (wheat)(this are NOT to be confused with CORN tortillas. Corn tortillas are made with MASECA, this are made with plain wheat flour, or you can use whole wheat also. Flour tortillas are rolled with a rolling pin, NOT pressed with a tortilla press) These tortillas are great for quesadillas or burritos (I guess you could even do “wraps” with them, as long as you use them warm, otherwise they’re not very flexible). They are moist and buttery, and even if they don’t come out perfectly round (mine never do!) revisions/comments in red (makes about 35 tortillas about 6 inches in diameter) 1 kilogram of Flour (all purpose OR whole wheat) + 1 cup for rolling surface (=2.2 lbs, OR 8 cups) 1 1/2 cup vegetable oil (I used oil because it was easy to find in a Swiss supermarket. Eat them warm with butter, avocado, queso, or refired beans, but to freeze or refrigerate, make sure you cool them spread out on a flat surface before bagging them. Related:  Recipes

Naturally Flavored Water Say goodbye to soda, juice, and bottled water with these refreshing, healthy flavors! I'm keeping 2-3 flavors of this "spa water" in my fridge now, so I have a variety to motivate me to drink more water. I was a hardcore Dr. Pepper girl for years. Then I gave up regular soda because of the high sugar content and switched to diet soda. Next we were warned to avoid the chemicals in diet soda; and more recently studies have indicated that diet soda actually causes rather than prevents weight gain (source). Simply water At the end of the day, regular old tap water--or at least a filtered version of it--seems to be the way to go. Aside from my morning coffee, I honestly forget to drink fluids throughout the day. Subtle flavor without sweetnessThese aren't sweet waters, so they'll be disappointing if that's what you're expecting. How to makeNaturally Flavored Water Supplies Needed: view on Amazon: 2 qt mason jars, infusion pitcher, infusion water bottle, muddler, Brita water filter pitcher 1.

Sliders and Shooters and Snackies Oh my! ~ Late Night Wedding Treats to Keep the Party Going - My Wedding Reception Ideas | Blog Warning! This tantalizing food-filled blog post may leave you with your mouth watering and your stomach growling! We're talking wedding snacks, and lots of them! Trending right now at many weddings is the late night wedding snack. Receptions are running later and your guests are staying longer. From espresso shots topped with mini doughnuts to slider burgers with petite milkshakes, these treats are the perfect way to end the night.

No Christmas is complete without Eggnog - St. Louis restaurant ‘Tis the season once again to spread the holiday cheer and one great way to do that is to invite a bunch of people over to gather ‘round a huge bowl of eggnog. I wasn’t always a fan of eggnog until I made it one year for a company Christmas party. I find a good trick to liking something is to take it and make it your own. 1 dozen eggs, separated (yes, this means putting the yolks into one bowl and the whites into another) ½ teaspoon salt 1 quart of milk 2 ¼ or more cups sugar 2 tablespoons vanilla 2 or more cups of bourbon 3 pints heavy whipping cream ½ cup of rum Nutmeg Beat together the egg yolks and salt in a large mixing bowl, slowly adding 1 ½ cups of sugar. Be sure to refrigerate it before serving. From my family to yours have a happy and safe holiday! For more info: The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

Tide and Thyme » Fresh Flour Tortillas We blow through A LOT of tortillas in this house. Flour, whole wheat, corn – we love them all! I’ve heard stories of how much better fresh tortillas are, versus the ones you buy pre-packaged in the store. They turned out wonderful! Flour Tortillas 3 cups all-purpose flour2 tsp baking powder1 heaping tsp salt5 tablespoons shortening, lard, or softened butter 3/4 – 1 cup warm water Pulse the flour, baking powder, and salt a few times in your food processor fitted with the dough blade. With the food processor on, slowly stream in the water, just until the dry ingredients form a ball and starts traveling around the bowl (you might not use all of the water or you might need a little more). Let the dough knead for ~30 seconds. Turn out onto a flour-dusted surface and divide dough into golf-ball sized portions (I weighed mine out to 2 oz each). Heat a large, dry frying pan over medium high heat. Source: Confections of a Foodie Bride, via Annie’s Eats and Pennies on a Platter Od 16. avgusta do 1. septembra 2012. godine održan je 68. Evropski forum Alpbah u Tirolu sa gotovo 4.000 učesnika iz preko 60 država sveta Među 700 stipendista koji su posetili ovogodišnji Forum bilo je i njih 20 iz Srbije, čije su aktivnosti bile izuzetno zapažene. Ne samo da su svojim učešćem na seminarima, letnjim školama i simpozijumima opravdali svoja dosadašnja akademska dostignuća, već su inicijativama na posebnim dešavanjima pokazali da su spremni da svoje znanje upotrebe za opšte dobro. Speakers’ Night Kao i prethodnih šest godina, dobitnik nagrade Mladi Evropljanin sa takmičenja u besedništvu na Pravnom fakultetu u Beogradu, učestvovao je i u Alpbahu na Večeri govornika. EuroXhibition Nakon uspešnih otvaranja u Prištini i Beogradu, EuroXhibition je prikazana i u Alpbahu. Alpbah razgovori Jedna od tradicija Evropskog foruma Alpbah jeste i organizacija ad hioc razgovora sa eminentnim govornicima od strane lokalnih klubova i inicijativnih grupa. Podrška Pussy Riot

How to make a Naked Egg : Imagination Station How to make a Naked Egg A “naked egg” is an egg that has no shell. Let me say that again, an egg with no shell. This is not something you normally run across and even when I show a naked egg to someone they often just don’t get the idea that the shell is gone – yet the egg stays intact. The shell of an egg (typically a chicken egg) is made up of primarily calcium carbonate. CaCO3 (s) + 2 HC2H3O2 (aq) → Ca(C2H3O2)2 (aq) + H2O (l) + CO2 (g) The egg insides remain intact and are held together by the two fragile membranes just inside the shell. Here’s what you need Let’s get to the fun stuff. Vinegar (at least 16 ounces)A couple of glasses or cupsRaw eggs The process is really very simple. An egg soaking in vinegar with part of it’s shell dissolved. Now the hard part – you will have to wait as the acetic acid in the vinegar begins to react with the calcium in the egg shell. After a day of soaking you can carefully remove the egg from the vinegar. Fun things to do with your naked eggs References

Chocolate peppermint French macarons - the homesteady I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't fist-pump like crazy when these beauts came out of the oven. Zer-o cracks! Zer-o cracks! I chanted to Samson. I made these particular ones when my pals came from Boston for Bag Day -- 50% because I knew they'd be delicious (they are) and 50% because the crushed candy cane around the cookie's perimeter adds a special Pinterest-worthy pretty factor. Peppermint Almond Cookies: This recipe is my version of the one Mindy Cone shares in the Atly French macaron class (which I can't recommend highly enough). 95g aged egg whites at room tempPinch of cream of tartar35g superfine sugar120g almond flour200g powdered sugarA few drops of peppermint oil (Optional, but do not try to use peppermint extract, it's too watery!) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Chocolate Ganache: Try making this ahead of time. 1 cup milk1 cup butter2 cups chocolate chipsOptional: 5 candy canes, crushed (We crushed ours by putting them in a Ziploc bag and doing the dirty work with a hammer!) 1. 2.

Shredded Beef Tacos These loaded shredded beef tacos are definitely at the top of my list of favorite foods. This recipe for shredded beef tacos yields perfectly tender, wonderfully seasoned and flavorful beef. I cook almost all my meat in the slow cooker because it basically guarantees tender meat, slow and low. Ingredients 1 (2.5 lb) chuck roast 1 (14 oz) can beef broth 1 1/2 Tbsp chili powder 1/2 Tbsp cumin 1/2 Tbsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp freshly cracked black pepper Juice of 1 lime Serve with Warmed corn tortillas or warmed fresh flour tortillas* Green or Iceburg lettuce, chopped Monterrey Jack or Cheddar cheese, shredded Guacamole or diced avocados Sour cream Fresh salsaCilantro Freshly squeezed lime juice Hot sauce Directions In a small bowl whisk together chili powder, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Top 10: Holiday Appetizer Recipes {hors d'oeuvre As a part of the Tip Junkies Top Ten Holiday Trends series, Laurie asked if I could put together a list of great appetizers and hors d’oeuvres for holiday entertaining! Whether you are hosting a holiday soiree or bringing a dish to your neighbor’s get-together, you’ll earn big points with these fabulous party starter recipes! Happy Holidays Tip Junkie readers!!!! I’m Cheryl, aka TidyMom! When I am not baking, crafting or running around with my camera you can find me over in my little corner of the universe at Appetizer Recipe Garlic Chicken Puffs via TidyMom Printable recipe yields 32 puffs (I made a double batch) 4 ounces cream cheese1 tsp garlic powder1/2 cup cooked shredded chicken*2 cans refrigerator crescent rolls I used 2 cookie sheets at a time, and had to bake 3 batches to get all of mine baked (so allow for that time if you’re making a lot) Also, mine were ready in about 11 mins, so watch for how your oven cooks.