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Traditional home bamboo design

Traditional home bamboo design

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BAMBOO REINFORCED CONCRETE Bamboo has been used as a construction material in certain areas for centuries, but its application as reinforcement in concrete had received little attention until the Clemson study. Bamboo was given recent consideration for use as reinforcement in soil-cement pavement slabs in which the slabs behave inelastically even under light loads. For this case ultimate load analysis was shown to be more economical and suitable for use.

Free Printable Origami, Kirigami and Pop-up Scissors Craft Patterns, Stencils and Templates Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and kirigami is the art of cutting paper to create stand up, pop up or three dimensional figures. Here are free printable origami and kirigami patterns and template for you to cut, fold and create. Family Fun Magazine (click here) has free printable origami with patterns and folding lines printed on the paper. DataWORKS Educational Research Welcome to DataWORKS’ extensive READY TO TEACH Common Core lesson catalog consisting of K-12 grade-level, well-crafted Explicit Direct Instruction lessons. Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) READY TO TEACH Lessons for Common Core Standards: Are constantly tested in the field and are continuously revised for maximum effectiveness and efficiency Ensure more students learn grade-level standards the first time a lesson is taught Promote constant interaction between students and teachers Offer higher-order questions throughout every lesson and emphasize deep conceptual understanding Provide clear learning objectives Promote opportunities for students to use evidentiary arguments and/or multiple representations when solving problems DataWORKS strongly recommends teachers be trained in our Common Core Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) Workshops before using lessons for optimum results.

22m x 10m Double Conic by Tensile Solutions The Double Conic is a 22m x 10m, commercial tensile fabric structure that is perfect for covering large areas and providing year round shelter. Muliple applications for this large tensile structure and with only two masts, traffic flow underneath is unrestricted. Great for schools or colleges looking to create an outdoor performance or dining area or just to add something special to their built environment.

Over 100 Free Wooden Toy Woodcraft Plans at Online Since 2000 FreeCrafts Free Holiday Crafts Sewing & Quilting Crochet & Knitting More AllCrafts Introduction to "Bamboo Theory" When I say bamboo is “green” I mean it does not take much energy to prepare the bamboo fiber for laminating, as the 0.3 mm thick veneer air dries quickly. It can be cut into strips and woven into mats or used as a “uni-directional” fiber in laminates." After over 10 years of bamboo board making, I would estimate that each layer of rotary bamboo veneer is roughly as strong as one layer of 4 ounce unidirectional fiberglass.

★ Origamic Architecture Instructions & Free Kirigami Templates ★ Architectural Origami Inspiration Roundup Kirigami is the combination of origami and paper cutting crafts, and is a brilliant hobby to start because all you basically need is a craft knife and paper! Origamic architecture is the use of kirigami to create 3D buildings from a clever use of folds and cuts within just one single piece of paper. ASSURE Model Instructional Plan Template Introduction: Introduce the idea of compare/contrast to the class. Discuss opposites in personalities.

Custom Retractable Canopies and Pergola Covers Finally! A retractable canopy that protects from BOTH sun and rain. ver the years, homeowners and businesses have moved their attention to an outdoor living lifestyle where outdoor patios and decks have grown in size and sophistication. Decks now commonly run the full length of the house with multiple levels which include built-in hot-tubs, outdoor fireplaces, and are accessorized with expensive furniture and even complete outdoor kitchens.

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