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Sign in JSter is a catalog of 1544 JavaScript libraries and tools for web development. JSter #20 JSter #19 JSter #18 via Ad Packs

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About What is JSter? JSter is a catalog of frontend JavaScript libraries. We also maintain a blog and publish a monthly newsletter. Kal - A Clean Alternative to JavaScript Without Callbacks Kal is a highly readable, easy-to-use language that compiles to JavaScript. It's designed to be asynchronous and can run both on node.js and in the browser. Kal makes asynchronous programming easy and clean by allowing functions to pause and wait for I/O, replacing an awkward callback syntax with a clean, simple syntax.

The JavaScript Event Loop: Explained What’s this post about? With JavaScript approaching near-ubiquity as the scripting language of the web browser, it benefits you to have a basic understanding of its event-driven interaction model and how it differs from the request-response model typically found in languages like Ruby, Python, and Java. In this post, I’ll explain some core concepts of the JavaScript concurrency model, including its event loop and message queue in hopes of improving your understanding of a language you’re probably already writing but perhaps don’t fully understand. Who is this post for? This post is aimed at web developers who are working with (or planning to work with) JavaScript in either the client or the server. If you’re already well-versed in event loops then much of this article will be familiar to you.

Useful JavaScript Libraries and jQuery Plugins For Web Developers Advertisement If you have a problem and need a solution for it, chances are high that a JavaScript library or jQuery plugin exists that was created to solve this very problem. Such libraries are always great to have in your bookmarks or in your local folders, especially if you aren’t a big fan of cross-browser debugging. A JavaScript library isn’t always the best solution: it should never be a single point of failure for any website, and neither should a website rely on JavaScript making the content potentially inaccessible.

React Native Tutorial: Building Apps with JavaScript React Native Tutorial: Build native iOS applications with JavaScript. Update note: This tutorial has been updated to React Native 0.34 by Tom Elliot. The original tutorial was written by iOS Team member Colin Eberhardt. In this React Native Tutorial you’ll learn about a framework for building native iOS and Android applications from Facebook, based on the same principals behind their hugely popular React Javascript Framework for building declarative user interfaces. A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue Like everybody else, I recently came across Jose Aguinaga’s post “How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016”. It’s clear that this post hit a nerve: I saw it reaching the top spot on Hacker News not once but twice. It was the most popular post on /r/javascript as well, and as of right now it has over 10k likes on Medium — which is probably more than all my own posts put together.

JavaScript. The core. Read this article in: Japanese, German (version 2), Arabic, Russian, French, Chinese. This note is an overview and summary of the “ECMA-262-3 in detail” series. Every section contains references to the appropriate matching chapters so you can read them to get a deeper understanding. JSFeat - JavaScript Computer Vision Library. Data structures Most of JSFEAT methods relies on custom data structures. There are just few provided at the moment but I'm sure its number will increase with new functionality. matrix_t The core and starting structure for any project is most likely matrix_t: The Virtual Keypunch – Make Your Personal Punch Card Type and download your personal punch cards — the Web2.0 of “big iron” age! “The Virtual Keypunch” is a free service related to Google60 – Search Mad Men Style. Get yourself a “real business” card, or even print gift-cards for your geeky friends. New: Scan and parse a card-image at The Virtual Card Reader! All scripts and images © 2012 N.

Adding table rows and columns in JavaScript With insertRow() method you can insert a new row at the specified position in HTML table. After row is created, use insertCell() method to insert a table cell. Wrap this methods in JavaScript functions and you have code to dynamically add new rows and columns in the HTML table. Please try to click the buttons below ... When you click the "Add row" button, appendRow() function is called. Function is simple, table row is inserted at the last position, and loop iterates through table cells in the first row.

Client or server? Go big or go home. As someone who writes lots of JavaScript, you might think I'd advocate that everything should be a single-page app. In short: No. Make things as simple as you possibly can. JavaScript language a- z cheat sheet Here is an A - Z list of some Javascript idioms and patterns. The idea is to convey in simple terms some features of the actual Javascript language (rather than how it can interact with DOM). Enjoy... Array Literals An array literal can be defined using a comma separated list in square brackets. Arrays in javascript have a wide selection methods including push() and pop(). Suppose the world got taken over by a dictator who wanted to get rid of the last month of the year?

Introducing Web Workers The HTML 5 specification introduces a new technology called Web Workers, allowing developers to spawn new threads for processing JavaScript code. This is a major improvement from the current state of the web, as it allows JavaScript code to execute outside of the UI thread, so your application is still responsive during long-running scripts. However, due to the nature of Web Workers there are restrictions to what they can and cant do, and how to interact with them.

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