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Why the Best Prezis use Grouping & Layering

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How to create a good prezi – World Economic Forum Matthias Lüfkens is the man behind the social media communication of the World Economic Forum. He and his colleagues have upgraded the Forum's online presence and have made the world's most important summit on economy more transparent than ever before. They now use Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube and Myspace among other channels, involve citizen reporters and share almost every media content instantly on the web. 10 Tips to Help Master Prezi Last week, I spent two days teaching Prezi at the Langley Center for New Media. As the event came to a close, a few attendees asked if I could sum up more than 16 hours of teaching in a top 10 list. Well, here’s my first stab at 10 tips that should help you become a better Prezi presenter and publisher. 1. Work in 1024 × 768

About Adam Somlai-Fischer @ aether architecture About Adam Somlai-Fischer Adam Somlai-Fischer (1976 Budapest) is an artist, entrepreneur and architect. He is interested in the cultural qualities of new technologies, and to explore these he created artistic installations, software products and institutions. A supporter of peer production, Adam collaborates with designers, artists and engineers, where motivations are shared to create projects from conglomerates of thinking cultures. Convert Prezi To YouTube Videos Anyone who has used the Prezi platform would know that creating a Prezi and uploading it to is easy enough, however when it comes to converting it to a YouTube video, there seems to be no native method of doing so. While you can convert PowerPoint to video formats using a native PowerPoint feature, the same cannot be said for the Prezi application. However, you can convert Prezi to YouTube by using a workaround. Capture Prezi With A Screen Recording Tool

How to use Prezi really well I’m loving using slides to disseminate stuff at the moment, so I’ve re-written and updated my Prezi FTW post and produced a new top ten tips on creating a great presentation with the online zooming software. Also, I used it as an opportunity to really really hard with the slide-deck and experiment with a slightly different style. (And put in a little bit of library pride on the final couple of slides.) Prezi Prezi is a cloud-based (SaaS) presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.[1][2][3][4][5] The product employs a zooming user interface (ZUI), which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media, and allows users to display and navigate through information within a 2.5D or parallax 3D space on the Z-axis. Prezi was officially established in 2009 by co-founders Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy and Peter Arvai. History[edit] Prezi (or was created by the support of Kitchen Budapest and Magyar Telekom in 2008 in order to replace the ordinary slide based presentations. Today the project is assisted by Sunstone Capital.[citation needed] The actual development was done by Zui Labs led by its three Hungarian founders Péter Árvai, Szabolcs Somlai-Fischer and Péter Halácsy.

The ultimate guide to Prezi Update: the Prezi itself, below, was updated in May 2013 with some more tips, examples, FAQs, and also to cover the new Prezi interface. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, so here we go: a complete guide to the presentation software Prezi, from what it is and why to use it right up to advanced techniques for making your presentation absolutely killer. Works best on full-screen, as ever. Prezi For The Win? Ten Top Tips To Make a Good One Update, May 2013: I’ve re-updated a newer guide to Prezi, actually in Prezi itself: See also: 6 useful things Prezi can which even experienced users miss The ten tips of the title are near the top of this post – it’s quite long, so don’t worry about reading the examples bit if you just want the nuts and bolts. [Update: I've also created a slide-deck which acts as a simpler version of this post - you can read and view it here. It also includes a more advanced Prezi with screen-grabs detailing how it was made.] I’ve created or had a hand in creating three Prezis that have made it into the public arena (plus some previous attempts that I’ve deleted).

5 easy ways to create fabulous slides Presentations, eh? We pretty much all have to do them now – and we certainly all have to watch them at some time or other. So let’s all make nice ones, and collectively save ourselves from death by Powerpoint. Creating decent slide-decks is actually very straightforward. 6 useful things Prezi can do (which even experienced users miss) I keep discovering new things about the presentation software Prezi. Asking around, it seems lots of other users didn’t know about some or all of these either, so with that in mind I thought I’d draw your attention to 6 useful things. Got any more? Leave them in a comment…

Non-Linear Presentations with Prezi - Wired Science inShare0 Think back. Remember those overhead transparencies? Now think about PowerPoint (or Keynote or Open Office or Google Docs or any other presentation software). What does the presentation software give you over slides? Prezi: Presentations With a Twist — Online Collaboration Just about every presentation app works the same way: Whether you rely on Powerpoint, Keynote or another presentation application, you’re sharing a series of slides that progress in a linear fashion. While you can craft beautiful presentations, you’re up against a format that never changes. One web-based application is working on changing that, though: Prezi has an intuitive interface for both building a presentation and sharing it with your audience. One Big Page Where a typical presentation is based on individual slides with a set progression, the starting point for a Prezi presentation is one big page. On this blank canvas, you place all of your elements for the entire presentation — images, text, even multimedia.

Learn About Prezi: The Online Presentation Tool If you need to create a presentation with a quickness, and don't want to hassle with building a Flash presentation, turn to Prezi. This simple online "zooming" presentation tool will help you impress clients and co-workers alike. What is Prezi? Grassroots Oracle: Please practically plan your prezi presentation At the 2011 AUSOUG Conference I gave a presentation on simply called Oracle Apex 4.1 Security. The exciting thing was (well, I thought it was exciting) I gave powerpoint the flick and used Prezi instead. I've got oraclenerd to thank for putting me onto it.