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Novel Writing Tips & Fundamentals – Summer Institute : Columbus Area Writing Project The 2014 Summer Institute dates are June 11-27, 2014. The Columbus-Area Writing Project (CAWP) Summer Institute is designed for teachers from all disciplines and all level of instruction, including kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, community college, and university. The CAWP Summer Institute is based on the philosophy of “teachers teaching teachers” and on the importance of teachers themselves writing as a part of improving the teaching of writing. Participating teachers will have the opportunities to learn from each other, to study writing theory and research, to write their own compositions and participate in writing workshops, and to develop leadership and professional development skills in the teaching of writing. Summer Institute 2014 Activities TEACHERS WRITING: We spend part of every day writing and sharing our writing with each other. MULTI-GENRE & MULTI-MODAL COMMUNITY WRITING PROJECTS: Each of us will write about our communities.

Janet Reid, Literary Agent EVIL EDITOR 23 Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. ~Ernest Hemingway How strong is your writing? No matter how good you think it is, there’s always room for improvement. In most cases, plenty of room. (***By the way, have you seen this amazing online creative writing course, “Story Is a State of Mind,” created by Giller finalist Sarah Selecky? Want to strengthen your story, empower your performance, and beef up on the publishing business? Here are 23 sites (in no particular order) I look to for daily inspiration and advice: PS If you find this list useful, please share it on Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon – I’d really appreciate it! 4) Query Shark A query critique site you don’t want to miss. 5) Men with Pens Fantastic articles on copywriting and freelancing. 6) Ask Allison Writing and publishing Q&A by novelist Allison Winn Scotch. 10) Pub Rants Self-proclaimed “very nice literary agent,” Kristin Nelson, rants about writing and publishing.

Brain Teasers Instructions: Choose the puzzles to add to your worksheet (top area). Be sure to explore the different tabs for different types of brain teasers and riddles. Then add your options (bottom area) and press the 'Build my worksheet' button. Tips: Use the print preview function on the print prompt to see how the riddles will fit on the printed page.

Pub(lishing) Crawl | Reading you under the table since 2012 UNIT TWO I. The importance of description Readers enter the world you've created as if they were walking into a dark room. II. A. One way to establish the setting or describe a character is to stop the narrative and supply a passage of pure description. "Amanda's new kitten is chalky grey with lynx tufts on its pointed ears and a tail that seems to have been made of rings of different shades of white, grey, and black. B. Simultaneous development is a technique for avoiding the "lump of description" effect of the set-piece. "Amanda sits cross-legged on the bedroom and pats the kitten's tummy, which is white as dandelion fluff. III. A. Nouns and adjectives may be classified as being either concrete or abstract. sweater garment merchandise asset As we move down the list, we progress from the relatively concrete--one particular kind of garment--to the relatively abstract--anything, including such garments as sweaters, which may have value. B. Exercise #4: Read the following sentence: IV. A. B. C. D. E.