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When was the last time you asked how your published research was doing? As citation counts, h-indexes, and impact become increasingly important to matters of funding and promotion, Melissa Terras asks why more scholars are not chasing up publishers to find out how their work is faring among the online audience, and makes some pleasing discoveries on how her own research has been received. A month or so ago, I posted about whether blogging and tweeting about academic research papers was “worth it”. Whilst writing up my thoughts, the one thing that I found really problematic was the following: “I also know nothing about how many times my other papers are downloaded from the websites of published journals, or consulted in print in the Library. The latter, no-one can really say about – but the former?

Taxes filing with the US IRS in London : British Expat Wiki From Wiki Taxes: Filing with the IRS While in London [edit] Disclaimer BioMed Central author academy Welcome to the BioMed Central author academy, a guide from BioMed Central and Edanz on writing and publishing a scientific manuscript. You can use the links to the left or below to find advice on specific topics. Why publish in English? Because English is the language scientists in different countries use to communicate with each other, publishing in English allows you to reach the broadest possible audience. This will help you achieve the goal that led you to publish in the first place: To add to our understanding of the world by informing other scientists about your research.

OpenOffice and LibreOffice templates, tutorials, tips and FAQ Tutorials/articles Calculating in text documents Cross references: How to use Cross references: working with Arrant Pedantry » Blog Archive » It’s Not Wrong, but You Still Shouldn’t Do It On the face of it, this seems like a pretty reasonable approach. Sometimes the considerations of the reader have to take precedence over the facts of usage. If the majority of your readers will object to your word choice, then it may be wise to pick a different word. But there’s a different way to look at this, which is that the misinformed opinions of a very small but very vocal subset of readers take precedence over the facts and the opinions of others. Arnold Zwicky wrote about this phenomenon a few years ago in a Language Log post titled “Crazies win”.

Syntax DuckDuckGo has advanced search syntax you can use to fine-tune your search queries. Triggers: Add, "news" to your searches to generate instant-answer news results. For example, LeBron James news Add, "map" to your search to generate instant-answer map results. For example, Philadelphia map The 5 Species of Journal Reviewers - Do Your Job Better By Robert A. Giacalone The journal-review process is always the subject of some scorn among scholars.

Directory of News Sites and Newspapers Agence France Press Largest French news agency and leading global news wire. - Language: Arabic, German, French, Spanish On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research: Third Edition The scientific research enterprise is built on a foundation of trust. Scientists trust that the results reported by others are valid. Society trusts that the results of research reflect an honest attempt by scientists to describe the world accurately and without bias. But this trust will endure only if the scientific community devotes itself to exemplifying and transmitting the values associated with ethical scientific conduct. Timeline Tutorial: Setting Up Your Spreadsheet In Google Docs Part One: Setting Up Your Spreadsheet in Google Docs We are going to host the data that will populate your timeline within Google Docs. Why this particular application?