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Scarf Knot Master List

Scarf Knot Master List

DIY : Front knot tied crop top // Tee-shirt noué devant A DIY lover can never DIY enough plain tee-shirts. EASIEST.THING.IN.THE.WORLD. Here is another idea inspired by my early years as a Spice Girl wannabe this year’s crop top trend. It’s amazing what you can do with a pair of scissors, a bit of a tie here and a knot or two right there ! Here we have a simple man’s tee-shirt (again, from Gap !) Rosette Neck Wrap STEP 1 Place the scarf around your the back of your neck with the ends hanging in front. STEP 2 With the ends together and positioned to one side of the neck, start twisting. STEP 3 When the twist becomes taut, wrap it in a circular motion at your neck using your fingers to guide the scarf into a bun. organized living solutions: One cloth - five ways! My morning, so far, was spent procastinating. I am avoiding to start sewing a dress for my daughter. She has a birthday coming up at the end of the month, and decided that she wants to have a red carpet party, with kiddies champagne, paparazzis, and fondue.

Blessing Bags Have you ever come across a homeless individual and felt totally uncomfortable? You see them and you know they are in need, but you are not sure what to do. You know that handing them money is not the best thing. the DIY: JAPANESE STAB BINDING MINI NOTEBOOKS I saw this technique online a while ago and finally got around to making a few little notebooks. I'm not gonnnnna lie... explaining this technique is really tedious and confusing but once you understand it, it makes sense. It's really better if you go through this tutorial while actually making the notebook. You'll need some copy paper (I used 8-10 pieces in these little journals), a piece of scrapbook paper and a piece of cardstock. You will also need a glue stick, a needle and embroidery thread. Cut all of the papers into the same size.

DIY ideas Fashion My InstaLife Recap : Week 4/8-4/20 in Photos We’re driving home to LA on Sunday to meet my husband’s new baby brother {my new brother in law} who was born yesterday at… Feather Wall Art DIY African Juju Hat Tutorial November 2008 Artist Statement: This platform sandal is about 4" (10 cm) tall. With their padded footbed, these shoes may be the most comfortable high heels you’ve ever owned. And with our patent-pending system of interchangeable ribbons, they will also be your most versatile - the above photos show just a few of the nearly infinite styling options. Our gallery at illustrates several additional ways of tying Mohop sandals. They look super cute with tights, socks, and/or legwarmers in the cooler months!

Designer's fashion blog: Tutorial: 12 awesome ways to knot a belt 12 awesome ways to knot your belt Yesterday I went to a friend's art exhibition and I was wearing a my "I understand your crazy art" navy blue dress with belt. The skinny belt was too long and I spent some time on the internet looking for cool ideas to knot my belt. Didn't really find something new.

Pleated tote (beach bag) tutorial Before we went away, I decided that a new bag for the beach was a must – something big and roomy to hold books, magazines, sunscreen, hats, and all that other good stuff. So I made this big pleated tote, and it worked perfectly. This is a picture of it in action: And here’s a little tutorial in case you want to make one for yourself – doesn’t have to be for the beach either, it could come in handy for schlepping all kinds of things around town.

Map Pendants A while ago, my dad unearthed an old pocket diary and – since it was dated 2005 – was going to put it out for recycling. Of course, I rescued it! In the back of the diary was a set of maps, which I promptly pulled out for crafting with. (I have a thing about map crafts recently!) Using sections of the maps, I put together these simple pendants. Oversized Cropped Tank or Vest DIY Fashion What you’ll need. . . * NOTE: as you wear it the edges will curl a little …which actually makes it look better for a cropped look, pull it back more or cut the center shorter * NOTE #2: instead of ribbon you can cut strips out of the left over t-shirt, shoe laces, lace, anything! Voila!

BAREFOOT SANDALS - Gabriela Pomplova Feet are part of the beautiful temple your body is. Celebrate them.Dress them lovingly for yoga, zumba, kirtan, poi poi, belly dance, hoop class, wedding day, or simply make your day special by bejeweling your feet!It's a beach time. Walk barefoot with unique style :)

Bleach Painting on Textiles D.I.Y. Today Jill of Lune is going to share the next part of our textile printing series, how to paint with bleach. I love the simplicity of her design and can't wait to try this. Enjoy! Bleach painting is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to play with fabric dying and I know you'll love the results! DIY Multi-Strand Scarf I am a huge fan on no-sew projects from recycled clothing. If you were a fan of my no-sew DIY Workout Shirt, you will enjoy this one as well. Plus they will look très chic when worn together! Behold, a scarf that is perfectly lightweight and easy-to-wear to your Yoga or Bar Method class and stylish enough for running errands around town!Oh, and did I mention there is no sewing required?! DIY Multi-Strand ScarfMakes one stylish scarf