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Scarf Knot Master List

Scarf Knot Master List

101 Fashion Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know When it comes to fashion and style, it sometimes seems that everyone and their mother (literally!) have tried-and-true tips and tricks they absolutely swear by. Some are useful, while others … well, not so much. With that in mind, we’ve culled 101 of the best from the best: designers, lifestyle experts and, of course, our staff. 101. 100. 99. 98. 97. 96. 95. 94. 93. 92. 90. Photo via J. 89. 88. 87. 86. 85. 84. 83. 82. 81. 80. 79. 78. 77. 76. 75. 74. 73. 72. 71. 70. 69. 68. 67. Photo via The Urban Slant 66. 64. 63. 62. 61. Photo via Coffee, Light & Sweet 60. 59. 58. 57. 56. 55. 54. 53. 52. 51. 50. 49. Photo via Caroline’s Mode 48. 47. 46. 45. 44. 45. 44. 43. Peggy Wong/Citizens of Humanity 42. 41. 40. 39. 38. 37. Photo via M.D. 36. 35. 34. 33. 32. 31. 30. 29. 28. 27. 26. 25. Photo via The Hipster Style 24. 23. 22. 21. 20. 19. 18. 17. Photo via 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10. Photo via FOUREYES 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

The Beauty Book: How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like a Pro Public rest-rooms. Getting ready for a girls night out. Cars. These are all places that I have seen countless girls apply their makeup. Most times, it is with dirty brushes that have been caressing the dirt and bacteria at the bottom of their makeup bag for months (or even years!) When bath-time eventually does come around for our little hairy friends, a lot of girls just use any soap laying around or spend a lot of unnecessary dollars on expensive brush cleaning products. Here is an easy method that I use every time to cleanse my brushes. What you will need: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) Directions: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) Optional Extra Step: 8.)

What to wear and how to look best for your body shape | Joy of Clothes Travel wallet - Project - The Spotlight Inspiration Room | Australia Create a travel accessory that is uniquely yours and save money to boot on preparations for your next great adventure. Final Result Materials • 33cm x 28cm cotton fabric - Michael Miller ‘Licorice Dots’ • two 23cm x 28cm cotton fabric - Michael Miller ‘Licorice Dots’ • 33cm x 28cm cotton fabric - white/black dot • 18cm x 15cm cotton fabric - black/white dot • 42cm x 10cm cotton fabric - pink/white dot • 17cm x 7cm cotton fabric - pink/white dot • 20cm x 18cm cotton fabric - green/white dot • 11cm x 7cm clear PVC plastic• 60cm x 90cm wide heavy fusible interfacing • 5cm x 10mm black elastic • 2 press studs • Gutermann black sewing thread • scissors • pins • ruler/tape measure • iron • sewing machine Step 1 InterfacingCut a piece of interfacing for each of the cotton fabric pieces. Step 2 Left long pocketFold and press in half (wrong sides together) one 23cm x 28cm licorice dots fabric. Step 3 Right angled pocketFold other 23cm x 28cm licorice dots fabric in half, right sides together. Step 4

DIY Recipe: Coconut Milk Shampoo | Due to the drying nature of conventional shampoos that strip hair of natural oils, many naturalistas have turned to the no-poo and co-wash movements to care for their natural hair. However, for some, the hair & scalp just don’t feel clean without rich, sudsy lather to wash the sweat and build-up away. If you’re one of those naturals, then this Coconut Milk Shampoo is just the thing for you! Unlike conventional shampoo, the lather in this recipe comes from a reaction between the coconut milk and the castile soap – not harsh cleaning agents that will create a squeaky, unhealthy head of hair. Coconut Milk Shampoo Recipe: Ingredients: 1/2 cup Coconut Milk (full fat, creamy) 2/3 cup Liquid Castile Soap* 1 tsp Castor Oil 1 tsp Sweet Almond Oil 15-20 drops Lavender Essential Oil (or essential oil of your choice) Combine ingredients in medium bowl and mix. Use: After conditioning with Honey-Almond Conditioner, add about a tablespoon of shampoo to wet hair. *Dr. Like this: Like Loading...

easy, affordable lace boot socks . how to-sday Months ago, I kept seeing these boot socks all over Pinterest. They're completely perfect - crocheted, soft-looking, tall, and lined with just a hint of lace. I thought they'd be perfect peeking out of a pair of boots, but alas, I can't justify £48 for a pair of socks - no matter how cute! Naturally, I decided to make my own, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out (though I still wouldn't mind having that schmancy pair, either...)! P.S. I beg you not to judge my knobby knees. Materials: knee sockslace - about 36" so that you have enough to account for stretchingcoordinating threadscissorsmedium needle 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Home - My Fashion Chick Best of wht 2012: DIY Sugar Scrubs for Lips & Body It’s best of week here at we heart this! We’re taking a slight posting break over the holidays, but to celebrate the upcoming New Year, we’ll be bringing you the best and most popular posts of the past year. If the winter weather and indoor heating is taking a toll on your skin, try these DIY Sugar Scrubs to get things back into shape! ~ wht photos: we heart this For beauty lovers on a budget, one of the hardest things to give up is high-end skin care and treatments. Luckily, one doesn’t need to shell out the big bucks on brand name sugar scrubs to treat dry, flaky, stressed skin. Another perk when going DIY is the ability to completely customize the sugar scrub to suit the users wants, needs and tastes. For the uninitiated in the world of home-made beauty, here are two basic sugar scrub recipes – one for the body, the other for lips – to begin the journey to DIY Diva. Brown Sugar and Lavender Body Scrub Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4. Bonus: This basic recipe can be added to at will. Ingredients:

Accentuate the Good, Contour the Rest | The Untrendy Girl | A Beauty Guide with Heart A handful of women were blessed with a genetic goody bag full of wonderful treats like high cheekbones, a defined nose, and a chiseled jaw – the rest of us…well, we got a contouring brush. Let’s get to know our faces. Accentuate the good (contour the rest), and find comfort in knowing that every woman on the cover of a magazine had the same thing done to her. What is “Contouring”? Contouring is the act of using dark or light colors to make features recede or become prominent, respectively. Contouring adds definition, structure, and dimension. What You Will Need? There are several ways to contour. Contouring with liquids or creams Concealer or liquid highlighter (2 – 3 shades lighter than skin tone) Foundation Brush A Synthetic brush Concealer Brush A smaller synthetic brush Loose Powder Brush To set foundation Contouring with Powders Matte bronzer or powder 2-3 shades darker than skin toneHighlighting powderA makeup sponge Contouring Brush We’re using Kim Kardashian as an example here. Highlight

How to: DIY Travel Makeup Brush Bag Get ready to get crafty, beauty junkies! photos: Katie G for we heart this Our DIY expert, Katie G has really outdone herself with this adorable, affordable, and totally do-able project for even novice crafters. This may be the easiest, most satisfying DIY ever! Supplies: • Canvas work belt (I got mine for $1 in the hardware area of Wal-Mart) • Sewing machine or go with the classic thread and needle. • Embellishments to customize your project (bits of fabric, lace, ribbon – whatever you have squirreled away) • Buttons or other closure items (optional) Step 1: Use your brushes to measure how far apart you want your seams. Place your brushes (in the order you prefer) in the large pouches and then mark your stitching lines with pencil or chalk. Stitch straight down your lines. Step 2: Now, the is the fun part! I used vintage lace and cut a heart and bow from vintage ribbon. Step 3: I don’t have enough brushes to fill the entire bag, so I left some of the large pouches for random necessities.

Perfect Smoky Eye Guide | The Untrendy Girl | A Beauty Guide with Heart The smoky eye is sultry. It’s alluring. It’s enigmatic. Think ‘smoke’ – it’s dark and mysterious. There are no hard lines and it blends into nothingness. Okay – I’m being a bit dramatic. *Use the red highlights to show you where to apply makeup. Step 1 – Prep Apply eye cream. Step 2 – Conceal Use your finger or a synthetic concealer brush to apply concealer around the eye. Blend in a gentle patting motion. Step 3 – Create barrier Pat a generous amount of loose translucent powder under the eyes. Step 4 – Neutral Lid Color Using an all-over lid brush, apply a neutral color (think vanillas, butterscotch, bisque and champagnes) from lash line to brow bone. Step 5 – Liner Line eyes with a dark pencil (I absolutely adore Avon’s Glimmersticks waterproof eyeliner), gel, or cream liner – something you can smudge. The liner should be thinner towards the inner corner of the eye and gradually increase in thickness towards the outer edge. Line the lower inner rim. Step 6 – Smudge Step 7 -Highlight

DIY: Patterned Heart Tights Okay, I'll admit, I'm a little smug about this project. I love how it turned out! Plus it's inexpensive and cheap, my favorite kind of project. Read more to see how to make your own patterned tights. Supplies: tights, acrylic paint, fabric medium, sponge paintbrush, heart punch, adhesive vinyl or contact paper. Step 1: Punch out a LOT of hearts (or any other shape) from a piece of adhesive vinyl or contact paper. Step 2: Cut around each heart 'negative' (aka not the actual punched heart, but the hole it leaves behind). Step 3: Place your cut outs on your tights in whatever pattern you'd like. Step 4: At some point, insert paper strips into your tights to keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side. Step 5: Apply your paint + fabric medium mixture (follow the directions on the fabric medium bottle) in a dabbing motion. Step 6: Wait for the front of your tights to dry, flip over and repeat all the steps for the back of your tights. Voila!

Guided Tour & How to Use | Joy of Clothes Welcome to Joy of Clothes. We have created a quick guided tour of our site to make it easier for you to find your way around and to discover our large array of content and tools. You can create a virtual model of yourself and try on clothes to create looks in Style Me. A quick view of the Joy of Clothes Style Quiz. Watch our short videos on how to use Model Me to create your virtual model. A quick view of the Joy of Clothes Personal Stylist and Style File which is freely available once you complete the style quiz.

Zarte Armbänder Der Frühling rückt näher und wir verzehren uns nach Pastellfarben und zartem Schmuck, der uns vom Sommer träumen lässt. Für alle denen es genauso geht, haben wir mal wieder eine sehr feine DIY-Anleitung von Nadine von anmutig für Euch und Euer Handgelenk. Die süßen Armbänder sind blitzschnell gemacht und wirken am Besten in kleinen Gruppen. Also schnell Material besorgen und loslegen, jede Menge Komplimente sind Euch sicher! Um die Armbänder wunderbar zart zu gestalten, nutzen wir sogenannte “Zwischenteile” und “Quetschperle”, die normalerweise nur als Zusatzelemente gedacht sind. Diese könnt Ihr in der Schmuckabteilung von Bastelläden finden. Für die Armbänder braucht ihr: - Metallperlen, sogenannte Zwischenteile, die es in allen möglichen Formen und Farben (gold, kupfer, silber) gibt - Quetschperlen mit unterschiedlichen Durchmessern - Stickgarne in verschiedenen Farben (ich habe Sticktwist in rosa und schwarzes Perlgarn verwendet) - verschiedene Fäden und Bänder nach Wunsch (z.