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Pillowcase dress

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The Shirt Dress. Turn a Men’s Dress Shirt into a Girl’s Summer Dress!

The Shirt Dress

It’s fun, easy, and a great way to reuse one of Dad’s old shirts. A few of the versions we’ve done….. Seaside Stripes: Make Your Own Pattern. People often ask how I sew without Store-bought patterns.

Make Your Own Pattern

It’s not hard to do and you can do it to too! Drafting. We are continuing the Sewing 101 series.


One of the questions we get asked a lot is about pattern drafting. Yes I draft all of my own patterns. No I don't have a problem with sewing from a pattern. My only problem with most commercial patterns is they just don't fit. They always seem boxy. Tutorial: Classic Jumper. Pillowcase nightgowns take 2. Free Pattern, Tutorial and Sewing Video – A simple dress » Japanese Sewing, Pattern, Craft Books and Fabrics. I said this would be up on Monday, and now it’s Tuesday, almost Wednesday.

Free Pattern, Tutorial and Sewing Video – A simple dress » Japanese Sewing, Pattern, Craft Books and Fabrics

What happened, was that I had to do a little housekeeping on my mac as I was running out of space on my startup disk, and to my horror, all my previous backups disappeared because of some spotlight indexing issue. I shall not go into so much technical details right now as my brain is half fried, but I had to re-run Time Machine and recreate a new backup. It took up the most of Monday and while it was doing that, I was afraid to tax the system further asking it the process the movie (which was 1 hour long before editing!) That’s the story in a nutshell. Back to the pattern. This month is all about Girls’ Dresses. The patterns were drafted following the measurements in a well known pattern “textbook” Metric Pattern Cutting for Children’s Wear and Babywear by Winifred Aldrich. Click here to download the tutorial I’ve drafted the patterns in the following sizes.

And last but not least, here are the sewing videos! How to Easily Gather Fabric. How to Easily Gather Fabric: A Sewing Tutorial Years ago I learned a really easy way to gather fabric and I wanted to share it with you.

How to Easily Gather Fabric

For those of you who have sewn for years I know this will be nothing new, but for other this may be a great time saver for you. Gathering fabric is a pretty common task in many, many patterns. The traditional method of gathering fabric has you sew a large strait basting stitch across the fabric and then pull the bobbin side to gather in the fabric. What would always happen to me is the bobbin threads would break or the task was just painfully time consuming. Button shirt to toddler dress recon *MINTY FRESH TUTORIAL* *SCROLL DOWN FOR TUTORIAL*(Also see livvyloo's awesome tutorial for making matching sleevy pants out of leftover long sleeves.)

button shirt to toddler dress recon *MINTY FRESH TUTORIAL*

Snappy Toddler Top & Free Downloadable Pattern. I often make things that don’t turn out as planned and never make it to the pages of PB, then gulp a glass of champagne, send Jacinda numerous whiny emails, and stew over the wasted time and my own lameness.

Snappy Toddler Top & Free Downloadable Pattern

But this was not one of those times! This shirt left me feeling energized and thrilled with the results, so I’m really excited to share the pattern with you! And drink more champagne! 31260414-Prudent-Baby-Snappy-Shirt.pdf. Infant Peasant Dress Free Pattern and Tutorial. Doesn’t every baby girl need a dress that’s just as sweet as she is?

Infant Peasant Dress Free Pattern and Tutorial

Today I’m sharing this FREE Infant Peasant Dress pattern! This simple peasant dress pattern is sized 0-3m (approximately 8-12lbs), and is an easy project that is great for all sewing abilities, even beginners. The elastic neckline makes for an easy on and off, keeping both you and your little one smiling :). Pillowcase Dress Using Fat Quarters.

I’m a sucker for fat quarter bundles.

Pillowcase Dress Using Fat Quarters

They are just fun packaged up in coordinating fabric goodness. You can make oodles and oodles of stuff with them, and I thought I would add a pillowcase dress to the mix. Who doesn’t love a pillowcase dress, right? They are quick and easy, and so so cute. LEARN STITCHING: STITCH BABY CHEMISE. This is baby chemise.


Let's see how to stitch it. This is the stitching pattern for the baby chemise. The readymade measurements for the baby chemise follows. chest = 60 cm, waist = 55 cm, narrow waist = 25 cm, full length = 55 cma-b = full length = chest - 5 = 55cma-c = narrow waist = (chest/2)-4 = 25 cma-d = armhole = (chest/4)-2.5 = 12.5 cmd-e = chest loose = (chest/4) + 2.5 = 17.5 cmb-f = hem bottom = (chest/2)+10 = 40 cma-i = shoulder = ab/2 = 12.5 cma-j = neck breadth = (chest/12) + 1.5 = 6.5 cmWith the help of the above pattern draw the stitching pattern. First fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise , next place the stitching pattern on the cloth, mark the edges using marking chalk. Cut the cloth carefully. Aesthetic Nest by AestheticNest. Sewing: Easter Dress for Tess (Ruffled Chemise Pattern) I wanted to keep Tess's first Easter dress simple, but still wanted her to coordinate with her sisters, so I came up with this a-line Ruffled Chemise: cream linen with a simple round neck and the coordinating pink and cream plaid for the ruffle down the front.

The sleeves have a small inverted box pleat which adds another nice detail I think. This is the same pattern I used for the sleeveless Ruffled Chemise I made a bit ago. I love it! Such simple lines and not too overwhelming on a baby, but still feminine and fun. It's interesting how different the same pattern can look depending on whether the ruffle is in the same or contrasting fabric. Pattern. I found a little more of this fabric that was donated last year and wanted to make a pink princess dress for Rachel's Pink Princess Party in Uganda in April. I have had questions about how to make this style here is the tutorial for the high waisted ruffle dress. This is a size 8/10 dress... just adjust lengths based on the size of dress you would like to make.

Here is a link to the material needs for different sizes of dresses. First, I cut a length of fabric 11" long... and the full width of the fabric...I was using scraps so mine is actually two pieces of fabric 11" long by 21" wide that I needed to sew a side seam Only sew one side seam if you are using a ruffling foot because your fabric needs to be open on one side. Dress A Girl Around The World - VA: How to Make the "Best Dress Ever" - A Tutorial. Welcome back! When I think about Dress A Girl Around the World I think about pillowcase dresses. It is a great little dress pattern…the length can be adjusted with the ties, and the width has plenty of ease.

This tutorial includes step by step instructions for making the standard pillowcase dress with ties on the shoulders. Pillowcase Dress Info. At the beginning of 2011 an article in a sewing magazine about a charity in America called ‘Dress A Girl Around the World‘ caught my eye. People who could sew were asked to make simple pillowcase dresses which were then delivered to girls living in poverty in the developing world. Girls in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Haiti and India. The charity felt that every girl should own at least one pretty dress. How to Sew a Tiered Pillowcase-Style Dress.

Pillowcase Dress Tutorial - Dress A Girl Around the World Sew-A-Long. A few notes about the printable pattern: make sure to set your printer to 'landscape' mode ( I designed the pattern to use as little paper as possible!) Make sure to choose 'scaling none'when you've printed the pattern, check that the square box measures and inch. if so, you are in business.line the printed pages up edge to edge and tape. do not overlap pages. Here's what is should look like when taped together: Supplies needed: approximately 3/4 yard fabric*an additional 1/2 yard if you'd like to add a contrasting band with matching arm hole binding and fabric tie1 package 1/2 inch double fold bias tape (if making elastic casing dress)1/2 inch wide elastic (if making elastic casing dresscoordinating threadsteam iron/ironing boardscissorspinssafety pinshem gaugeseam ripperrotary cutter, ruler and mat (if making your own bias tape)