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Tricot & crochet

Tricot & crochet

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Dada's place Inspiration is everywhere! And inspiration can be anything. It can be a beautiful object, a favorite song, a good book, an interesting poem, time of the day, a pleasant scent, a movie, a conversation with a good friend... anything. Even a pair of tennis shoes. Wool Eater Instructions Crocheted Wool-Eater Blanket © 2007 Sarah London. All rights reserved. Flower Garden Walkway - Talking Crochet Newsletter - June 18, 2013 - Vol. 10 No. 12 We’ve chosen an exquisite trim for this issue done in delicate threads and delicate colors. Not only is it beautiful on the pillowcase as shown, but imagine how nice it would be used as a trim for an apron. "An Annie Original" Skill Level Intermediate Technique little woollie: Crochet a postage stamp! Hello! How are you going? I have been busy, want to see what I have been hooking up over the weekend? I have been making some little crochet stamps. You know, like postage stamps but woolly! I know that this is a totally impractical and whimsical thing to make, not really useful, but I think they are really cute and would be a lovely thing to receive stuck on a bit of snail mail.

Over 50 Free Crochet Doll Clothes Patterns at AllCrafts! Online Since 2000 FreeCrafts Free Holiday Crafts Crochet Button Flowers Get out your button collection and create these fabulous Crochet Button Flowers! You’ll love to try this FREE Pattern and they’re perfect for decorating. The photo tutorial requires Translating so click on it up the top of the page on the website. The Pattern is available in English further down the page. Free Crochet Patterns for Women's Clothing Dress yourself up in gorgeous crocheted clothing -- sweaters, shaws, wraps, scarves, and other delightful crocheted luxuries. Shawls, Wraps and Capes Feminine Lace Stole -- Photo © Rick Jackofsky What could be more feminine than a gorgeous crocheted shawl? Pictured here: Erica Jackofsky's easy lace stole features delicate beaded edges and plenty of flair. Scarf Patterns

Crochet It's over a year since I gathered this yarn together and began to contemplate a new ripple blanket journey. Do you remember it? I wrote a post in September 2011 about choosing/buying the yarn, and I wrote another in October 2011 about the beginning of the blanket (which includes specific colour info and pattern details). It is such enormous fun embarking on a new blanket. Mitered Granny Square Update: I now have a diagram for this.Update: Link to Sliding ring tutorial, if you would like to start your squares the way I do.Update: Link to Join As You Go tutorial, if you would like to check out how I like to join granny squares. These are the directions for the blanket I first showed in the Crochet in Progress post, here is a better photo (the colors look a bit washed out, the sun was bright): And a closer look, remember it is posed on a chair, instead of lying flat so the squares look less than square. I’m sure that there are variations of this kind of square out there. Here is another one I did, I really like the off centered square, definately going to make something with these!

CROCHETED ROPE BASKET I love having little baskets and containers around to keep things tidy, and have really been wanting to experiment with different materials to crochet with recently. This little basket is not only a perfect way to practice crocheting with rope, but also to hold little odds and ends! For this project I used a Size P crochet hook and one package of clothesline rope. This rope is nylon, but it would be fun to use cotton rope and experiment with dyeing it different colors! Crocheted potholder Crochet potholders, you can use the remainder of yarn. 1 Round- crochet 9 Chain Stich, Make a ring. 2 Round — 18 crochet stitch :