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Logiciels pour créer des patrons de crochet

Logiciels pour créer des patrons de crochet

Tuto bracelet au crochet October 10th, 2008 Email 131 users recommend Plastic rings, covered with single crochet, make for bold, modern jewelry. And they can be put together in so many different patterns. Larksfoot Crochet Pattern Stitch - Baby Afghan Larksfoot Crochet Stitch - Baby Afghan Video Tutorial: Larks Foot Crochet Stitch - Baby AfghanVideo Tutorial: Larksfoot Crochet Pattern Stitch Left Hand Tutorial Written by Teresa Richardson Extended or Long Double Crochet - This is where you will work a double crochet several stitches below the row you are on. You will need to pull up on the stitch and allow for some additional yarn, so the stitch does not sag. Multiple: 4 You will add 4 chains for each segment of the pattern stitch that you want to add to the width. Do you dare to wear a granny square? I’m not sure if I’d manage a granny square evening dress…. But I’m loving the cowl I made last week and have been quite excited to show you! I must apologise for the photos, I’ve cropped them right down this week, so you can’t see the whole effect, but let me tell you, it really is lovely, I tried it on my friend to see how it looked on someone and couldn’t get it off her and back around my neck fast enough! Being that we are heading into winter at what seems like a veeeeeery fast pace right now, I’m obsessed with cowls and this I have to tell you, is the first of a series of cowl posts.

Finger Knitting How-to You know how I just wrote about how I like getting a handmade gift more than just about anything. Well, this is anything. Sitting on the couch on a lazy Sunday, knitting with my kids . . . that beats gift-getting for sure. It is a gift itself. Shara Lambeth Designs: Crochet Chain Link Necklace Tutorial Hello friends! I have had many, many requests for a How-To tutorial so others could make a Crochet Chain Link Necklace, so I thought I ought to do it :-) These necklaces are simple, pretty & even practical, yep, they're baby proof! So here's what you need to know to make yourself a Crochet Chain Link Necklace: Poncho Drops au crochet en Alpaca et Eskimo DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.55 EUR DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 3.55 EUR DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.15 EUR DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 2.45 EUR DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 2.65 EUR DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 2.65 EUR DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 2.65 EUR DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 4.45 CHF DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 4.45 CHF DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.75 CHF DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 3.15 CHF DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 3.40 CHF DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 3.40 CHF DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 3.40 CHF DROPS ALPACA UNI COLOUR (50g) 5.35 CAD DROPS ALPACA MIX (50g) 5.35 CAD DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.55 CAD DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 4.10 CAD DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 4.45 CAD DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 4.45 CAD DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 4.45 CAD

Crochet Stockinette The Animator's Wife complains every year that Christmas comes before we even have a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving. Well this year I'm complaining that winter has arrived before I had a chance to enjoy November. I was looking forward to snoozing in my spot by the window, watching the leaves change colors and the squirrels pack away their nuts for the winter. But it seems as soon as Hurricane Sandy hit, autumn was gone and winter is here! And I'm not ready give up my warm spots in the sun yet.

Crocheted Edging Patterns Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version Edgings beautify not only handkerchiefs, but also towels, pillow cases, place mats — in fact, any item that you wish to decorate. And with the abundance of beautiful crochet threads in many different colors, you can make edgings and insertions in any color you choose. A taste for gracious living seems to come naturally to many people.

do you mind if i knit: Sewing up knitting or crochet with an invisible stitch. Hello! Would you like to know how I join all the seams of my knitting and crochet? You would?! Narcissus Lace Tunisian Stitch To make the Narcissus Lace Tunisian Stitch, you’ll need to get your long afghan hook and make a foundation chain with a multiple of 4 stitches. Step 1: Insert hook in 2nd chain from hook; yarn over, draw up a loop {Repeat Step 1 across row, keeping all loops on your hook.}

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