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Wool Eater Instructions

Wool Eater Instructions
Crocheted Wool-Eater Blanket © 2007 Sarah London. All rights reserved. 8 ply wool 4mm crochet hook Ch 6, join with a slip stitch to form a ring. 1st round: * ch 5, work 4 dtr (wrap yarn around hook twice) into the ring, ensure to leave the last remaining loop of each stitch on the hook as shown in the photo below, now, yarn over and pull the yarn through all 5 loops on the hook. {1 cluny group made}. ch 5, slip stitch into the ring. Rep from * 3 more times. {4 cluny groups made}. Round 2: * ch 2, work 12 dtr into the top of the cluny group, ch 2, slip stitch into the slip stitch of the previous round. Rep from * 3 times. Fasten off. {4 corners made}. Round 3: Join new colour in between any 4th and 5th dtr of the previous round. Continue working round in this manner, finishing with a slip stitch into where the contrast yarn was joined at the beginning of the round. Continue working round in this manner, finishing with a slip stitch. Enjoy! Like this: Like Loading... Related mystery motif #2 Ready! Related:  crochetsmy crocheterkarcedmae

Wiggle It Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth Set What goes around comes around, and wiggly crochet is definitely coming around again! It’s popping up on Pinterest and Ravelry, in rugs and afghan squares. Usually worked in squares and rectangles, with a base mesh and ruffles worked on top, it’s got a great 3D big pop look. I found a great way to get the wiggly crochet look, but in the round! The trivet and dishcloth are essentially the same pattern; the trivet just keeps getting bigger! Add this pattern to your Ravelry QueueThe Base Mesh is made all in one color, but then each round of ruffles is added separately – make them all the same color, alternate two colors, make each one different… it’s up to you! US – G, 4.00mm hookWorsted weight kitchen cotton, in 2 – 9 colors (small amounts on up to 90 yds for base of trivet)Dishcloth: 5.5″ finished diameterTrivet: 11″ finished diameterClick HERE for the Video Tutorial! Base Mesh Instructions: Round 1: Make a magic circle, and sc 6 times in the ring. Round 3: Ch 4, dc in the same ch sp.

Little Starbursts Dishcloth This is my very first attempt to create my own crochet pattern, folks. History in the making, right here on this blog :) Actually, I've made stuff up before, but I've never tried to write the pattern down so that other people could try to make it. So, without any further ado, here it is - the newly designed... Little Starbursts Dishcloth Hook size: 5.0 mmYarn: Worsted Weight CottonGauge: Finished main body = approx. 18 cm x 18 cm Abbreviations:Ch: chainSs: slip stitchSc: single crochetDc: double crochetYO: yarn over Special Stitches:Starburst: [Worked over 3 stitches] Draw up a loop in same stitch previously worked in. [Edit: Since so many have requested a tutorial, and I have no idea how to make one :), check out this one on youtube. Main Body To begin, ch 26. Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook. Row 2-24: Ch 1. Edging Round 1: Ch 4 (counts as first dc and ch 1). Round 2: Ch 1. Round 3: Ch 1.

modèles crochet gratuits : Tous les messages sur modèles crochet gratuits Défi Snood Vanille fraise chocolat - dernière étape Bonjour à toutes, Voici la dernière étape : Sur la partie 3, faire un rang de mailles coulées en rose entre les 2 premiers rangs (comme vous avez fait sur la 2eme partie) Une fois que vos 3 parties sont finies : - les tresser très lâchement, il ne faut pas que ce soit raide, juste que cela les mélange entre elles. - coudre les extrémités ensembles (le début et la fin de la même bande) avec les fils qui restent à chaque extrémité - rentrer les fils restants. - Puis, enfiler le snood en faisant 2 tours et prendre une photo pour nous le montrer ! Et voila, un autre défi terminé ! A plus tard, Amicalement, Sophie Défi Snood Vanille fraise chocolat - 3ème partie - suite Vous êtes toutes rentrées de vacances ? Voici la suite : avec la couleur beige (la même couleur que le R2) faire : 1MS, *12 Mch, 1MS dans la maille suivante* répéter tout le rang. Si ça se tortille au fur et à mesure, c'est normal. Qui met la 1ère photo ?

Crocheted potholder | Free patterns Crochet potholders, you can use the remainder of yarn. 1 Round- crochet 9 Chain Stich, Make a ring. 2 Round — 18 crochet stitch : 3 Round — Create nine petals. — *23 Chain Stich, 1 Sleep Stich, 1 Crochet Stich* : 4 Round — Each petal — 25 Crochet Stich : 5 Round — Each petal — *12 Crochet Stich, 3 Crochet Stich from the central Stich, 12 Crochet Stich* : 6 Round (Yarn orange) — Each petal — *13 Crochet Stich, 3 Crochet Stich from the central Stich, 13 Crochet Stich* : 7 Round (Yarn orange) — Each petal — *14 Crochet Stich, 3 Crochet Stich from the central Stich, 14 Crochet Stich* : 8 Round (Yarn light orange color) — Each petal — *15 Crochet Stich, 3 Crochet Stich from the central Stich, 15 Crochet Stich* 9 Round (Yarn light orange color) — Each petal — *16 Crochet Stich, 3 Crochet Stich from the central Stich, 16 Crochet Stich* 10 Round (Yarn purple) -Turn the work. 11 Round - 8Crochet Stich, *8 Crochet Stich, 3 Crochet Stich from the central Stich, 8Crochet Stich*8 Crochet Stich

Basic Fingerless Mittens Author Julia V Introduction A pair of simple fingerless crochet mittens I worked up as a last minute Christmas gift. They are worked in an Aran weight yarn on a 5mm (H) hook, so they work up rather quickly. Materials List Yarn: Multicolor mittens: Lana Grossa ‘Bingo Print’ (100% merino wool; 80m/87.5 yards - 50g): color 316, 2 balls. Blue mittens: Fonty Numéro 5 (100% wool; 85m/93 yards - 50g; color 217; 2 balls). Yarn Substitution: You need about 110 m (120 yards) of Aran weight yarn. Other yarns I recommend (this list keeps growing as I make more mittens myself): Rowan RYC Cashsoft Aran, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran Hook: 5 mm (H) Finished Size One size fits most adult women. Gauge 18 sts / 14 rows sc tbl Notes The mittens are worked in a spiral without joining rounds. Skills needed: crochet in the round, sc through the back loop, foundation sc (explained in this great blog tutorial). The Pattern Fsc 28. Thumb: Rejoin yarn at thumb opening. Fasten off. Finishing: Weave in ends.

Modèles pour Bébé au Crochet - Partage de modèles gratuits , trouvés sur le net . Tout l'univers de bébé autour des layettes , des bonnets , des chaussons , des robes , des modèles pour filles .... Bon crochet et excellente journée à toutes ! Mitered Granny Square | Crochet Again Update: I now have a diagram for this.Update: Link to Sliding ring tutorial, if you would like to start your squares the way I do.Update: Link to Join As You Go tutorial, if you would like to check out how I like to join granny squares. These are the directions for the blanket I first showed in the Crochet in Progress post, here is a better photo (the colors look a bit washed out, the sun was bright): And a closer look, remember it is posed on a chair, instead of lying flat so the squares look less than square. I’m sure that there are variations of this kind of square out there. Here is another one I did, I really like the off centered square, definately going to make something with these! Ok, back to the subject at hand…these are easy to do and have many possibilities with different color combinations. Start with a basic Granny Square Round 1 Round 2 Ch3, in the next chain 3 space {3dc, ch3, 3dc} {3dc, ch3, 3dc} in the next 2 ch3 spaces. Now, the Mitered Part 3dc in next space. Like this:

Free pattern : Nadie - crochet headband / hair wrap Sheepie suggested that this be named for my daughter as she wears it so well. Who am I to argue with SA ?So here is the pattern for Nadie, a simple crochet headband of the wider hair-wrap type ... particularly fabulous on anyone with long curls or dreads.It is fastened with a button but you could easily adapt it for ties if you prefer. This pattern is written in British/Australian terminology [ for US version scroll down to the bottom ] Yarn: 1x 50 gram ball of Lana Gatto Jaipur 100% egyptian cottonHook: 3.5mmTension: 18 st and 10 rows = 4" / 10 cmSize: average adult english/aussie abbreviations:ch - chaindc - double crochethtr - half trebletr - treble foundation row: chain 78 Row 1: dc in 2nd ch from hook, 9 dc [10 dc in total] 5 htr, 47 tr, 5 htr, 10 dc, ch 1, turnRow 2: 10 dc, 5 htr, 2 tr,* ch1, miss 1 tr, 2 tr* repeat from * to * a further 14 times [ you should have 15 spaces ] 5 htr, 10 dc, ch 1, turnRow 3:10 dc, 5 htr, 47 tr, 5htr, 10 dc, ch 1 turn enjoy! and now the American version:

Le crochet 1. On appelle "jeté" le fil placé sur le crochet avant qu'il n'ait traversé une maille pour devenir lui-même une boucle ou maille. 2. On appelle "maille en l'air" une maille de chaînette. AbréviationsVocabulaire du crochetLe montage des maillesComment tenir le crochetPoint de base pour le crochetLes augmentations Les diminutions Points diversUn point de feston ajouré à rayuresPoints de bordures et galon Points pour le crochet: Point "cotte de maille" Point "fantaisie en relief à base de brides"Point de côtes au crochetPoint à rayures en reliefPoint d'étoilesPoint d'escalier Rosaces Carrés pour coussins et couvertures Astuces de tricot Conseils de lavageLes gauchères Technique de base du pressageMise en forme Différents trucs Les outils nécessaires pour une tricoteuse.LexiqueTrucs maisonTermes de travaux à l'aiguille (anglais-français) Tableau des mesures Pour femmesPour hommesPour fillesPour garçonsPour bébés Modèles de tricot

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