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Related:  Ecoute/StreamingAutonomies DD Réseaux éco-villages - TribusA écoutermichkearo31 Lets You Collect Music to Make Radio for Other People By now, you’ve probably heard of (free for the web and iOS), the latest venture from the creators of the breakthrough music app, which powers internet radio streams based on your friends’ music. Since Piki’s much anticipated public release in April, some have questioned the necessity of this service. With heavy hitters Twitter and Google recently joining the already crowded music streaming market, and rumors of a forthcoming service from Apple, does Piki have a shot at success? Well, the thing about music apps is that unlike with MP3 players, you can use as many as you want. This works in Piki’s favor, because it takes a unique approach to music collecting. Grocery Stores on Wheels - Neighborhoods The next wave of food trucks aren't whipping up Korean tacos for adventurous foodies or slinging ice cream to kids. Instead, they're delivering fresh meat and produce in an effort to improve public health in low-income communities. A few months ago, a Chicago non-profit launched Fresh Moves, a one-aisle grocery store on a bus that sells pineapples, mangoes, collard greens, onions and other fresh fruits and vegetables in West Side neighborhoods like Lawndale and Austin, where locals have minimal access to fresh produce. A 2006 study by consultant Mari Gallagher linked these food deserts – defined by the USDA as a census tract more than a mile from a grocery store – to increased diabetes and other diet-related maladies, as well as premature death. Four Chicago residents developed the concept after deciding that opening their own grocery store or waiting for big retailers would take too long.

Space 1999: Year Two – music by Derek Wadsworth The often unfairly derided ’70s sci-fi melodrama Space: 1999 is a classic example of a TV show whose renewal came at the expense of a lot of creative interference. Wanting to ramp up the action and romance in an effort to boost ratings, please the advertisers and justify the expense of making the thing in the first place, ITV demanded a major overhaul of the show. Even the top-line actors weren’t immune: Barry Morse vanished without a trace or even so much as a later mention in dialogue. The carefully-designed, muted-color costumes were covered by new, more colorful jackets. And the show was now being run by none other than Fred Freiberger, a producer whom many credited with making the original Star Trek‘s third season its last.

The HR Department of 2020: 6 Bold Predictions - New Talent Times Blog The human resources department is doomed. There is no viable future for the HR function, and HR professionals will inevitably be replaced by software. At least that’s what some are saying. They’re wrong. 13 Musicians You Need to Listen to if You Love Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey’s much anticipated album, Ultraviolence, came out this week, and I’ve been listening to it all morning. It’s a slower sound than Born to Die, which I unabashedly loved and love through and through. You can actually visualize Lana whisper-singing into the microphone and wearing a gown. She’s more sorrowful than ever, and she wants us to know. This is why Lana Del Rey fans love her. She’s so fully committed to her tragic Lolita-meets-LA songs, and each one is a beautiful and melodramatic representation of her persona.

Minilogs Lets You ‘Playlist The Web’ We’re on a quest for the best ways to collect music, which recently saw us examine, an InstaPaper-style web app that makes music collection in these difficult times a little bit easier. Minilogs (free; web) was designed to solve the same problem of collecting music on the web, with a little more versatility. By clicking on a bookmarklet (as with, using the Chrome extension, or entering a URL, the app lets you save songs and videos you’ve found on your web travels for future listening, so you don’t lose track of the stuff you like during your busy day. To keep your findings (which can also include non-music things) organized, you can save music in different lists, or minilogs. Why Green Infrastructure Makes Cities Awesome The American Society of Landscape Architects has just released a massive database of 479 case studies describing the successful application of ”green infrastructure” techniques that collect and process rainwater naturally before it flows into receiving waterways as polluted runoff. The database demonstrates the power of increasingly widespread application of sustainable practices to prevent pollution while simultaneously bringing nature and natural process back into urban environments. The case studies come from 43 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. This promises to be a great resource: One of the most pressing environmental challenges facing cities and suburbs in the US is the impact of polluted stormwater runoff from developed land – highways, parking lots, rooftops and other impermeable surfaces – into our rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. The problem becomes particularly acute in cities that drain both stormwater and sewage into a common set of pipes and conveyances.

First Listen: 'The Space Project' hide captionThe Space Project comes out on Record Store Day, which takes place April 19. Courtesy of the artist The Space Project comes out on Record Store Day, which takes place April 19. As of last September — some 36 years after their launch on Sept. 5, 1977 — NASA's Voyager 1 & 2 space probes were some 12 billion miles from home, easily the farthest man-made objects from Earth. Voyager's primary mission ended back in 1980, when both satellites provided the closest, most detailed pictures taken of the gaseous planets of Jupiter and Saturn and their moons before continuing outward into space. Insurance Basics: How Insurance Works I don’t write a lot about insurance around here. For one thing, insurance is kind of boring. For another, I don’t know a lot about it. Still, insurance is an important part of personal finance, and my silence on the subject hasn’t gone unnoticed. Josh wrote last week to make a request:

LA PLAYLIST D'EMILIE #22 - Chaleur HOT HOT HEAT - Bandages THE VERY BEST - Warm heart of Africa (So Shifty Remix) RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Californication DONNA SUMMER - Hot stuff NERD - Hot n fun (feat. With Beatguide, Listening Connects to Live Events: New Electronic Music Startup Event listings you can play: Beatguide’s guide to electronic music events combines event metadata with listening. If it’s music events, what your calendar really needs is a play button. A funny thing happened on the way to the online music world. Roughly a century after the music recording revolution, we’re all newly concerned with getting into venues with other human beings. The problem is – and there’s no nice way to say this – the tools out there just aren’t very good. Facebook’s popularity is unquestionable, to be sure, but it still doesn’t cater to music needs with its event listings.

5 Green Cities of the Future Follow Eco Preservation Society on FaceBook and Twitter Videos and Articles on Costa Rica Eco Travel Plan your Costa Rica Travel Adventure / Volunteer Application Form More Sustainabe Technologies News by Maria Colenso Single-car drivers commuting in fossil-fuel burning cars, smog , pollution, crime -- what other ur ban scourges can you think of? Half of the world's population currently live s in urban areas; yet these urban areas make up only 2 percent of the world's land and spend three-quarters of the world's resources [source: MIT]. That's a lot of people in a very small space consuming a great deal. Between now and the year 2050, urban growth will only continue to rise: 89 million homes and 190 billion square feet (about 17.5 billion square meters) of retail and other nonresidential space will be built in the United States alone [source: National Resources Defense Council].

Canal B [eB] Good Morning 1. THE SMOKING TREES - Good Morning - TST - 2015 Wiki : Insurance According to study texts of The Chartered Insurance Institute, there are the following categories of risk:[1] Financial risks which means that the risk must have financial measurement.Pure risks which means that the risk must be real and not related to gamblingParticular risks which means that these risks are not widespread in their effect, for example such as earthquake risk for the region prone to it. It is commonly accepted that only financial, pure and particular risks are insurable.

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