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The average resting heart rate is 60 to 80 beats per minute. It could be lower for physically fit people, while it also rises with age. For your cells and tissues to perform optimally, your body needs a blood oxygen level of 95% and above. The number of breaths you take per minute is a sign of how often your brain is telling your body to breathe. The normal respiration rate for an adult at rest ranges from 8 to 16 breaths per minute. Your HRV reflects your ability to effectively adapt to stress.

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Communication Agency Frankfurt dietzk. 12. June 2013 Our last article, Parallax Scrolling Framework, used a framework to give you an introduction to the technical aspects of this current trend. This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of search engine optimization (SEO). Pros and cons of a parallax website from a SEO perspective. Aspects of parallax scrolling Thermometer Sends Anonymous Temperature Readings to Schools It’s important for parents to know their child’s health when they decide whether to send that child to school for the day, but what about the health of other students? What if you could track the cold going around the elementary school and prepare your student accordingly? Those are some of the questions that come to mind when looking at the recent update for Kinsa Health, maker of an FDA-cleared smartphone-connected thermometer. With the “Groups” feature, parents can monitor the collective health of all the students in their child’s school. Participation is voluntary: parents using the Groups feature can upload their child’s temperature, anonymously or by name, either manually or with the thermometer associated with the app. The thermometer plugs into the headphone jack, and can display a temperature reading in less than 10 seconds.

Unforgettable: 10 Purple Cow Websites to Spark Your Imagination and Your Creativity On this blog we talk a lot about websites that have effective calls to action, non-cluttered home pages, and trustworthy designs with the intention of showing what techniques help improve conversions. After years of showing our readers examples of what works and what doesn’t, one thing we have noticed is an awful lot of similarity between website designs in the same space. Above: We have your typical “software as a service” (SaaS) website. Look! They even have a template for it!

Diogo Akio — Designer Quadra Collective is a interactive & branding studio created from the partnership of Diogo Akio and Caio Rogério. A small company that believes in working with big proportions, made with love and trust. "Quadra" in Portuguese means, "block", i.e., from neighborhood, which conveys an idea of something at reach and quite reliable. Back to Projects Parallax Scrolling, It’s Not For Everyone - A Visual Identity To scroll or not to scroll, that is today’s question! When the topic of parallax scrolling comes up, you’ll get mixed opinions. Some love the concept; others hate it, especially anyone who is a web copywriter, or a SEO ninja.

Fitbit for Testosterone Junkies: Health-Tracking Gadgets Reach the Molecular Level - Businessweek The experiment kicked off a year ago when Ayub Khattak, co-founder of the health-monitoring startup Cue, resolved to eat only quinoa, leafy greens, and the like. His business partner, Clint Sever, subsisted on fast food. Every day, four times a day, they measured themselves using their company’s namesake device, which can gauge testosterone, the luteinizing hormone linked to female fertility, vitamin D, and inflammation. Cue also produces an accurate diagnosis of influenza.

Don’t Use Automatic Image Sliders or Carousels, Ignore the Fad 553inShareinShare I’m sure you’ve come across dozens, if not hundreds of image sliders or carousels (also called ‘rotating offers’). You might even like them. But the truth is that they’re conversion killers. Inspiration for Article Intro Effects We may define a food to be any substance which will repair the functional waste of the body, increase its growth, or maintain the heat, muscular, and nervous energy. In its most comprehensive sense, the oxygen of the air is a food; as although it is admitted by the lungs, it passes into the blood, and there re-acts upon the other food which has passed through the stomach. It is usual, however, to restrict the term food to such nutriment as enters the body by the intestinal canal. Water is often spoken of as being distinct from food, but for this there is no sufficient reason. Many popular writers have divided foods into flesh-formers, heat-givers, and bone-formers.

Parallax Scrolling Tutorial .net Magazine In the April 2013 issue of .net magazine I chatted to indie game developers about how easy it now is for web professionals to create an iOS and Android game. I also spoke to the leading mobile SDKs Corona, GameSalad, and Gideros. In a feature I wrote for the November 2012 issue of .net magazine I argue that a healthy curiosity in human nature helps us create delightful sites and apps. Offscreen I’m a contributor to Offscreen magazine.

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