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Zebra makes businesses as smart and connected as the world we live in. How the NFL tracks everything on the field but the ball. Most people know radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips as the security tags adorning clothes in stores, but this year they can also be found inside the uniforms of NFL players. As the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions descended upon London this weekend, accompanying them were executives from Zebra Technologies, the company behind the RFID-based motion tracking system that the league is implementing this season. Zebra is in town to try and convince the operators of Wembley Stadium and the rest of the sports world to follow the example set by the NFL. I spoke with them about what makes their technology compelling and the future applications it can have for coaches, fans, and players of all sports. Using a pair of location beacons embedded in each player’s shoulder pads, the Zebra system is able to measure speed, acceleration, and distance covered in nearly real-time — there’s just a half-second latency — and to within a margin of error of less than 6 inches.

Polhemus is the premier precision motion tracking company. Provatis | Fleet and security management solution. Revolutionary Tracker - GPS tracking to locate children, pets and seniors. - Home. GPS Locators for People, Pets and Vehicles. Personal Alarms for the elderly, dementia sufferers & lone workers.

GPS Tracking Systems | GPS Fleet Tracking - CloudHawk. Mobile | Ruptela. “Ruptela” – transport monitoring and control solutions Solutions Specialized hardware and software products for real time vehicle activity parameters monitoring: fuel level and consumption, route, speed, on-board computer data, etc. All solutions Products We develop and manufacture: GPS tracking devices, fleet monitoring and control software fuel monitoring devices, navigation devices, accessories and etc. All products Career If you think you could become a good addition to our team – contact us

Job positions Achievements In 2013 „Ruptela“ was 5th and in 2004 7th fastest growing technology company in Central Europe region by Deloitte in „CE Technology Fast 50“ program. For more imformation visit full website Full website version. Solution. GPS Tracking | GPS Tracking Devices | GPS Trackers & Systems. GPS Fleet Tracking & Vehicle Tracking Solutions | Fleetmatics. GPS Insight | Fleet Tracking Software. GPS Tracking Software | Start a GPS Tracking Business. Mapon - GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management. Teltonika. Comsatel - Seguridad y Control Satelital.

Megatrack - Líder en Seguimento Satelital. GPS Monitoreo, Ubicacion y Rastreo Satelital | PERUTRACK.NET. 1426570031_9_Research_Paper.pdf. Alcohol testing via sensors on the steering wheel to reduce road risks. A system developed by a team of Mexican students, based on a network of sensors installed in cars, could drastically reduce the number of alcohol-related road accidents. As a response to the increase in alcohol-related road accidents in Mexico – 77,000 accidents occur annually in Mexico according to the country’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography – a team of eight students from Mexico's Institute of Technology of Cintalapa, in the state of Chiapas, took on the challenge of developing an integrated system for vehicles to detect the level of alcohol in the driver’s blood by analysing his/her sweat..

The system, called AlcoStop, is based on sensors installed on the steering wheel, the gear shift and the seat. By analysing the driver’s perspiration, the sensors can immediately detect the level of alcohol in the blood of the person at the wheel. Pxc3898574.pdf. Dart Sensors Ltd Home - Dart Sensors Ltd. Alcohol & Location Monitoring – Alcohol Monitoring Systems | SCRAM Systems. SCRAM Systems: Multiple Needs, One Solution SCRAM Systems technologies are designed to fit your supervision model, budget, laws, and purchasing processes. And they are supported by the SCRAM Program Management Center, an integrated system for all your monitored offenders. It’s the variety of electronic monitoring technologies you need all from a single provider, with the reliability and service that you expect from SCRAM. SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring Technologies No Two Alcohol Clients Are Alike.

That’s Why You Need OPTIONS. Clients span a wide range of risks and needs. SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® High-Risk, High-Need Our flagship alcohol monitoring product, with optional house arrest monitoring. SCRAM Remote Breath® Low-Risk, Low-Need Introducing SCRAM Remote Breath, the most flexible option in breath testing for lower-risk alcohol clients. SCRAM Location Monitoring Technologies SCRAM Systems is proud to introduce the newest product in our suite of monitoring technologies. Home | OnStar. Software features » Navixy. Web interface Smart and simple – this is how your users will say about your service. Intuitive web-interface embeds the latest technologies, looks great and works fast. And it meets the whole range of applications – from pet tracking to sophisticated enterprise solutions.

Mobile apps Wherever your users are, they get the agility and insight on any mobile device. Admin panel Gain visibility into, and control over, the commercial services you offer with Navixy Admin panel. And the list continues to grow… Choose the ones you need or suggest us a new device View the whole list of devices and their supported features… Navixy supports not only major, but also very specific features of GPS tracking devices – including those ones which make them so special and attractive. Contact us Need more info? We’ll give you all details about device integration. Teltonika.