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Eye tracking

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NUIA eyeCharm: Kinect® to eye tracking by 4tiitoo. Skip this, if you have pledged on Kickstarter before.We have received a lot of requests from Kickstarter first-timers wanting to order the eyeCharm.

NUIA eyeCharm: Kinect® to eye tracking by 4tiitoo

For all of you, who have never pledged (=contributed/ordered): It takes less than 5 minutes if you have an Amazon account and follow our Step-by-Step description in the "Updates" section.We would be happy if this helps growing the Kickstarter Community! The NUIA eyeCharm as featured on: engadget - LaptopMag - mobilegeeks - TechCrunch - Time - VentureBeat The NUIA eyeCharm on TV: Galileo (German Prime TV Show) Also check out our Facebook page for more videos and information about NUIA! You will feel it once your computer starts responding directly to your gaze. To give you an idea of the possibilities: Stay in a comfortable position with hands off the keyboard and mouse while the scrolling adjusts to your reading. ‎

Software Enables Avatar to Reproduce Our Emotion in Real Time. A Simple Eye Tracker For Jitter « Jean-Marc Pelletier. A few years ago, I made a rough eye tracker in Jitter with cv.jit for my own use.

A Simple Eye Tracker For Jitter « Jean-Marc Pelletier

It wasn’t the most thoroughly advanced approach to the problem but it did the job, and it’s relatively lightweight. I moved on to other projects and I forgot about the patch almost entirely, but from time to time I have people writing to me asking question about face tracking (which is different from face detection) and eye tracking. And so, here it is, my eye tracker, for anyone to use.

Download “Eye tracker” and necessary abstractions. As a bonus, you also get a number of useful abstractions, although they’re undocumented and will remain this way. You will need the standard cv.jit objects for this patch to work. As always, hope this helps. OpenFrameworks. Writing an Honours Thesis. Some notes byJoe Wolfe School of Physics The University of New South Wales Sydney 2052 Australia What is an honours thesis?

Writing an Honours Thesis

For whom is it written? How should it be written? In most cases, your thesis is a real research report. The report concerns a problem in physics and it should describe what was known about it previously, what you did towards solving it, and what you think your results mean. A thesis is not an answer to an assignment question-there is a big difference. The readers of the thesis will not know what the "answer" is-usually your research project is to discover something hitherto unknown. More importantly, one of the readers (the examiner who is not your adviser) will have at best only a basic idea of the relevant background, literature etc. Your thesis will, of course, be read and marked, and then put away on a shelf in the School library.

AS3 Webcam Motion Tracking › Detecting and Tracking an Objects Movement in Flash. Update Ok, you can now grab the MotionTracker source code (AS2 & AS3).

AS3 Webcam Motion Tracking › Detecting and Tracking an Objects Movement in Flash

Version 2 eventually will include the other methods for detecting and tracking motion which I mentioned. For now I have just included code for the technique used in the demo. Download: AS3 Webcam Motion Tracking For those of you without access to a webcam (and as an example of a practical use for this class) here is a short video demonstrating the program I wrote for the installation piece. End of update Webcam required to view the demo (obviously…) I’m currently working on putting up a show, part of which will be a live generative piece, constructed from the movement of visitors in the gallery space. Anyway; I researched the concept of motion tracking, and made some notes on my own ideas. One of the most attractive ideas was to divide the screen into a grid, and average the colours within each segment at regular intervals.

Here’s how it works So that takes care of the motion detection, but what about the tracking? Opengazer: open-source gaze tracker for ordinary webcams. TrackEye : Real-Time Tracking Of Human Eyes Using a Webcam. Introduction Eyes are the most important features of the human face.

TrackEye : Real-Time Tracking Of Human Eyes Using a Webcam

So effective usage of eye movements as a communication technique in user-to-computer interfaces can find place in various application areas. Eye tracking and the information provided by the eye features have the potential to become an interesting way of communicating with a computer in a human-computer interaction (HCI) system. So with this motivation, designing a real-time eye feature tracking software is the aim of this project. The purpose of the project is to implement a real-time eye-feature tracker with the following capabilities: RealTime face tracking with scale and rotation invariance Tracking the eye areas individually Tracking eye features Eye gaze direction finding Remote controlling using eye movements Instructions to Run and Rebuild TrackEye Installation Instructions Extract file.

Actionscript 3 - Flash library for eyes tracking. » Realtime Terminator Salvation "Machine Vision" fx. Have you seen Terminator Salvation yet? There's a bunch of cool visual effects developed by Imaginary Forces, it shows the world as seen by machines. There's a lot of object tracking going on there, I was thinking whether I could recreate the whole thing just in pure AS3. And, well, here's the result (which I am actually very proud of) ;-) Click image to activate, wait for the video to buffer (1.6MB) press EDIT button to play with the filters (in full screen mode). Enable your webcam (if you have one) and play about with sliders and checkboxes – try if your face can be tracked too – but then watch for evil Terminators – they'll come and get you! This is a part of the whole video filter framework I am developing just now, the inspiration came from Joa Ebert's Image Processing library (as far as I know, he's cooking a complete rewrite).

My approach is to make everything as much simple as I can.