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Online Portfolio von Jan Ploch – Webdesigner, Grafikdesigner aus Hamburg Votre Épicier de Famille Home « Unfold Jaquet Droz - The Bird Repeater Graveurs et peintres de la maison ont collaboré pour donner naissance au jaune, au bleu, au blanc et au noir profond du plumage, aux volumes parfaitement équilibrés, à la finesse des brins d’herbes du nid, et au réalisme de cette scène.

cultural solutions uk, Lincolnshire based cultural consultancy , research, planning & event management services OhDeer Games! USA - Consumer Electronics Products, Movies, Music, Games and Services Twitter Facebook An artist can challenge an engineer with the impossible. An engineer can make the impossible possible. We measure our success with the flutter of a heart or a bead of cold sweat. After all, it's not about what we make; it's about what we make you feel. After all, it's not about what we make;it's about what we make you feel. Play Video QX100 Lens-Style Camera We introduced the creator of the world’s largest model railroad to a photographer specializing in miniatures. Explore Northlandz Twitter Facebook Xperia Z1s We didn’t just make a waterproof phone for when bad things happen. Twitter Facebook Sony Walkman® Sports MP3 Player Today some people wouldn’t even consider going for a run without music. “Skeptics” Twitter Facebook AR1 Loudspeaker Yoshiyuki Kaku, lead designer of the AR1 Loudspeaker, fell in love with classical music as a child. Twitter Facebook 4K Ultra HD TV A decade ago, Sony and all of the other movie studios got together for a big meeting. Twitter Facebook “Floor Plan”

Architektur auf Zeit. PROGRESS - das neue Premium-Mietsystem von ALGECO Pracownia Olszańska – malarstwo, rzeźba, lalkarstwo, batik, rysunek, biżuteria FullScreen Share this Sound effects Proudly created by Click to start The works are created by means of hands and imagination. For painting, I use the paints of renowned companies: Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Astra. Batik is a manual technique of painting with warm wax on the canvas. The works of art. are created in the “lost wax” technology. The works are created in an individual technique. There is only one copy of each piece of jewellery, invented and designed by myself. Simultaneously to the altar, a new series of brass sculptures is being created. Whew! New website is ready! Barbara Olszańska-Żywalewska There is no better welcome than with a smile, that is why Basia Olszańska-Żywalewska smiles to you from this place. I was born in 1975 in Łapy – a beautiful little town in the picturesque heart of Podlasie on Narew river. I carve, paint and sketch. Inspiration I am surrounded by the frightening open spaces of the universe(…), I see infinity on all sides enclosing me like an atom. Blaise Pascal

25 free, scrolling plugins for awesome experiences The art of creating a website these days is learning how to create an online experience. Many of these experiences are extensions of a brand or person and are relayed via different colors, fonts, etc. Thanks to awesome advancements in technologies, we can do a lot of stuff with our websites that we couldn’t do a few years ago. We are taking the experience from dry and drab to fun and fab. One of the trendiest techniques to have fun with is scrolling. Many of these techniques are what is affectionately called parallax scrolling. That’s why today, we’ve put together a bunch of our favorite plugins to get even the least code-savvy started making some great scrolling sites… Scrolld.js Cool Kitten FoldScroll fullPage.js AnimateScroll Parallax.js Jarallax jInvertScroll jQuery Full Content One Page Scroll jQuery Parallax Scroll Path PageScroller Lite jquery-parallax Arbitrary-Anchor Portfoliojs Scrolling Parallax Scrollocue Scrollorama Scrolltab Scrolly Skrollr Sly Smint Super Scrollorama

jInvertScroll - A lightweight jQuery horizontal Parallax scrolling plugin jInvertScroll - A lightweight jQuery horizontal Parallax Plugin What is it? It's a lightweight plugin for jQuery that allows you to move in horizontal with a parallax effect while scrolling down. It's extremely easy to setup and requires nearly no configuration. Note: By using this plugin, we expect that you know the limitations of horizontal parallax scrolling, for instance if the screen height is smaller than the content, the content will be clipped, but this plugin is intended anyway for webdesigners and -developers, so we think that you know what you're doing. ;-) Quickstart 1.) position: fixed; // All scrollable elements have to be position:fixed bottom: 0; // Make it stick to the bottom (or top) width: xxxxpx; // I recommend to assign the width in px, prevents preloading issues 4.) $.jInvertScroll(['yourselector1', 'yourselector2' Options You can tweak some options if you like: Download You can download the script as a zip file here: ..or get it from our GitHub repository.

Parallax Scrolling Tutorial .net Magazine In the April 2013 issue of .net magazine I chatted to indie game developers about how easy it now is for web professionals to create an iOS and Android game. I also spoke to the leading mobile SDKs Corona, GameSalad, and Gideros. In a feature I wrote for the November 2012 issue of .net magazine I argue that a healthy curiosity in human nature helps us create delightful sites and apps. Offscreen I’m a contributor to Offscreen magazine. In issue #5 I interviewed Jon Hicks about being a colourblind designer, creating globally recognised icons, and how cycling changed his life. In issue #4 I interviewed Jeremy Keith about playing the bouzouki, and why his job as Technical Director involves a lot of goofing off on the Internet! I also put together a handy international conference guide, so you’ll know where to spend your time (and money!) In issue #3 I interviewed Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks on everything from working at Wufoo to the zombie apocalypse! Smashing Magazine Think Vitamin

¿Cómo hacer un efecto parallax en tu web? | Wokomedia Si te gustaron los efectos de las webs de las que hablábamos en el artículo “20 diseños Parallax de impacto”, ahora vamos a explicarte como insertarlos en tu web de forma sencilla usando Jquery. Para empezar, debes cargar las librerías de Jquery en vuestra web. Puedes hacerlo descargando dichas librerías en tu proyecto web o bien cargándolas directamente desde Google con este sencillo código que debes insertar en tu web. Ahora necesitaremos dos imagenes, una para el fondo y otra para el frente. y este código en un archivo .js de vuestro proyecto. Ahora lo único que tienes que hacer es meter dos capas nuevas en tu código html. Y recordad que el cóntenido de vuestra web debe ir dentro de la capa “parallax-front”.

Simple tutorial para crear efecto Parallax scrolling - MBlog : MBlog Parallax scrolling es una de las tendencias en diseño web para este año, básicamente funciona así, mientras te desplazas (scroll) por la página en cuestión, el fondo de se “mueve” más lento que el contenido en el primer plano, creando así la ilusión de profundidad 3D. A continuación, un simple y efectivo tutorial para que puedas crear tu propio efecto parallax para tu sitio web. Ver demoDescargar archivos Paso 1: Formato HTML Esta técnica gira en torno al control de la velocidad de la imagen de fondo. Vamos a utilizar la etiqueta<section> con los atributos data-type& data-speed, recientemente introducidos en HTML5. Lo que estamos tratando de hacer aquí es hacer que el fondo <section> se desplace más lento que su contenido, es decir <article>. Puedes utilizar los fondos que se listan a continuación Vamos a añadir más estilos CSS para darle color y elegancia a nuestro sitio. Paso 2: jQuery Esta técnica controla la velocidad de la imagen de fondo que existe en ambas secciones. IE: fix