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OpenGL:Tutorials:Tutorial Framework:Particles In this example, We're going to extend the principles used in the Ortho example to produce a nice particle effect. Setting Up Each particle has unique position, direction vector, color and a 'life' values. These values are contained by a structure: typedef struct { float xPos,yPos,zPos; float xVec,yVec,zVec; float r,g,b,life; }SpriteInfo;

Transport in The Netherlands - Lonely Planet Travel Information Travel documents Passport In principle all passengers with passports are allowed entry to the Netherlands, although those coming from ‘suspected terrorist centres’ may be detained for questioning. Tickets Within Europe there are plenty of no-frills airlines connecting Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to other cities, and more often than not their bargain flights can be found online rather than through a travel agent. Rope Physics Rope Simulation In this tutorial, you will find a simulation of a rope. This simulation is based on the simple physical simulation engine in Lesson 39. In order to benefit from this tutorial, you should know how forces are applied to masses in simulations, how position and velocity of a mass is iterated while the simulation runs, and how 3D vectoral operations are used in physics. If you hesitate on any one of those subjects, read about them from Lesson 39 and other sources, and develop several applications. In physical simulations, the purpose is to form a physical setting, which acts the same as in the natural environment.

How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel I’m confused. I’m simply confused as to how it’s possible that I have so far failed to properly explain how I’ve managed to travel/live/work abroad nonstop for 12 years straight (and counting). The questions are still pouring in every single day: How do you do it? How is it possible to travel for so long? Some comments on OpenGL rendering of particles When rendering particles in OpenGL there are many possible ways to represent them. The following goes through some of the possibilities with associated pseudo-code. At the very basic level it is possible to simply render the particles as points: glPointSize( 3.f ); glColor4f (1.0f,1.0f,1.0f,1.0f); glBegin(GL_POINTS); for(i=0; i<npoints; i+=nskip) { glVertex3f(x[i], y[i], z[i]); } // Done drawing points glEnd(); This produces a plot below: In the next level, it is possible to replace the points with "point sprites".

Sample Western Europe Travel Itinerary - StumbleUpon Dublin->Glasgow->Edinburgh->Manchester->London->Amsterdam->Rotterdam->Brussels->Paris->Bordeaux->Zaragoza-> Madrid->Lisbon->Lagos->Sevilla->Malaga->Valencia->Barcelona->Toulouse->Marseille->Lyon->Geneva->Bern->Milan-> Genoa->Florence->Rome->Naples->Venice->Munich->Stuttgart->Frankfurt->Berlin->Hamburg->Copenhagen See it all with this itinerary. Start in Dublin and see the Emerald Isle before having Haggis in Scotland. Head down towards London and then over to Amsterdam. Simulating Particle Effects using OpenGL Particle Effect In this article I will demonstrate one possible way to implement a particle effect in C++ using OpenGL to render the effect. This demo uses the fixed function pipeline and the host processor (CPU) to perform the simulation. In this article, I will use OpenGL and GLUT to render graphics to the application window. If you do not know how to setup an application using OpengGL and GLUT you can refer to my previous article titled [Introduction to OpenGL for Game Programmers] available [here]. Particles systems have been used extensively in games for many years.

Budget Travel in France: Travel on the Cheap is Still Possible By Kelby Hartson Carr Updated by Gregory Hubbs 8/1/2012 People tend to assume a vacation in France must be expensive, but that is far from the truth with so many ways to plan a cheap, budget vacation to France. There are quality lodging options that are dramatically cheaper than you might expect. Tutorial 8 -Particle System Download Source/Application In this tutorial I will show you how to implement a basic particle system. Particle systems can be used for many different usefull applications like fountains, waterfalls, fireworks and many other things. As a simple example I will show you how to simulate a fountain with a particle system.

- StumbleUpon By Time Out editors and Sulakshana Gupta 1. Experience Dublin as the locals do Despite its unsavoury reputation in past years, Temple Bar is one of the city's most charming neighbourhoods and residents are trying hard to keep it that way. Cobblestone streets, bars, cafés, art galleries and architectural splendour harmoniously blend with old streetscapes and eco-friendly schemes. Among the cultural attractions are Dublin's only art-house cinema at the Irish Film Institute, the Gallery of Photography and the Project Arts Centre.

Tutorial 4: Texture Mapping One of the most powerful tools in computer graphics is texture mapping. Texture mapping applies an image to a surface. Modeling a complex surface is often impractical because of the detail required and it would be difficult to render this fine detail accurately. A Tale of a Thousand Cities: 69 Fun Facts About France - StumbleUpon 69 facts is back! This time featuring the lovely country of France, because well, who can resist a country that creates superior wine, beautiful art and genetically blessed people? I think 69 facts is quite fitting.