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Welcome! Simple task queues to help your work flow Divide projects into easy to manage Queues A Queue has three sections: PAST, NOW and NEXT Take actions in Queues Quickly see what is happening NOW in a Queue

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Internet Search Engines Search Engines Directory Internet search engines are categorized by topic in our searchable directory of general and specialty search engines. Also listed are resources and tools for exploring the deep web, performing advanced research, and for learning about using search engine tools and technology. Find topical search engines by category. Add Site Comparison 1 Introduction This article provides information on searching the Internet using Multi-search engines, rather than individual search engines, discusses the theory of how these things work, their advantages and disadvantages and finally presents the reader with a small tabular comparison of some major Multi-search engines. Why use a Multi-search engine? At the time of updating (February 2003) there are at least 150,000 different search engines (you can view the ones which I use most by visiting my search engine page) available which cover both general and specific subjects, or which search specific elements of the Internet such as Web pages or Usenet.While some of these are particularly effective and sophisticated none of them are entirely comprehensive. How do Multi-search engines work?

CloserLook Search: Invisible Web (deep web) Search Engine The invisible web (also called deep web) is that part of the Web that cannot be crawled or indexed by traditional search engines. These pages may often link to databases on web sites that can only be called up or generated if you query them from within the site itself. These pages link to “searchable databases” on particular web sites that can only be “dynamically generated” when queried from within the site. The traditional search engine cannot do deep searches in these databases. However, you can search them manually if you know where to look. Some examples of Invisible Web pages are:

OAIster [OCLC - Digital Collection Services] Access to OAIster A freely-accessible site for searching only OAIster records is available at Additionally, OAIster records are fully accessible through, and will be included in search results along with records from thousands of libraries worldwide. They will also continue to be available on the OCLC FirstSearch service to Base Package subscribers, providing another valuable access point for this rich database and a complement to other FirstSearch databases. Comparison 2 How to get the best out of the Internet. Since the last time that I wrote this article there have been a great many changes with the major search engines and what they can do. This provides a comparison of major engines. Previous versions of this article have included various different search engines, and this continues to be the case here; I add and drop search engines as they come into or go out of fashion. The previous version included AltaVista, AllTheWeb and Lycos. I decided to drop the latter two, since they have (in my opinion) pretty much dropped off the scale, but I kept AltaVista, mainly because I still like it and will use it now and then.

ClipBlast - World's Largest Video Search Why Take into consideration Labiaplasty? An increasing number of ladies like decrease of the labia minora, the inner lips outside the vagina, and to a lesser level reduction of the larger labia majora and clitoral hood. Factors for this trend are many: recognition and desire to address swelling of the labia and discomfort that occurs with workout and sporting activities, lack of ability to use type suitable clothing or showering matches, obstruction throughout sex-related activity, embarrassment, embarrassment and often also problem maintaining standard hygiene. The truth is, there are innumerable variations in size, shape, color and density of vaginal cells, and like most frameworks discovered on the body they are all variations of NORMAL. Lots of females are quite aware of the famous size and form of their labia yet they are unconcerned regarding their appearance or interference with daily tasks. Getting going

Pause Google: 8 Alternative Search Engines To Find What Google Can't On the information superhighway, we are at the helm of piloting a browser through the lanes and alleys of the web. To be a good driver, you need to be a master at the wheel. Would it be an apt metaphor to describe Google Search as that wheel which steers us from one lode of information to the next? With the power of advanced search operators at our command, we can navigate the strands of the web with a bit of Boolean logic. We probably know all the Google search tricks, but there are still things that Google can’t tell us at first glance. Google’s a Hercules, but we shouldn’t be shortsighted not to spot the midgets.

Vista on Future Wolfram Alpha isn't the "Google killer" that many hyped it up to be prior to its 2009 launch. Instead, the self-described computational knowledge engine takes a completely different approach to letting users find and analyze information. Rather than scouring the Web and ranking everybody's pages in the order it thinks we'd find them useful, it uses its own data sets and computational power to return detailed reports and analysis about whatever topics users query it for. Tomorrow, the service will ramp things up a notch when its "pro" version launches.

Ranking Factors: How Search Engines Rank Websites SEOmoz just released their biennial ranking factors 2009 report. Every two years they survey 100 of the top SEOs to gain insight on what they feel are the most important factors that go into ranking a website. I highly recommend checking out the report! Anyways, this inspired me to give my two cents about what I felt were some of the main factors that went into good search engine rankings. Overall I agree with the SEOmoz report. 50 Cool Search Engines for Serious Readers The Internet has proven itself as a valuable resource for all types of readers, from collectors of rare books to tech-minded readers who shop, network and download books online. But if you’re having trouble finding exactly what you need, whether it’s a book review, a book by a certain author, or a digitized anthology for your class at an online college for creative writing, you’ll want to use sophisticated tools that direct you to high-quality resources. Here are 50 cool search engines for serious readers and students. For even more great search engines, read our updated list.

Be number # 1 in results search engine listings Diversity Design Studio works with you to choose the best approach for search engine optimization and search engine submission. To find out more on pricing and options please email or call us for details. The web is a tangled mess of spiders, crawlers, robots and directories. You need to be and stay current on all the new technologies in order to make your site work properly with all of the different internet technologies. The maze of search engines and how they are connected to each other is illustrated here:

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