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Don’t forget a thing Add a checklist to keep on top of all those little to-dos. There’s also a nice, big progress meter, because who doesn’t love a nice, big progress meter? Your files, right where you need them Got a relevant file, image, or document? Attach it right to the card, and you’ll never have to go scrambling through your inbox looking for it later. Bring your board to life Attach photos, drawings, sketches, and mockups to quickly illustrate ideas at a glance. Find cards easily Customize labels for your cards, and use filters to only show what you want.

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#1 Free Timeline Maker for PowerPoint Timeline Templates 10 Beautiful Timeline Templates to Chose From Office Timeline Plus comes with 10 timeline templates that use different visual styles, colors, and content to give you a head start. You can start with a timeline template and modify it or build your own timeline using the New Timeline Wizard. Latest Product News Citrix Acquires Podio Collaborative Work Platform Empowers Teams to Move from Simply Talking about Work to Getting It Done. Podio to debut at Citrix Synergy in San Francisco, May 9–11. Santa Clara, Calif. — April 11, 2012 — Citrix today announced it has completed the acquisition of Podio, an innovative, privately held company that offers a collaborative work platform which supports people and teams getting work done the way they want in a social setting. Podio’s unique apps concept adds structure and activity streams to any type of work and collaboration with teams, clients, in projects, and within functions such as sales, recruiting, marketing or any other area of business.

21st century zoetrope is a 3D printed delight Somerset House invited Jo Ratcliffe to create an installation for its Pick Me Up festival. The illustrator teamed up with engineer Sam Zealey, the waterMelon animators collective and 3D printer store iMakr to devise a 21st century take on the zoetrope that enabled people to interact with her signature fashion inspired illustration style. Somerset House asked me to create a one-day installation for the Pick Me Up graphic arts festival.

Getting started with Trello video demo Looking for help getting started? Check out our Getting Started Guide. Brian from the Trello team walks you through a basic introduction of a Trello board. A full transcript is provided below the video. If you'd prefer a non-video guide, check out our Getting Started Guide. A practical guide to tactical mobile prototyping This is an edited excerpt from Chapter 6 of The Mobile Frontier: A Guide For Designing Mobile Experiences, published by Rosenfeld Media. Regardless of the 'why' for your particular prototype, selecting the right prototyping method for your mobile UX project is a lot like selecting a good book. There are countless options to choose from, so how do you pick the right one? Similar to asking yourself, “What type of book am I in the mood for?", the first step in identifying the right prototyping method involves asking, “What type of design exploration am I about to embark on?”. Unlike selecting the right reading material from countless book genres, mobile prototyping methods tend to fall into two basic genres: 'tactical' (which we will look at in the below excerpt) and 'experiential' prototyping.

25 tools that make life easier for tech entrepreneurs - SGE : SGE BestVendor has created an infographic on the 25 ‘most’ popular tools used by freelancers around the world. While it specifically addresses freelancers, we think it applies to tech entrepreneurs as well, since startups have to operate lean and automate mundane tasks as much as possible. Some of the tools highlighted here include note-taking app Evernote, newsletter creation and managemen tool MailChimp, social CRM solution Batchbook, and small-business accounting automator Outright. As a gauge of what tools are actually popular among freelancers, the infographic is pretty useless since it only has a sample size of about 100. But at least it gives us useful suggestions, which is why we decided to put it up anyway. Here are more ways to make your life as an entrepreneur easier.

All about Adobe Creative Suite RECENTLY updated script POPULAR Script Select color label -> click Print/Export -> Pages Range is auto populated! More info soon! Enable/Disable all GREP styles in document! (only works with GREP styles applied through Paragraph Style) Beginner Tips for Using Trello Watch this video to learn about the basics of a Trello board. Then check out some examples below. You did it (finally)! After hearing about Trello from your friend, your uncle, and everyone else in your social circle, you’ve finally signed up. Now what? Trello is the app that lets you organize anything, from a business, to a party, to a big move. Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet - Calendar Help CalDAV is an internet standard that’s used to sync Google Calendar with your Apple iOS devices (including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and iCal. Listen to instructions while you follow along Don't worry about memorizing instructions - have them read to you while you're syncing your device. Listen Now Sync with your device

Best Online Productivity Tools for 2012 Sharebar There are so many online services, platforms, applications and tools, it can be difficult to wade through it all. So I’ve updated an older list of productivity tools for the coming year. These are some of the best tools I use or found through research and recommendations. Case Study: The Magic of Reality for iPad We’re delighted to have worked with Richard Dawkins on the creation of the iPad of version of his new book, “The Magic of Reality,” which features the artwork of Dave McKean. The book is about how incredible the universe is, and why we don’t need to reach for superstition to be awed or to understand our place in it. The book contains some beautiful myths (illustrated by Dave McKean) which show how our species has explained the ‘hard-to-explain’ over the ages, from Nigerian creation myths to Greek myths about the Milky Way.

5 Future Lessons To Learn From Today’s Remote Workers The information age, the automation nation, the knowledge worker revolution—the arrival of remote work is at once changing culture and improving the little things in life. We’re rewriting traditional corporate culture while rocking a 30-second commute to the office wearing sheepskin slippers. We’re also trying and testing, both succeeding and failing, at many different aspects of working productively with distributed teams. Projects - Wrike Help center Overview Projects are one of the main ways to organize, manage, and report on work within Wrike. Use Projects to manage a group of tasks that are part of a larger goal. The Future of Social Media Recently we witnessed two major turning points in the world of Social Media. The first is the shift towards image based communications, and the second is Facebook’s IPO. The signs suggest bad things to come as corporations race to our wallets before our naivity wears off. Once again privacy issues are about to take centre stage. The internet, once a sunny park of freedom is evolving into a controlled machine of excess as governments and corporations clamour for control.