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Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies {my favorite cookie ever}

Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies {my favorite cookie ever}
Sep 06 I know that the title of this recipe is a little absurd and dramatic, but I couldn’t think of any other way to present this cookie to you. Quite frankly, this is a chocolate chip cookie that will change your life. Updated: Here’s a fun video I made with Gold Medal Flour. This video doesn’t include the stuffing of the nutella, but it’s still fun to watch how they’re made. These cookies came about when my friend asked me to bake something that he could bring to an event he was going to. So off to the grocery store I went, where I proceeded to pace the baking aisle for a good hour. Then I realized that there is one delicious little nut butter that isn’t featured in any of my recipes: NUTELLA! Once I got home, I popped the jar of Nutella in the fridge so that it would be easy to scoop out and place in the middle of the cookies. If you aren’t familiar with how to brown butter, I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial for you. The best part? Imagine: Warm. I hope you’ll try them out! Comments Related:  cookiesCookies

Skillet-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Here in Nashville, there’s a certain low-frequency buzz. And if you’re quiet and listen very hard, you’ll hear the sounds that make up that buzz – the electronic bleeps of grocery cash registers ringing up hot chocolate and popcorn, the rumble of salt trucks and the fervently whispered prayers of thousands of kids (and their teachers) – because, OMG, SNOW IS IN THE FORECAST. Four inches. This Friday. To many of you, that’s nothing. You start with a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. Once the cookie has cooled, you’ll be able to invert it onto a plate or cutting board, and divide it into rich, cakey, chocolate-filled wedges. And remember, it’s not the size of the snow. Here’s to the Blizzard of 2010!

Salted Dark Chocolate & Earl Grey Buttermilk Cookies Salted Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Buttermilk Cookies Makes two dozen Ingredients 1 stick (8 tbsp.) unsalted butter 2 bags Earl Grey tea 1 c. confectioners’ sugar, plus extra for dusting ¼ c. unsweetened pure cocoa ½ tsp. flaky sea salt 1 c. (125 g) all-purpose flour Scant ⅓ c. buttermilk Scant 1 c. dark chocolate baking chunks 1. In a pan, melt the butter along with the tea bags. Once melted, cook over medium for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. The butter should be bubbling by the end. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. For more deliciousness, go to Photo: Stephania Stanley for DailyCandy; Styling by Rebekah Peppler Strawberry Shortcake Cookies | Cookie recipe Hey guys! Today I’m jumping right into the recipe because I’m really excited about it. We have strawberry shortcake cookies topped with vanilla glaze for you! I have to admit, I hadn’t actually tasted my first strawberry shortcake until culinary school, about 4 years ago…I know….BUT I did grow up obsessed with the books, especially the scented ones that were also plastic with a sponge lining so you could take the book into the bath with you to smell and read it, which I now think are a little weird/creepy or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Law and Order: SVU lately….I digress. ANYWAY, I’ve been on a pretty big Greek yogurt kick lately… I mean, I’ve always had a thing for Greek yogurt, but I’ve recently become super into using it in my cooking/baking. These cookies are great, really! Strawberry Shortcake Cookies Makes 20-24 Directions: 1.

60 Second Chocolate Chip Cookie A la Mode I had so much fun developing this recipe. Talk about kinda dangerous though. This baby is baked in 60 seconds, no lie!! The cookie dough recipe is prepared right in your ramekin, so we are also talking about minimal dishes. Win win, right? You know those fabulous pizzookie’s you order at certain restaurants? In any case, Enjoy my friends!! Start by creaming your butter and sugars right in your ramekin. Just like so, light and fluffy. You’ll add a couple tablespoons of beaten egg next. A splash of vanilla please. Give another good stir of the spoon until combined. Once combined, add your dry ingredients right to the ramekin. Flour, salt and baking soda all set! Give a few stirs then…. Time for some fabulous chips! Oh yah! Top with a lovely scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle with my homemade magic shell! Mmmmm. To share or not to share? 60 Second Chocolate Chip Cookie A la Mode Ingredients Directions Place butter and sugars into a 2-cup ramekin, beat with spoon until well combined.

Blueberry Yogurt Cookies | Healthy Cookie Recipe Hi Guys! Did everyone have a good weekend? I had a weekend of beaching it, dog park-ing it, and farmers market-ing it. It was a pretty cool weekend and I’m super pumped for next weekend. Teri and I are heading off to Austin for the Food and Wine Festival and we’re stoked! Blueberry-Yogurt Cookies Makes about 40 Ingredients:2 cups all purpose flour1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/4 teaspoon salt1 1/4 cup superfine sugar (granulated works fine)1 1/4 cups Greek yogurt1 egg, lightly beaten1 lemon, zested1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract1 1/4 cup fresh blueberries1/2 cup Swedish pearl sugar Directions: 1. Soft Lofthouse Style Frosted Cookies Soft Lofthouse Style Frosted Cookies Unbelievably soft sugar cookies with a delicious buttercream frosting and topped with colorful sprinkles. These taste very similar to those infamous Lofthouse Cookies with frosting and sprinkles. You can find them in almost every bakery section of the grocery stores here in the United States. Unbelievably soft sugar cookies with a delicious buttercream frosting and topped with colorful sprinkles. Yield: 4 1/2 dozen cookies Ingredients: For the Cookies: 6 cups flour, divided 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup butter, at room temperature 2 cups granulated sugar 3 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 1/2 cups light sour cream For the Frosting: 1 cup butter, at room temperature 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 4 cups powdered sugar 6 tablespoons heavy cream Several drops food coloring Sprinkles Directions: Directions: In a medium bowl, whisk 5 cups of flour, baking soda, and baking powder; set aside. Leave a Comment

Cherry Tea Cookies, Demands from Mom, & Niece Rowan These are my mom’s favorite cookies and lately she’s been demanding them to be sent via care package to her home. Aren’t mother’s supposed to send their children care packages, not the other way around? I never did mail a package to her, so instead I made them while I visited this weekend. It’s not quite the same as getting a box in the mail, but hopefully she’ll forgive me. I also took a few photographs of my new niece Rowan while I was there. I’ll try again when she’s a little happier with all of us. Cherry Tea CookiesThis recipe is simple, but the dough should rest in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and cure overnight after baking for the best cookies. 2 ¼ cups unbleached all purpose flour ½ cup drained maraschino cherries, chopped well 1. 2. 3. Recipe and Picture by Laura Flowers.

My favorite cookie. | Caviar and Codfish New Tunisian leader faces economic challenges TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia swore in a new caretaker prime minister Friday and he faces a multitude of challenges: organizing the country’s first election for a permanent post-revolutionary government, fixing a deteriorating economic situation and placating an unhappy populace. Read More Markets recover after lackluster start to year LONDON (AP) — Stock markets turned higher on Tuesday, recovering from a rocky start to the year, despite concerns over the Chinese and U.S. economies. Bernanke: 2014 could be better year for US economy WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday that factors which have kept the economy from accelerating appear to be abating, and he predicted stronger growth in 2014. Europe shares set to record best year since 2009 U.S. pending home sales up in November, hint at stabilization Ugandan economy seen picking up steam, says IMF

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies I haven’t been feeling at home lately. I don’t think it’s an issue of physical location… I spend a hearty amount of time sitting at my desk. I think this might be more of a brain-space problem… my brain is everywhere but in my head doing its job. I’m not certain how to coax my brain back into the world of now. Making these cookies came to mind more as a meditation than a treat. Thank you for being here with me. Editor’s Note (it’s just me, Joy):- There’s no way I could mention chocolate chip cookies without mentioning the dad who taught me how to make cookies: Dad the Baker. Here is a collection of ingredients I feel at home in. This cookie dough is creative with butter. Proof: Brown Butter Strawberry Banana Bread Now would be a good time to grab a spoon. I’m at home, but sometimes it takes the smell of baking cooking to actually make me feel at home with everything around me. Cookie dough is patient and kind. Cookie dough burrito. (I’m a poet.) I mean… Yea! Brown butter + chocolate + pecans.

Shortbread : Recette de Shortbread Ingrédients (pour 6 personnes) : - 100 g de sucre- 200 g de beurre doux ou demi-sel- 300 g de farine Préparation de la recette : Préchauffer le four à 150°C (thermostat 5). Mettre le beurre coupé en morceaux dans un saladier. Ajouter la farine tamisée et malaxer du bout des doigts pour lui incorporer le beurre. Ajouter le sucre et pétrir à la main jusqu'à obtention d'une pâte homogène. Travailler la pâte à la main sur un plan de travail fariné et l'aplatir à la main sur une épaisseur d'un peu moins d'1 cm. A l'aide de moules ou d'emporte-pièces, découper la pâte. Déposer sur une plaque à four recouverte de papier sulfurisé et enfourner pour 30 minutes de cuisson. Remarques : Recette très simple qui est facile à réaliser avec les enfants, bon appétit!

My FAVORITE Chocolate Chip Cookie I have experimented with countless recipes searching for that perfect chocolate chip cookie. The characteristics of the perfect cookie are a very personal matter, and here are my preferences: texture: chewy w. medium thickness --- everyone has their preference, and this is mine! chocolate to cookie ratio: 50/50 --- I really enjoy having a lot of chocolate in every bite chips vs. chunks: chunks --- I like sizeable pieces of chocolate in my cookie. type of chocolate: bittersweet --- I like using Valrhona 61% extra bitter nuts or other add-ins: NONE!! With the above criteria in mind, this recipe is the closest I've come to experiencing CCC perfection. - Don't substitute the pastry and bread flours w. - Hand chopped chocolate chunks, NOT premade chips - I will purchase a hunk of the best bittersweet chocolate that I can afford and hand cut them into chunks. - Chill the cookie dough at least 24 hours (I let my dough sit anywhere from 2-3 days) before baking.