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Books and Articles by Stephen D Krashen

Books and Articles by Stephen D Krashen

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The Extensive Reading Pages Free downloadable materials ESL ReadingKieran McGovern’s site with free graded reading materialsESL Reading A wide selection of short passages at low and intermediate levels. Advertisements appear on each page, some of which might be offensive to young learners or those of certain cultural backgrounds. ESL Song Lessons - - Songs For Teaching Grammar <div style="font-size:9pt; text-align:center; color:Red;"> This site requires a javascript enabled browser.<br />Please enable javascript then refresh the page. <br /><a href=" id="ctl00_HowToJavascriptLink" target="_blank">How to enable javascript</a><br />(opens in annother tab or window) </div> Songs For Teaching English Grammar ESL and EFL teachers thinking about using songs and lyrics to teach English grammar will find this table we've compiled a useful resource.

Best Books for Teachers - Teaching ESL Theory, Teaching Practice, Teacher Training There are ESL books in two categories on this page. Teacher Theory and Practice - These are the books that take you through both the basics and advanced methodologies of ESL teaching, giving you advice and suggestion along the way right from setting aims, planning lessons and executing successful language and curriculum goals. ESL Theory Books - These books will take you through key aspects of ESL theory such as sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, universal grammar and more. These are the books that will help you to understand what is going on inside your students' head - and why. Teacher Theory and Practice How To Teach English (with DVD) - Jeremy Harmer | See in UK

Science Has Great News for People Who Read Actual Books B today's soundbite-hungry media climate and the grueling slog that is a modern presidential campaign, candidates on the trail seldom break through the daily noise and strike a chord among the broader public. That's part of the reason why a video of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaking in New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago was so remarkable. The video, shot by the Huffington Post, went viral, racking up more than 7 million views on Facebook. The six-minute-long clip shows Christie speaking forcefully about changing the way society treats drug addiction, an issue he has championed for years. Kids and Family Reading Report Full Report Infographics Past Reports 2010 Kids & Family Reading Report (PDF)

Annotated Bibliography of Works on Extensive Reading in ESL Annotated Bibliography of Works on Extensive Reading in a Second Language Arranged in Chronological Order Handschin, C. H. (1919). Individual differences and supervised study. Describing Famous People : A Reading and Writing Activity This is an activity which I’ve used successfully at both lower and mid-intermediate level. PreparationChoose a famous person who is likely to interest the students, and who they know something but not too much about already. Use the Internet to research their biography and then “condense” it into ten to fifteen sentences, using language that the students have already encountered. If you choose someone who is already dead, you’ll probably be able to do it using only the simple present and past (active and passive) but a description of a living person may need also the present perfect. The sentences should include two or three which are invented, and the task for the students is to decide which are the untrue sentences. It will work best if it’s not too obvious – try and choose someone who has done a couple of things which the students might not expect, to act as distractors.

Spain Settlers have migrated to Spain from Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean since the dawn of history. The Phoenicians, who came in the 8th century B.C., called the peninsula "Span," or hidden land. By the first century B.C. the Romans had conquered Spain. Spain became mostly Christian under the Romans, who were followed by the Vandals and the Visigoths, Germanic peoples from Europe. The Visigoth rulers fought among themselves, and in A.D. 711 Muslims from Africa invaded Spain. Islamic culture spread across Spain as Muslim rulers introduced new crops and irrigation systems, and trading increased.

The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age Part of a series of case studies produced by Digital Promise examining the work of members in our League of Innovative Schools. Click here for more info on the League. To stay up to date on future case studies, sign up for our email newsletter. Location: Vancouver, WA Enrollment: 22,192 students

Study Finds Reading to Children of All Ages Grooms Them to Read More on Their Own Photo Cue the hand-wringing about digital distraction: Fewer children are reading books frequently for fun, according to a new report released Thursday by Scholastic, the children’s book publisher. In a 2014 survey of just over 1,000 children ages 6 to 17, only 31 percent said they read a book for fun almost daily, down from 37 percent four years ago. Picture Dictionary for Kids Rating: 3.3/5 (4 votes cast) 1 child-children, 2 baby/infant, 3 toddler, 4 boy, 5 girl 6 teenager, 7 adult, 8 man-men, 9 woman-women 10 senior citizen/elderly personage 11 young, 12 middle-aged, 13 old/elderlyheight 14 tall, 15 average height, 16 shortweight 17 heavy, 18 average weight, 19 thin/slim 20 pregnant, 21 physically challenged, 22 vision impaired 23 hearing impaired 1. children 2. baby 3. toddler 4. 6-year-old boy 5. 10-year-old girl 6. teenagers 7. 13-year-old boy 8. 19-year-old girl

Best Music to Learn English Here are my top 5 music artists that English students should listen to. They have been chosen because they have clear pronunciation and great vocabulary (by great I mean interesting and useful- none of this street ganksta talk or old-fashioned nonsense that people just don’t say in real life). 1) George Ezra George Ezra is a singer from Hertford England. He sings folk-rock music and his album “Wanted on Voyage” was the third biggest selling album in the UK last year.

Libraries matter: 15 fantastic library infographics Library infographics presented below clearly show that being a librarian today is not about surviving any longer. It’s great that such infographics are created. Infographics are a fantastic way to draw attention of online users, and give facts not only in a more digestible, but also highly entertaining way. Many people still perceive libraries as awesome-looking magical places, full of a scent of old paper.

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