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Touchoo – iOS and Android Book App Maker and App Creation Software iOS 7 - Education Design of the Picture Book by Angela Terrab The best book authors push boundaries, and in the realm of picture books, a lot of this exploration happens visually. By this measure, Carter Higgins’ blog, Design of the Picture Book, captures all that is great in some of the best new picture books. Higgins is a school librarian and a graphic designer, and she brings both of these skill sets to this beautiful and loving look at illustration and book design. Design of the Picture Book – logo and homepage. With a casual and enthusiastic tone, Higgins uses her weekly or biweekly posts to discuss visual themes and design elements of exceptional new picture books. Illustrations from Dan Santat’s The Adventures of Beekle. There are a number of ways that librarians might choose to engage with Design of the Picture Book. Design of the Picture Book also serves as a reminder of the ways in which multimedia can complement the experience of reading a book. After all, art is for everyone; you can never be too old for picture books.

Quip for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store More than 100 apps for your classes La tablette numérique est une source quasi inépuisable d'outils et de ressources pour l'éducation. Le magasin d'applications Google Play comporte aujourd'hui des centaines de milliers d'applications. Toutefois la sélection des apps les plus appropriées pour nos activités en classe n'est pas toujours facile, surtout si l'on recherche des applications en français. Aussi, Eti-Education vous propose ici une sélection de quelques apps Android qui nous ont semblé mériter l'attention des enseignants. Bien souvent aussi l'application proposée dans une catégorie n'est qu'un exemple et il en existe d'autres qui sont similaires et peuvent être plus adaptées à vos besoins spécifiques. * Signale une interface en anglais mais tous les menus sont avec des icônes donc non problématique pour un usage avec des élèves francophones.

Apple to make iWork, iLife apps free to new iOS customers Apple is mixing business with pleasure, and turning them into a great gift for buyers of the company’s new hardware. Appearing on stage at a special event held at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, CEO Tim Cook announced that the tech giant would start offering customers who purchase new iOS-powered devices a free copy of five apps from the iWork and iLife suites: Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto, and iMovie. According to Cook, iOS will automatically present users of brand new iPhones, iPod touches, or iPads with a screen that gives them the opportunity to install the software when they first start up their devices for the first time. Users of current hardware won’t be as lucky, but they will still be able to purchase iWork and iLife apps from the App Store.

How to Play Charades Back to Main Topics Page We've all had a game of Charades, be it with close friends at a dinner party or with far and distant relatives at Christmas. Sure we've played, but how many of us know the proper rules… or any rules at all for that matter? That's why we've decided to put together a comprehensive guide on how to play Charades, complete with short video illustrations of the most important gestures and hand signals. Equipment Needed Slips of paperPencilsTwo hats or containersA stopwatch or timerA notepad (for keeping score)Four or more players Preparation Charades is a word guessing game in which players take turns to act out the titles of books, movies etc. without speaking for their teammates to guess as quickly as possible. Split into two teams.Each team writes the titles of books, songs, TV shows, plays, movies and famous quotations on the paper strips for the other team to guess and places them in separate hats or containers.Select a timekeeper from each team. Charades Rules

Quickoffice für iPhone, iPad und iPod touch im iTunes App Store Logiciels Pédagogiques « Outils numériques pour TNI et tablettes 5 iPad upgrades iOS 7 brings to education Wednesday's release of iOS7 — the next generation of Apple's mobile operating system — will be a free download and will work on all iPads (including the iPad mini) except for the original model released in 2010. (Note that while iOS7 is installable on these models, not every one of its features will be available on every model.) Those holding out for new iPad hardware will have to wait a bit — new models are expected before the end of the year. The striking new design of iOS7 features a flatter, more colorful appearance and has garnered a lot of attention for its looks, but the improvements are more than pixel deep. Here are the five changes in iOS7 that will make the most difference to educators: This feature may already be familiar to Mac users, since Apple introduced it on their desktops and laptops in 2011. With iOS7, devices can be pre-configured with AirPlay destinations, meaning students or teachers can stream what's on their devices to a screen connected to an Apple TV.