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About myIDP. About myIDP The Individual Development Plan (IDP) concept is commonly used in industry to help employees define and pursue their career goals.

About myIDP

In 2003, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) proposed an IDP framework for postdoctoral fellows in the sciences. Expanding on that framework, myIDP is a unique, web-based career-planning tool tailored to meet the needs of PhD students and postdocs in the sciences. We hope you find this tool useful, and welcome feedback about your experience. Click here to learn more about the IDP process and using myIDP.

About the Authors Cynthia Fuhrmann, PhD recently transitioned from UCSF to the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where she is Assistant Dean for Career & Professional Development in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Jennifer Hobin, PhD is the Director of Science Policy at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB). Privacy Policy. Your Masters, what next? A Masters qualification can help you gain access to a different career path and make you a specialist in your field - but what can it lead to?

Your Masters, what next?

Jobs for Masters graduates In 2016, the most common jobs held by recent Masters graduates were: business, human resources (HR) and finance professionals;education professionals, such as secondary and higher education teachers;health professionals, such as nurses and social workers;managers. Many skills gained from a Masters degree can be applied to lots of different jobs, but some occupations require a specific postgraduate qualification. Dutch Highly Educated Migrant. Did you earn a Master's degree or Ph.D from a top 200 university within the last three years?

Dutch Highly Educated Migrant

You could qualify for a Dutch residence permit to look for a job as a Highly Skilled Migrant.The Dutch Highly Educated Migrant Search Year Visa gives recent graduates from internationally recognized universities the opportunity to live in the Netherlands for one year to find a job as a Highly Skilled Migrant. The university must appear in the top 200 of the general ranking lists and the ranking lists by faculty or by subject field as published by the Times Higher Education Supplement, Jiao Tong Shanghai University, and the QS World University Rankings. Graduates of Dutch universities are also eligible to apply even if they left the Netherlands after receiving their degree.

The deadline to apply is no later than three years after your graduation. You have to be able to support yourself while you are here, but you don't need a work permit during the search year. Work - 10 Most Needed Jobs in the Future.

Work -

Research Fellow job with Cranfield University. Applications are invited for a research fellow position in the field of aero-engine aerodynamics and computational methods.

Research Fellow job with Cranfield University

Reaction Engines Ltd - About Us: Careers: Turbomachinery Aerodynamicist. Turbomachinery Aerodynamicist - Reaction Engines Ltd Job Role/ Purpose To carry out design work on the SABRE engine turbomachinery and support technology development activities specialising in support of the aerodynamic design.

Reaction Engines Ltd - About Us: Careers: Turbomachinery Aerodynamicist

Key Accountabilities Provide aero-thermodynamic design solutions for the SABRE turbomachinery, and at sub-system and component level. Provide input to the aerodynamic and thermodynamic requirements specifications for the turbomachinery. Key Responsibilities. Search. Designed to Sell : Turn Your Creativity Into a Career. 5 Essential Work from Home Job Skills. Finding jobs and work experience in Japan. The job market | Applying for jobs | Vacancy sources | Getting work experience | Visa information | Living in Japan The job market What are your chances of getting a job?

Finding jobs and work experience in Japan

Foreign workers looking for a job in Japan will usually find their options fall into two categories: unskilled work and positions which require special skills, like language teachers, international business roles and technology specialists. 7 Easy Ways For Graduate Students To Earn Alternative Income. Why A Struggle?

7 Easy Ways For Graduate Students To Earn Alternative Income

I have struggled with the question, “How Do I Earn Extra Money On The Side While In School?” My entire college career. When I was an undergrad, I was taking 18 credits (with 3-4 science labs), working in a research lab, and working a part time job 20 hours a week. I only knew of one way to pay for college tuition and fees: working a second job in the evenings and weekends. So I went into sales. How I Made It: SpaceX exec Gwynne Shotwell. The gig: Gwynne Shotwell, 49, is president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, the Hawthorne company that builds rockets and space capsules to resupply the International Space Station for NASA.

How I Made It: SpaceX exec Gwynne Shotwell

Shotwell is No. 2 at the pioneering company behind founder and chief executive Elon Musk. She is responsible for day-to-day operations and managing customer relationships and company growth. My Top Five Books of All TIme. Top 10 Sites For Finding Freelance Jobs in 2016. As 2015 comes to a close, it's been hard not to notice how an increasing number of friends and colleagues are moving towards the freelancing model.

Top 10 Sites For Finding Freelance Jobs in 2016

People are simply more comfortable being their own boss these days, even if it means a bit more uncertainty than they might have at a full-time position. As of October 2015, 54 million people in the US alone have done freelance work in the past year. That's roughly 34 percent of the entire US workforce. With so many freelancers doing work in the US and around the world, a freelance marketplace has evolved. Employers are the demand, freelancers the supply. 1. This is one of the most well-known and widely-used sites out there right now. 2.

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program. CFD Online Discussion Forums. Hi Aroma, Your question is so general that it is hard to answer. Most PhD students find a topic that they are excited about after their Master's courses and thesis. During that time, you attend many classes by professors who are themselves doing research in a particular field, and during your thesis you start reading the fluid dynamics literature to get a feeling of some active areas of research. The topics you mentionned are for sure very hot topics! To get some other names you can browse the two most popular general fluid mechanics research journals: Physics of Fluids ( and Journal of Fluid Mechanics ( After a very quick search in the latest publications of Physics of Fluids I get the following topics: CFD Online - CFD Jobs Database - List of Jobs. Find top Research Engineer Jobs starting from €60,000 per year. Your Benefits Experteer is an executive career service exclusively for leading professionals.

It connects you with an exclusive job market of senior-level jobs across Europe and the US. With Experteer you get accurate professional job matching based on your skills, experience, and career goals. Jobs from €60,000 Experteer features an extensive selection of executive job opportunities with salaries from € 60,000 per annum and up. With Experteer you can easily keep track of the job market for senior-level role. Aerospace Engineer Career Overview. See Your Ad Here Position Description Aerospace engineers develop new technologies for use in aviation, defense systems, and space exploration, often specializing in areas like structural design, guidance, navigation and control, instrumentation and communication, or production methods. They also may specialize in a particular type of aerospace product, such as commercial transports, military fighter jets, helicopters, spacecraft, or missiles and rockets. Aerospace engineers may be experts in aerodynamics, thermodynamics, celestial mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, or guidance and control systems.

Aerospace engineers develop new technologies for use in commercial aviation, defense systems, and space exploration. Aerospace Engineer Career Overview.