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Four Roles of the Library Media Specialist. School Library Media Programs → Library Media Specialist: Four Roles Teacher | Instructional Partner | Information Specialist | Program Administrator Teacher Instructional Partner Joins with teachers and others to identify links across student information needs, curricular content, learning outcomes, and a wide variety of print, nonprint, and electronic information resources Develops policies, practices, and curricula that guide students in developing the full range of information and communication abilities Works closely with individual teachers in the critical areas of designing authentic learning tasks and assessments and integrating the information and communication abilities required to meet content standards Provides training to other educators.

Four Roles of the Library Media Specialist

The 5 Roles of the Media Specialist. Wearing many hats is an appropriate saying when you are referring to the role of a media specialist in a school.

The 5 Roles of the Media Specialist

Depending on the day and depending on the time, a media specialist could be supporting the school in many ways with each one being significantly different than the others. Only when you carefully examine what they do, can you realize how they affect the school community. What Does an Elementary Librarian Do? - Elementary Librarian. Real Job Titles for Library and Information Science Professionals. Information professionals finding & sharing jobs & job hunting advice! An Open Letter To Principals (Before You Hire A New School Librarian) Dear Principal, I know you're busy, so I won't mince words: Hiring and supporting awesome people to work with the students who go to your school is the most important part of your job.

An Open Letter To Principals (Before You Hire A New School Librarian)

Period. It's not school safety. It's not community outreach. It's not busses, instructional services or building maintenance. That said, I'm willing to bet you spend a lot of time thinking about this. In my experience most principals have developed a pretty good system for hiring new classroom teachers. And look, that's not your fault. And I am going to help you find one. As you prepare to interview and select candidates for this role, here's what you do: Look for someone who loves children more than books.

Teacher Librarian Roles. Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Libraries. So, here's what happened...

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Libraries

First, ALA President Barbara Stripling created this document - a Declaration For The Right To Libraries. It's a beautiful affirmation of how libraries transform lives and communities, how they change our collective experiences and grow our shared knowledge. Then, Library Rock Star, (and one of my personal heroes), Doug Johnson, wrote a post outlining his initial thoughts on a Declaration of Students' Rights To School Libraries: a remix of Barbara's work with an emphasis on school libraries.

My first thoughts were a) Wow. Nikki Robertson. School Librarians As Facilitators of Learning. Teacher Librarian role. Why Do We Need Teacher Librarians? ….

Why Do We Need Teacher Librarians?

Here’s Why: Part 4 of 4 in a series by CUE guest blog editor Jane Lofton As a teacher librarian, I was, of course, attracted by the headline of Mike Niehoff’s article in the Winter 2014 onCUE, “ From Stacks to Macs: The Next Generation Library Space.” Mike Eisenberg Vodcast #4—The Role of the Teacher-Librarian and the School Library Program. Tell me, what do you teach? What do TL do. What librarians do. Awesome Graphic on the 27 Things Teacher Librarians Do. Things that School Librarians Do. Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians.

LJ reached out to academic and public library directors and other thought leaders nationwide to find out what new skills they expect to need in librarians in the next 20 years.

Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians

The 11 listed below emerged as the essentials. Not complete departures, rather they build on trends already in evidence. Advocacy/Politics This key competency has two distinct but overlapping paths: raising awareness of value among stakeholders, with an eye to maintaining or increasing funding, and building community, organization, and outreach, with an eye to expanding those services and effectively serving the constituencies who need them. According to Patrick Losinski, CEO of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, OH (2010 LJ Library of the Year), the field needs “people who are very comfortable in the public sphere. To get there, says Rivkah K.

Collaboration Communication/People Skills Creativity/Innovation Critical Thinking A baseline skill but one still perhaps more honored in the breach. Data Analysis Flexibility. LMS DANIELSON. Danielson Sample Artifacts for Evidence in the Library Media Center - LMS Library Media Center. Created with Wendy Offery, April Oliver, Michele Immordino, Gabrielle Casieri, and Mary Silagy.

Danielson Sample Artifacts for Evidence in the Library Media Center - LMS Library Media Center

DOMAIN 1: Planning and Preparation component 1a : demonstrating knowledge of literature and current trends in library/media practice and information technology possible examples of evidence: samples of e-mails to staff with new library materials; an article from a library periodical and/or a PLN with examples of how this new idea was incorporated into your library program; a link to your GoodReads page; your book order; reports from your circulation system detailing how you improved deficient areas in your collection; examples of student/staff requests and evidence of filling those requests component 1b: Demonstrating knowledge of the school's program and student information needs within that program how are you supporting the Common Core Standards? Component 1c: Establishing goals for the library/media program appropriate to the setting and the students served DOMAIN 2: The Environment. Sample job description L4L.

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