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Video Demo: The Bundled Packing Method Fits More Clothes with Fewer Wrinkles

Video Demo: The Bundled Packing Method Fits More Clothes with Fewer Wrinkles

10 Very Cheap Holidays: Paradise for Pennies Cheap doesn’t have to mean nasty, and in these challenging times budget options are more sought-after than ever. Holidays are no exception, and we are here to show you that you can have an amazing holiday on a shoestring budget! Some options are more obvious, while others will take you beyond the usual holiday ideas and perhaps beyond your comfort zone! Taking a very cheap holiday can require some stretching of the mind as well as the budget, but the reward is a unique and exciting break that you will never forget. Workaway Workaway is an organisation which allows travellers to find property owners abroad who are willing to provide food and lodging in exchange for a few hours help. WWOOFing WWOOF is a network of organisations which aim to provide ‘World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms’ for travellers wishing to find cheap board and lodging while experiencing various types of organic farming. Housesitting Couch Surfing Island Caretaker House Swap Overbooked Flights Wild Camping Images:

How to plan a round-the-world trip - travel tips and articles Itʼs the ultimate trip: circumnavigating the planet, and stopping off wherever takes your fancy. Great for travellers who want to see it all, or who are just plain indecisive. But booking a round-the-world (RTW) trip can be a complex business. Hereʼs our guide to getting started. How to do it The most economical way to circumnavigate is to buy a round-the-world air ticket that uses one airline alliance. There are rules: you must follow one global direction (east or west – no backtracking); you must start and finish in the same country; and you must book all your flights before departure, though you can change them later (which may incur extra charges). How long you need You could whip round the world in a weekend if you flew non-stop. When to go The weather will never be ideal in all your stops. Pin this image Image by Christian Steen Where to go The classic (and cheapest) RTW tickets flit between a few big cities, for example London – Bangkok – Singapore – Sydney – LA. Tips, tricks & pitfalls

The Top 50 Resources for Getting a Cheap Flight The Top 50 Resources for Getting a Cheap Flight Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 5:47pm by admin These days, travel is expensive, and costs are rising fast enough to make your head spin. Tools Put these tools to work to stay on top of fare deals, predictions and more. Websites These booking sites, aggregators, and other resources offer a great way to spot deals for the flight you need. Articles Follow the strategies outlined in these articles to get the best deal possible. If you enjoyed this article, please bookmark it at »

35 Most Exotic Destinations For Your Next Vacation We live on a beautiful planet that offers many stunning landscapes, tropical paradises, mist shrouded volcanoes and unbelievable beaches. Raising a toast to the explorer within you, here are a few exotic getaways for you to consider for your next vacation. 1. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro Simply known as Boka, this winding bay will engulf you with its emerald waters and picturesque mountains. 2. Rising out of a cliff between the Red and Dead Sea, the lost city of Petra still has secrets to reveal. 3. These stunningly beautiful terraced rice fields received the name of Dragon’s Backbone because the rice terraces resemble a dragon’s scales while the summit of the mountain range looks like the backbone of the dragon. 4. The enchanting island of Gozo is an integral part of the Maltese archipelago. 5. This submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize is in every scuba diver’s bucket list. 6. 7. 8. There are no roads to Namje. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

8 Most Colorful Cities on Earth — enpundit When an entire city wraps itself in the colors of the rainbow, we are reminded that our personal environments do not need to merely consist of red brick, gray steel and beige stone. Around the globe, there are eight vibrant cities in particular that burst with color and resemble a newly opened box of crayons. Take a look and let us know if there should be any other colorful cities added to the list. Manarola, Italy Guanajuato, Mexico Bryggen, Bergen, Norway Wroclaw, Poland Willemstad, Curacao St. Photo credit (above): Brian Carey Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark La Boca, Buenos Aires

How to Travel Around the World for $418. “I have to tell you sir, this is easily the most ridiculous itinerary I’ve ever put together,” said the American Airlines operator the other night as I finalized plans for a worldwide adventure that would make Marco Polo blush. “Welp, that makes two of us!” I replied. And just like that, I had committed myself to almost nine months of international travel. Yes, that picture above is my actual itinerary. Beginning this January, I’ll start an epic journey that will take me across four continents, through at least nine countries, and into more than fifteen cities. Oh, and all of these flights are costing me a grand total of $418.36. Warning: I’m totally going to geek out on travel-hacking with this post, so if you have no interest in learning how to travel the world and visit awesome places for dirt cheap, check back in on Monday. This post is also quite lengthy at over 2500 words: grab some coffee, get comfortable, and let me show you how deep the rabbit hole of travel hacking goes. -Steve

10 of the best walks in the Lake District | Travel Borger Dalr, Borrowdale Distance 4 milesStart Grange in Borrowdale, grid ref NY253174National Trust downloadable route and map Borger Dalr was described by the famed fellwalker and writer Alfred Wainwright as the "finest square mile in Lakeland" and it's not difficult to see why. You'll climb Castle Crag, the site of a hill fort some 2,000 years ago, which, though small in stature, offers some of the finest views you will ever see. Take a moment to pause at Peace How, a small summit bought for the benefit of the nation in 1917 as a place where soldiers returning from the front line could find some tranquillity. Corpse Road, Loweswater Distance 3.6 milesStart Maggie's Bridge car park, grid ref: NY134210National Trust downloadable route and map There's something morbidly fascinating about corpse roads and there are plenty of them in a place as rural as Cumbria. Coniston & Gondola Greendale and Middle Fell, Western Fells Tom Gill to Tarn Hows, Coniston Ash Landing and Claife Heights, Windermere

Store Design : Theurel+Thomas by Anagrama How do you show off lovely edibles like those created by Theurel & Thomas, especially when they are already so beautiful to look at standing alone? Well, to pay homage to the business’ first patisserie in San Pedro, Mexico and to the most popular dessert of all of the French pastries, Anagrama studio ran with a concept that fulfills both your sweet tooth and an eye for amazing modern design. Situated in one of the most exclusive suburbs, the new minimalist space has captured the attention of design enthusiasts and lovers of the dessert spciality. Looking like colorful drops on a blank canvas, the Anagrama team chooses to utilize white as the key element, perfecting the ambiance surrounding the product being sold. As Theurel & Thomas find most of their value in store sales, it was most important to pay particular attention to each and every detail within.

Revealed: cheapest day of week to book flights | Student Beans And the answer is......Tuesday. Tuesday at 3pm to be precise, according to's Rick Seaney. But why on EARTH is this? Well the reasoning behind it goes like this. According to The Wall Street Journal's Scott Mccatney: Airline pricing actually does follow a cycle during the week. When airlines want to push through a fare increase... they often do that on Thursday night, then watch to see if competitors match and if the higher rates stick over the weekend. Airlines don't manage their inventory as actively on weekends, so if cheap seats sell on some flights, prices automatically jump higher. An analysis of domestic fares shows that Wednesday also has good -- and occasionally better -- ticket prices. So the general idea is to avoid weekends, and book on Tuesday and Wednesday's if possible. Remember of course, this is just a guide based on a broad analysis of trends. Click below for some more little-known money-saving tips: Washing trick: save ££'s AND save your clothes