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My sparkle: How To: Rolled Fabric Flowers

My sparkle: How To: Rolled Fabric Flowers
So I am jumping on the bandwagon and loving all the rolled fabric flowers I've seen here and there. We decided to make some with the girls in our church youth group, but I couldn't find a great tutorial on how to make them so I played around and this is what I came up with.Enjoy! Start with about a 1" ripped strip of fabric (you can use any width...this was the width I liked best). The length and weight of your fabric will dictate the end diameter of your flower. Fold the strip in half and dot a little fabric glue on the end 1/2" or so. Roll the glued end a few times to get a nice tight center. Then, once you have a center you like, start twist/folding your fabric away from the center as you roll. It will start to look like this. Continue rolling until you have a flower that is sized the way you like, but make sure you leave at least a 1" or 2" tail (enough to cover flower bottom). Spread glue all over the bottom side of the flower. Then fold tail down to cover glue. Maybe.

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Goodwill Outlet Store Locations Looking for a bargain and willing to dig? Then, try a Goodwill Outlet Store. They generally offer merchandise at 75% off of the original Goodwill retail price, and often sell clothes and linens by the pound! Here's a list of current Goodwill Outlet Store locations: DIY: perfect mint color jeans DIY mint jeans I think I am quoting many girls when I say, "I've been looking for mint jeans for spring!" I am very specific and picky about the color of mint I want, not too blue, not too green, not too dark, or not too light, more blue with a tint of green. I finally thought I found the color I was looking for(within my price range) and ordered two pairs of mint pants just to make sure I got the right color, but unfortunately one was a tad darker than I wanted(and too big), and the other one was too green for me. I've learned that in the pictures(in stores and in other blogs), the color always shows up more blue than it actually is.

8 second skirt with a bow DIY Would you like to know how you can make a skirt in 8 seconds? From this? just follow the picture instructions: in summary: and there you have an 8 second skirt! you can also pull out the bottom part of the bow all the way out to make a bigger bow. anthropologie fancified boatneck DIY DIY project: anthropologie's fancified boatneck $58 in my closet: a black/white stripe top c/o romwe and lace i purchased from etsy you'll need: lace

J.Crew lace stripe tissue tee to read my 3 reasons to start sewing, read here. i'm a part the knock-off series over at kojodesigns for this tutorial for today. inspiration: J.Crew lace stripe tissue tee $58 in my closet I found this shirt from my last DIY you'll need: matching thread, 1.5-2 yards of lace(jo ann's), pins or liquid stitch 1. lay the lace on the shirt to know the width and cut the lace in four pieces. Molly Hanna DIY I made two necklaces this past weekend. The first one was a bracelet but I thought it would be cute as a necklace. Before After All I did was take the beads out and out a gold chain around it. DIY J.Crew Inspired Glitter Pumps By Merrick White | A few months ago I spotted this pair of fabulous sequin pumps at J.Crew. For the holidays, there is nothing better than a pair of sparkly shoes, and the chunky heels and almond shaped toe was the perfect shape for a loud and glittery pair of shoes — they sucked me in.

HANDMADE HOLIDAYS: PAINTED MUGS (& A GIVEAWAY! - CLOSED) When it's cold outside, there's nothing much better than a cup of hot cocoa by the fire. Right? Well the perfect gift for all those hot chocolate loving friends is a pretty mug, maybe even filled with a little hot chocolate kit and tied with a pretty ribbon! You can buy mugs anywhere, and most of them are pretty inexpensive, but I think a personalized handmade mug is so special, and it's a really easy project.