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"Origamania : l'Origami ou l'art du pliage de papier"

"Origamania : l'Origami ou l'art du pliage de papier"

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Reader Question: How Do You Cut Your Snowflakes? You sometimes have questions. I know I do. When this happens and you think I might be of some service, do as Bridgitt did and shoot me an email. The Many Faces of a Toilet Paper Roll I only recently came to know Andrew Orlando. He stopped by our studio to drop off a drawn Doodle Addict Postcard and with him was a bright green tote bag. When I looked inside, dozens of faces stared back at me. I immediately lit up, the bag was filled with toilet paper rolls that he covered with bright and bold colors of paint and marker. Eyes, teeth, scribbled hair and so many expressions formed these comical characters. Research Facts on Homeschooling Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.January 6, 2015 Download/Print PDF Version General Facts and Trends · Homeschooling – that is, parent-led home-based education – is an age-old traditional educational practice that a decade ago appeared to be cutting-edge and “alternative” but is now bordering on “mainstream” in the United States.

Pansy and Dahlia Fabric Flower Tutorial Photography by James Ransom for Martha Stewart Living I’m so excited to share this fabric flower tutorial from Martha Stewart Living with you. Such beauties! Empress and Emperor Origami for Girls' Day- Hina Matsuri 1a. Cut out image along outer solid lines. b. With printed side facing down, fold up on line A. 2a. Fold diagonally on line B. b. Repeat diagonal fold on line C. c. DIY étoiles flocons de neige Wars With winter upon us, we thought it would be fun to share a fun project of ours with you: snowflake designs with a Star Wars twist. We created the original set of designs in 2010 and now have the largest collection of designs and templates on the internet. With The Force Awakens opening in December, the latest installment of the Star Wars film series inspired us to create new designs such as the BB-8 and Kylo Ren. We had so much fun in fact that there are 33 designs altogether.

Maneki Neko the Lucky Cat « 3EyedBear There are a few legends around the Maneki Neko. She (or maybe a he) supposedly saved some rich guy’s life long long ago by waving him to go away from under a tree that got hit by lightning. Also there’s a story about a beheaded cat that brought the grieving owner luck after being reincarnated into a wooden statue or appearing in a poor woman’s dream with a good business-proposal. Point is, since the 17th century this cat brings Luck, Health, Wealth and Love, so we felt the need to repay his duties by recreating him in the purest and delicate canvas of all: paper. May Maneki Neko keep on being our beloved good luck charm and live his paper-life in good health, prosperity and full of love himself.

Socialization: Tackling Homeschooling's "S" Word . Education . PBS Parents The mainstream perception of homeschool students is that they are an antisocial bunch, toiling away lonely hours at a kitchen table with only their parents for friends. But homeschoolers themselves will tell you that socialization—the “S-word,” as some call it—is really a nonissue. “Socialization is always the hot topic,” says Kate Fridkis, an adult who was unschooled until she was college age.

Origami Christmas Tree And finally I managed to post this origami tree tutorial...for those who follow me on instagram, you know I've made these last week. So if you wanna know how to make this....

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