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Envelope Origami

Envelope Origami
I'm not sure if "envelope origami" really exists but for my amusement lets pretend it does. Envelope origami - to create a likeness of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one envelope. In this case, I folded an envelope into a box. It's an easy craft to turn your junk mail into something functional. Security envelopes work best for this project.

Craft: Kirigami Fall Decorations Just when I thought the fall season was here, we get hit with 90 degree weather, ugh! But, that's not stopping me from decorating the house with leaves, pumpkins, and gourds. I run on a strict seasonal decorating schedule and if it's fall, then that's how I'm decorating the house. Below you'll find directions and four templates to make the kirigami leaves. Supplies:6" x 6" origami paper - you can use any size paper, you'll just have to adjust the templates accordinglyScissorsPencil Fold 6" x 6" paper according to directions above. Right click, copy, save and print out templates. Trace leaves on the folded triangle (refer to step 5 above). Cut out. Cubeecraft Christmas Unfortunately the Vodafone Christmas Clone site is down this year, however you can download the above characters in one convenient zip file here. 6 new Christmas characters are available!  You can grab them here.UPDATE: To download the characters first click on the one you want from the bar at the bottom of the page. Then click one of the options on the notepad on the right (Trabajo, Dinero, Sorpresas, Diversion, Amor, Salud.) Then the notepad will change and have three icons at the bottom, click the Adobe icon on the bottom right that reads “Imprimir y Montar” and you should donwload or open the PDF depending on your settings. Cubeecraft Christmas Trees: - Jeremy & Whitney 2009 - Francesca 2008 - Maire 2008 Merry Christmas! Share and Enjoy Tags: christmas

Craft: Easy Paper Bows If you've been following this site, you're probably guessing I got this idea from an earlier post about origami bows. However, this paper bow actually came about when I was making some paper pinwheels. It all started like this; I was debating whether to do a post on mini yo-yos or mini guitars. Trying to decide, I started staring at my bulletin board wishing there was a pinwheel on it to spin. Supplies:Square piece of card stockOne bradHole punchScissors With right side of paper facing down cut paper where you see dotted lines. Bend top flap down revealing right side of paper. Attach top left corner to the brad. Attach top right flap to brad. Once your bows are made you can adjust the shape by trimming the bows if you wish. These cute little bows would make the perfect bunting for a party.

Tutoriel fleurs en filtre à café *Merci à Ludi, membre de la Communauté de, pour ce très joli tutoriel. Voici le matériel dont vous aurez besoin : Des filtres à café.Des piques à brochette ou autre objet en forme de tige.Du scotch de fleuriste.Un stylo.Une paire de ciseaux.Du colorant alimentaire liquide de la couleur de votre choix. Voici les étapes à suivre : Commencez par tracer les pétales sur vos filtres à café, de forme pointue, comme sur la photo par exemple, ou encore arrondie, en sachant qu’il vous faudra un minimum de 6 formes pour une fleur, puis découpez-les. Séparez vos pétales en dépliant le bas des filtres : cela vous fait donc 12 pétales, que vous devrez assembler en les enroulant sur une tige recouverte de scotch de fleuriste. Trempez ensuite votre fleur dans du colorant alimentaire liquide pour lui donner sa couleur, puis laissez sécher la tête en haut pour que le colorant descende. *Retrouvez tous nos tutoriels mariage dans notre section Fait Maison.

Craft: Origami Paper Ring What's this? An actual craft on my site? You probably forgot what they look like here. I know I have. Supplies:10cm piece of paper - I used metallic crepe paper Scissors Tape Click on the image for a better view. Experiment with unique paper textures to get different looks. 7 outils pour créer des captures d'écran pour vos cours C’est le genre d’utilitaire indispensable dans la besace des outils numériques de l’enseignant ou formateur. Un outil pour réaliser simplement des captures d’écran sur votre ordinateur pour illustrer un cours ou réaliser un tutoriel. Voici une liste de sept d’entre eux que j’ai eu l’occasion de tester. Complets, la plupart gratuits, ils permettent de créer des captures d’écran et des les enrichir avant de les partager. Awesome Screenshot Il s’agit d’un plug-in qui vient s’installer sur votre navigateur. Snaggy Autre utilitaire assez simple pour réaliser cette fois une capture de tout ou partie de votre écran. Bounce Au départ Bounce a été conçu pour le travail collaboratif. Jing Avec Jing, on passe à des outils plus professionnels, plus lourds aussi. MonoSnap C’est un de mes outils favoris dans cette liste des sept samouraïs de la capture d’écran. CloudApp Evernote Le meilleur pour la fin. Sur le même thème

How to make 3D paper ball ornaments I love 3D paper things. Love. And when I saw a little picture of what appeared to be paper balls in a CB2 catalog, I thought, "I am going to make those." So the other day while Alex was writing a paper about mysterious things like polymers and flexible films and tactoids, I made a paper ball. Then I proudly announced I had created a tactoid and it was sitting on my desk. These are made from 12 slotted flower shapes that fit together to form a sphere. Download the PDF templates here:Large ball (10")– print/cut 12 sheetsMedium ball (5")– print/cut 2 sheetsSmall ball (3")– print/cut 1 sheet Download a Silhouette .studio file here:Small ball (3")– unzip the file; cut 1 sheet. If you want to hang your ornament, you might like to add the string before assembling the ball. Use the slits to join petals together. It might be helpful to think of the first piece as the "north pole," and then add a row of five flowers encircling it. Here's what it looks like upside-down:

Tout faire soi-même Lego Kirigami Now that I've got some of the basic kirigami principles down thanks to my new book, I've been experimenting with different shapes. I thought it would be fun to take the traditional person paper cut and change it to a Lego person. Below is a template with instructions on how to make your very own Lego kirigami. Supplies:Yellow paper ( 4" x 11") - light weightScissorsLego template Right click image, copy, save, and scale to 4 inches in height. Fold yellow paper as directed above. Trace template on folded paper. Cut out shape, unfold, done.

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