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Kaltura Video Platform

Kaltura Video Platform

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Cinelerra Cycle 1 Universal Language Support One of our immediate goals to support the Cinelerra artist is the introduction of multi-language support. Social Intranet Software Get your hands on the world’s leading modern communication and collaboration product. Try Jive-n today and start working better together. Start your free 30-day trial today. We'll create a secure, private business network for you and your team.

Basic Equipment Your first day of film school is right around the corner and maybe you’re already thinking about what kind of gear you’ll need to make the most of it. Sure, you’ll most likely get access to a lot of great equipment through your film school, but what if you want to practice framing a shot, lighting an interview subject or capturing sound on your own? After all, it’s your passion and inspiration that brought you to film school, so it makes sense that you’ll want to work on a project outside class or during one of your term breaks. So, how much equipment do you really need? Video Editor - StashBox Online Video Editor Easily organize, combine, and enjoy your videos and photos with the free StashBox video editor. The simple and easy to use interface makes it easy to add video footage and create a movie in minutes. With StashBox, you'll have the video editing tools at your fingertips, ready to share, archive, and burn your video masterpiece in no time!

What is Livestream? What is Livestream? A place to broadcast live events Broadcast to millions, live in HD with our Platform, Producer, Broadcaster and Studio products. A place to watch live events IBM Connections Creating a new world of possibilities IDC ranked IBM number one in worldwide market share for enterprise social software for the third consecutive year. IBM® Connections is a leading social software platform that can help your organization engage the right people, accelerate innovation and deliver results. This integrated, security-rich platform helps people engage with networks of experts in the context of critical business processes. Now everyone can act with confidence and anticipate and respond to emerging opportunities. IBM Connections deployment options include on premises, hybrid and in the cloud.

The Perfect Audio Kit for a Mobile Recording Studio How much did you spend on your perfect audio kit? What audio kit, you ask? For some reason, many video creators treat the audio portion of their productions like a distant cousin. Cheap Satellite Receiver Offers a Free Way to Access Wikipedia, International News, and Other Vital Websites What do you get if you cross a satellite TV receiver with the Internet? According to startup Outernet, a way to bring billions more people the benefit of online information. By renting communications satellites, Outernet is currently blanketing about half Earth’s surface with a signal that transmits data including much of Wikipedia, open-source software, health resources from the Centers for Disease Control, and international news coverage. Cheap devices based on regular satellite TV receivers store the data that the signal gradually transfers and create a local Wi-Fi network to let nearby computers, phones, or tablets access the downloaded content.

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