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Drawing tool CSS Layout - float and clear Tiki-Toki_1 Timeline free Keyboarding Games for Kids - Learning to Type Games for Kids Keyboarding Games Keyboarding Games Kids love typing games for kids! In fact, these are our most popular learning games on site. Each game supports correct finger positioning and encourages reach and keyboard memorization. Though our keyboarding games are used by school districts all over the U.S., many children are using online learning at home as a their main method of education.

The first online fighting game for your hand drawn characters Interesting numbers - Zero Interesting numbers --- zero --- one --- complex --- root 2 --- golden ratio --- e --- pi --- googol --- infinity Properties of zero Zero is sometimes called nought (naught) or nothing or nil or O (pronounced oh). Zero is a very strange number. It is neither positive or negative. If you add or subtract zero to any number, that number stays the same. If you have a zero remainder in a division, then you have a whole number as an answer. In Boolean logic, zero represents False. There is no year zero in the BC / AD year numbering system. If you want to count how many things there are, for example, how many apples there are in a bowl, then you start counting from one, or you end up with the wrong answer. History of zero Zero has two meanings. The other meaning of zero is as a place holder. ). It was the Indians again who developed a consistant use of the zero. Interestingly enough, the Mayans developed a positional number system using zero. Paradox I said above that you cannot divide by zero.

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