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Top 20 Photo Storage and Sharing Sites Looking for the best way to store and share your photos? You’re not alone! There are many fantastic sites for photo sharing and we’ve rounded up the top twenty. One or more of these are bound to meet your needs and much more. We’ve rounded up the top twenty absolute best photo storage and sharing sites, including pricing, storage, accepted file types and other core information to make your decision even easier. Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug Shootout The following twenty photo sharing sites are listed in order—somewhat. If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to read our comparison of the top three photo sharing sites here, Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug Shootout. If you know of a site that should’ve been on this list, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Flickr 1. Flickr, one of the most popular photo sharing sites on the web, is one of the most community oriented photo sharing sites available. SmugMug 2. For professionals, it doesn’t get much better than SmugMug. Picasa Web Albums 3. Phanfare

Ψηφιακά Παιχνίδια και Ψηφιακά Μέσα για Μάθηση ερευνητική ομάδα Ψηφιακά Παιχνίδια και Ψηφιακά Μέσα για Μάθηση Η ερευνητική ομάδα Ψηφιακά Παιχνίδια και Ψηφιακά Μέσα για Μάθηση (Digital Gamesand Digital Media for Learning) του Εργαστηρίου Νέων Τεχνολογιών στην Επικοινωνία, την Εκπαίδευση και τα ΜΜΕ του Τμήματος Επικοινωνίας και ΜΜΕ ΕΚΠΑ εστιάζει σε προσεγγίσεις με τις οποίες σύγχρονα ψηφιακά μέσα (ψηφιακά παιχνίδια, συλλογικά ψηφιακά μέσα, ψηφιακή αφήγηση, διάχυτες εφαρμογές) μπορούν να λειτουργήσουν ως πλαίσια τυπικής, άτυπης, διά βίου και διαγενεακής μάθησης. Την ερευνητική ομάδα Ψηφιακά Παιχνίδια και Ψηφιακά Μέσα για Μάθηση συντονίζουν ο Καθηγητής Μιχάλης Μεϊμάρης, Διευθυντής του Εργαστηρίου Νέων Τεχνολογιών στην Επικοινωνία, την Εκπαίδευση και τα ΜΜΕ και Διευθυντής του Ερευνητικού Πανεπιστημιακού Ινστιτούτου Εφηρμοσμένης Επικοινωνίας και ο Δημήτρης Γκούσκος, Επίκουρος Καθηγητής του Τμήματος Επικοινωνίας και ΜΜΕ. επιλεγμένες ερευνητικές και εκπαιδευτικές δράσεις

100 Amazing Hairstyles | ~She Exists~ | to Add Colors in Life - StumbleUpon We women adore fashion and style. Fashion comes in clothes, shoes, makeup, fancy accessories, styles the way we carry things and hairstyles. We enjoy dressing up, getting ready and styling our hair. Hair is the part of fashion and beauty and Hair-styling is an art, to carry your hair according to your style statement and your physical appearance is a really tough job. Working girls got a small amount of time for their hairdos and hair-styling in their daily routine. Here are 100 amazing hairstyles. Like this post and found these styles creative and amazing? Most Liked articles about hair:How-To: Instant Hairstyles- Do YourselfTop 10 All Time Favorite HairstylesEveryday Hair Care image Source:WeHeartIt

25 Cool Digital Photography Tutorials, Techniques and Effects The list of cool digital photography tutorials and techniques is endless, you can even find ten completely different methods to achieve the same effect. Which is the best? It really depends on the photographer and their level of expertise. In this post, we have listed our personal favorites photography techniques with tutorials to help you recreate the same effect. Infrared Photography What is the Infrared Spectrum? High Speed Photography High-Speed Photography is used in physics, health research, sports and more. Lomo Photography Tilt Shifting Photography This Photoshop tutorial will teach you about simulating the tilt-shift lens effect that is used mostly in photography. HDR Photography This is a detailed guide about taking photos for an HDR image. Cinematic Portrait Effect In this photography and Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to add drama or a cinematic quality to a regular, humdrum and boring portrait using a little bit of fake HDR. Coloring a Black and White Image Cross Processing

imgfave - amazing and inspiring images 50 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About 5 Ways To Use Apple TV In The Classroom Wow, My Date Sucked! - Stories "My first date with a guy I met online. He picks me up at my apartment, and just outside, he turns to me and says: "Listen, I know this is lame, and feel free to say no... But the first kiss thing is always so nerve-wracking, and builds up so much pressure... It could have been weird, but he said it in a charming way, and he was a pretty good looking guy (I made sure of that via pictures before I agreed to the date). "Fair enough," I said, and leaned in for a quick peck. And that's when he jammed his tongue down my throat, and dug ten fingers into my ass. Actually "jammed his tongue down my throat" was just the beginning - after I yanked my head away, our "nothing big" kiss was followed by some traditional face-licking, and I believe I even got a little tongue up my nostril. As for the ass-grab, the phrase "kneading bread dough" kept coming to mind as I struggled to pry myself from his cheek-death grip. I still think that line could have worked. First dates are always awkward."

Digital Photography Techniques Make the most of your digital camera by learning new photography techniques. These include tips for photographing specific subjects, using different creative styles, and improving image quality. Using Your Camera Subjects Photo Lighting Composition The Rule of ThirdsUsing Diagonals for Dynamic PhotosNegative Space - Sometimes Less is More Image Stacking & Multiple Exposures While every photographer eventually develops their own style, learning common techniques can help you get to this stage more easily. View in other languages: Português Русский Deutsch Français Italiano

정승철 Welcoming Party Why a Selfish Dater is a Successful Dater | Official Blog It may take two to tango but sometimes it takes a squadron of pros to help build healthy romantic relationships. That is why each month invites top notch dating experts and writers to share their tactics and opinions on matters of the heart. Today’s guest post is by dating expert Bobbi Palmer. She is THE dating and relationship coach for women over 40 and founder of the site, Date Like A Grown Up. Whether 2011 was your first year without someone to kiss at midnight, or your twenty-first, 2012 can be your time for love. USA Today published an article by Stacey Kaiser, titled “Pass the “Narcissist Test.” Here are four ways that taking care of yourself first can make you more attractive to others while helping you attract better quality people. 1. A single man I know once said: if a woman doesn’t seem to love herself, why should I love her? When you are in touch with what you have to offer a partner and the world, and when you can express it, you become attractive to others.

Create Custom Digital Prints & Gifts with Personal Photos | Snapfish Join us 55 free 4x6" prints with your first uploadUnlimited photo sharing & storageCreate unique custom photo gifts Already have an account? Home Décor for her All you need is one great photo to make a meaningful gift she'll enjoy for years. Shop Home Décor 2 FREE 20-page Custom or Classic Photo Books Use code FAVEMOM to get 2 free books when you buy 1. Make your photo books Camera Lens Once you've settled on the subject and the light, you have to decide on the relative prominence of objects in the scene. By moving the camera position back and forth, you can adjust the relative size of objects in the scene. After you're happy with the position, you pick a camera lens whose angle of view encompasses all the objects that you want to include in the photo. Objects? Au contraire! Aesthetic tip from MIT: when your nose sticks out 5" in front of your eyes, you don't want it to appear relatively more prominent. Suppose that you actually want this photo as the "before" illustration in a plastic surgeon's advertisement. Suppose that you wish to flatter Cyrano. What about the 24mm lens from this camera position? Exactly how long a camera lens do you need? Apologies to people from countries that have adopted sensible units. If sensors and camera lenses were perfect... you would need only one lens! In a perfect world, you would leave the house with only a Canon 14 super-wide lens. Rent

Camera Lenses" In the last section, we saw that at any one point, a lens bends light beams to a certain total degree, no matter the light beam's angle of entry. This total "bending angle" is determined by the structure of the lens. A lens with a rounder shape (a center that extends out farther) will have a more acute bending angle. Basically, curving the lens out increases the distance between different points on the lens. This increases the amount of time that one part of the light wave is moving faster than another part, so the light makes a sharper turn. Increasing the bending angle has an obvious effect. Increasing the distance between the lens and the real image actually increases the total size of the real image. The same basic thing happens in a camera. Professional cameras let you attach different lenses so you can see the scene at various magnifications. Different lenses are suited to different situations.