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READING - Digital Footprint Tap here for our Free App! Get all our media picks, personalized for your kids. No thanks Jump to navigation Discover the best apps, games, and websites and learn best practices forteaching with technology. Paedophile Adam Brown groomed a schoolboy on Facebook and made him sneak from home at night A paedophile groomed a schoolboy on Facebook and got him to creep away from home in the middle of the night for a meeting. But Adam Brown, 21 – who changed his name to Logan Brown by deed poll – was caught when the distraught mother of his victim turned detective to trap him. Brown had begun talking to the boy after posting videos of himself online, telling jokes and inviting people to say whether they found them funny. Cardiff Crown Court heard the mum worked nights and left her son and other children with their grandmother. But when she returned on July 3 she found the family’s dog behaving oddly – and when she went to check on the family, she discovered the boy’s bed was empty. She phoned him and he claimed he was just out for a walk.

Coworker Sees Mom In The News, But The Story Says She Has 14 Kids By 14 Men Karena Bennet, an excited new mother, snapped a photograph with her newborn and husband on the day of the baby’s birth. A few days later, her photo was used in the local newspaper. Her son was the first baby born in 2015. However, a year later, Bennet began to see her photo popping up here and there. The picture was stolen from a newspaper article featuring Bennet’s son.

Becta - About the Department Becta was the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning. It was established in 1997, building on a predecessor organisation – NCET (National Council for Educational Technology). Becta provided leadership to embed the effective use of technology across the system in the most coherent, cost-effective way, now and for the future ensure the market develops products and services that meet the needs of the education and skills sector and provide value for money help plan for tomorrow's world. Becta provided rigorous research and evaluation to evaluate the impact of technology on the education and skills system. It provided expert, independent advice to

READING - 20 Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment I visit a lot of classrooms. And I'm always fascinated by the variety of ways teachers launch the new school year and also with how they "run their rooms" on a daily basis. From these visits and my own experiences as an instructor, I'd like to offer my top 20 suggestions for keeping your classroom a safe, open, and inviting place to learn. 1. Community Build All Year Long. Routinely include strategies and activities in your lessons, such as Save the Last Word for Me, that allow students to express their thoughts and ideas, build relationships, and practice collaboration. Apple outrages users by automatically installing U2 album on their devices whether they asked for it or not Songs of Innocence album was automatically added to iOS devicesIt was added to iTunes Store customers in 119 countriesUsers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express outrage at the plansOthers have moaned the album is difficult to remove from their devicesReports claim Apple paid the band $100 million as part of the deal By Victoria Woollaston for MailOnline Published: 13:36 GMT, 12 September 2014 | Updated: 16:25 GMT, 12 September 2014 Since the launch of the iTunes Store in 2003, U2 has been a strong, musical ambassador for Apple. So what better way to celebrate the launch of the Irish band’s latest album, than by giving it to every iTunes Store customer in 119 countries around the world? Unfortunately for Apple and U2, many of these customers are not happy the Songs Of Innocence album has been forced upon them – and have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their outrage.

Protecting Children's Privacy - a Guide for Parents Protecting Children’s Privacy – A Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators Published by Paul Bischoff on April 20, 2016 in VPN & Privacy It’s time to have the talk with your child. You peeked at their browser history and, well, it’s time. It’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable for both of you, and things have changed a lot since you were that age. But better to hear it from a parent than learn it from a stranger or God-knows-who online.

SWGfL - E-Safety Wales Project South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) together with the Welsh Government are launching a project that will consolidate and enhance an esafety strategy for Wales and develop a variety of revolutionary online safety resources specifically adapted for Wales. Focusing on schools, these will include adapting the multi award winning 360 degree safe online safety self review tool that guides schools through better protecting their staff, and children when online. The project will start with a snapshot survey, led by PromoCymru with Plymouth University that will assess online safety across Wales. The survey will provide insights into the state of esafety in Wales and identify gaps in resources and support. Focusing on schools, the project aims to empower and equip school professionals by enhancing their general awareness and knowledge and providing them with tools and resources as well as sources of support on online safety. E-Safety Wales Project Timeline

READING - Displays – The Sheffield College Displays can be powerful tools to: Extend learning spaces in order to maximise learningShow industry standards and expectations to influence learners’ personal AND professional developmentCelebrate success in order to increase expectationsShowcase future possibilities in order to raise aspirationsHighlight diversity in order to create an inclusive environmentPresent relevant aspects of English and maths to further develop learners’ skills in these areas Some questions Displaying, commenting upon and celebrating success?Promoting work-related skills and industry standards/values?Incorporating positive and aspirational role models and stories from diverse backgrounds?

Digital footprint One of the great things about being online is the ability to share videos and photos with your friends and seeing their response. Everything you post online combines to make your digital footprint. Remember that what you share with your friends may also be viewed by people you don’t know. And once it’s online, it could be there forever. So think before you post. Online safety UK 96% of young people in the UK regularly use the internet to communicate according to a survey of 24,000 British people aged 9-11. A report shows that only 40% of young people know that personal information shared online stays online forever. There are about 250 million tweets generated every day and around 800 million Facebook users - that means a lot of information is shared online.

Children Aged 11 Victims Of Revenge Porn By Becky Johnson, North of England Correspondent Children as young as 11 have fallen victim to so-called revenge porn, according to the latest police figures. The online trend which involves explicit images of the victim being posted online is on the increase, with schoolgirls among those targeted.

RESOURCE - Maths Calendars Once again, a few of my favorite bloggers have come through with math calendars for our students to puzzle over. Check them out: Things to Do with a Math Calendar At home: Post the calendar on your refrigerator. Use each math puzzle as a daily review “mini-quiz” for your children (or yourself).

— iKeepSafe iKeepSafe would like to thank the many experts who contributed to Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens. Legal Review Center for Copyright Information,attorneys and experts David Sohn, Center for Democracy in Technology Jerry Berman, Founder, Center forDemocracy in Technology; Internet Education Foundation

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