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Alternative safety products flyer. Gx er tracking the trends 2015. Hard hat rack. Online Employee Suggestion Box software - Vetter. Suggestion Ox. It's a web service for creating anonymous online suggestion boxes for your company, workgroup, employees or anyone from whom you'd like to get honest, anonymous feedback.

Suggestion Ox

Yes! The feedback that is submitted via your box will be completely anonymous. It takes just seconds to create your box. You will get a unique URL to your box that you can give out to anyone who should give anonymous feedback. Suggestion Ox is currently free during beta. You'll get a copy of each suggestion via email, and you can access all of your responses at any time by logging into your Suggestion Ox account. Yes! Yes, you can close any of your boxes at any time. No matter how much you ask your group for candid feedback, there are things that people just won't say in front of you — both good and bad. Mobile App of the Week: Employee Engagement with SuMo. This month at CMSWire, we are diving into the strategies and tools for employee engagement.

Mobile App of the Week: Employee Engagement with SuMo

With that in mind, our first mobile app of the week for March is SuMo sustainability employee engagement app from CloudApps. Who are CloudApps? CloudApps, which was founded in 2009, is a company that provides products and services that focus on improving a business’ performance through intuitive, social and mobile applications. These apps monitor and manage employee behavior trends through “game mechanics” (gamification) and help improve collaborative and individual work ethics. The CloudApps' product suite is centered around three key themes: performance management & reporting, energy & carbon management and employee engagement. Diamond Offshore Drilling. Holy Safety Innovation Batman! It’s The Rescue Reel! By Andrew Liszewski Created by Kevin Stone, an orthopedic surgeon and inventor, the Rescue Reel provides a better way for upper-floor residents or workers to escape a high-rise building in an emergency.

Holy Safety Innovation Batman! It’s The Rescue Reel!

The device is based on a fishing reel of all things, though the Rescue Reel improves on that design with an automatic centrifugal braking system that controls the rate of descent. New-road-safety-innovation-from-DIT-to-be-showcased-to-interested-companies. 12 August 2013: A road safety innovation, developed by a DIT graduate, will be showcased to interested companies this Wednesday (12 August).


The Enhanced Emergency Lighting (EEL) barrier was invented by product design graduate Ian Burnell and developed with DIT Hothouse, which is now seeking companies to license it and bring it to market. The design principally aims to make crash sites safer for emergency services personnel and has been trialled by the Dublin Fire Brigade. Ian won Best Undergraduate Researcher Award at the 2013 Inventor Competition and the product also reached the semi-finals of the 2012 James Dyson International Design Awards.

It is patent protected and has received media buzz (appearing in the Irish Independent Business pages on 25 July this year). The product has a unique retractable design, is lightweight and has a highly reflective surface and embedded LED lights. For more information on the EEL barrier, click here. Back to Top. Handrail innovation boosts workers' safety - Acusafe. Award-winning safety innovation. A new safety innovation for rigging and handling. In the great Aussie spirit of invention, four scaffolders with extensive experience in the field have come up with a great new innovation in rigging safety aids, the TAG-EX.

A new safety innovation for rigging and handling

When working on a construction or maintenance site, a dogman, rigger or scaffolder will need to catch on to a tagline, the rope that must be attached to any rigged load in order to control its movement by hand. One of the biggest safety risks in rigging is placing yourself under any suspended load, and this practice is so dangerous that most companies have strict life-saving rules that prevent workers from doing so… in theory. Sometimes in the course of their duties riggers cannot avoid getting under a suspended load, or at least in the load shadow (the area under a load into which that load could fall and cause damage if dropped), and it’s usually because they need to catch onto the tagline to guide the lifted load into landing position.

H-E Parts CME: Innovations in Safety Earn Worldwide Recognition. The conventional process for replacing crusher liners can be hazardous for crusher operators.

H-E Parts CME: Innovations in Safety Earn Worldwide Recognition

Reports abound of incidents where a lifting lug (temporarily welded onto the liner to remove it from the crusher’s mantle) breaks away from the liner, hurtling over a thousand pounds of metal onto the technician below, who has little time to react. The result is often shattered limbs … or worse. That’s why H-E Parts CME (Crushing & Mining Equipment), one of the largest global suppliers of crushing equipment and consumables to the mining and quarry markets, developed its proprietary LockLift® Mantle Lifting System–to equip customers with the safest means to service their crushers.

And the market has taken notice. LockLift® earned CME the prestigious SKILLED Safety Innovation Award for 2012 at the SKILLED Gala sponsored by IFAP (Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention) and GCU Insurance, held October 11, 2012, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Center in West Australia. Related Posts.

MMG awarded for safety innovation — Australian Journal of Mining. The 2012 Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference held its annual conference dinner in Townsville this week.

MMG awarded for safety innovation — Australian Journal of Mining

Three winners that developed safety innovations for the mining industry were announced. MMG - Century won the Innovation Award for its ground engaging tool removal tool. A panel of industry experts judged the entrants and listed a range of safety benefits for the GET Removal Tool: Risks associated with hot work (welding) have been eliminated, as this is no longer required.Muscle strain, pinched and crushed fingers and other injuries resulting from manual handling the GET have been eliminated.Downtime and labour required to service Liebherr buckets has decreased as a lifting lug is no longer required to be welded to the worn GET for removal.