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Impression tridimensionnelle - Wikipédia

Impression tridimensionnelle - Wikipédia

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A 3D Printed Sundial Displays Time Like a Digital Clock Using a clever mix of 3D printing and a few well-placed shadows, this sundial designed by Mojoptix projects the actual time as if displayed on a digital clock. The plastic component that casts the shadow—called a gnomon— is printed with extremely tiny holes that create pinpoint dots of light in the form of digits as the sun shines through during the day. The sundial does have its limitations. The time only shows in 20 minute increments and it only works from 10am to 4pm during the day. Regardless, the results are no less miraculous when you see it in use in the video below (skip to around 13:00 to see it in motion). The completed device is available for purchase here, or you can download the design files and print your own.

Researchers closing in on printing 3-D hearts LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Researcher Stuart Williams is not talking about a far-off, science-fiction effort when he describes how scientists here will create new, functioning human hearts — using cells and a 3-D printer. The project is among the most ambitious in the growing field of three-dimensional printing that some say could revolutionize medicine. STORY: Doctors design custom implant for baby STORY: 3-D printing revolutionizes development "We think we can do it in 10 years — that we can build, from a patient's own cells, a total 'bioficial' heart," said Williams, executive and scientific director of the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute. The institute is a collaboration between the University of Louisville and the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence.