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A Pilot Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design [Ken Pettifer is acting Deputy Secretary at the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education] One of the ideas included in the Australian Public Service (APS) Innovation Action Plan released in 2011 was the establishment of an APS Design Centre that could assist in developing and testing new approaches to complex policy challenges and to enhance government program delivery. This in turn was based on a recommendation within Empowering Change that the APS establish a MindLab style collaborative experimentation program. In December the Secretary of my Department, Dr Don Russell, gained agreement and support from the Secretaries Board for an 18 month pilot.

BulkyApps Created the game “Fort Boyard”, based on the famous TV game show, which was produced by Adventure Line Productions and broadcast on France 2 TV Channel for over 10 years. The concept has been adapted in over 30 countries. The game is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackeberry 10. It has achieved a average rating of 4.5/5 stars on the French iOS App Store. Bulkypix assisted the Marine Nationale (French NAVY) on Facebook in its’ highly successful recruiting campaign, which was coordinated by the advertising agency EURO RSCG C&O. The game enables visitors to discover, in detail, all available positions and missions of the Marine Nationale.

Public Innovation, Fraunhofer FOKUS Public Innovation focuses on the innovation promotion and generation role of the public sector and its related institutions. The challenge is in identifying, measuring and explaining public innovation on the one hand and assessing its impact on and interrelation with innovations in the private sector. The service offering of Fraunhofer FOKUS’s Public Innovation research group targets three research areas: Knowledge regimes and technology transfer (KTT) Innovation driven private-public partnerships (PPP) and public procurement (PP) Standardization, certification and accreditation (= Quality Infrastructure) (QI) Background Info: Why are innovations in the public sector important? Innovations in and supported by the public sector at all level (regional, country and federal) are crucial for tackling the so called grand challenges like climate change, energy safety, health, demography and security.

Advergaming Advertising using games is a long-standing practice in the video game industry. Various methods have been used to integrate advertising into video games to advertise products, organizations or viewpoints.[1] The advergames sector reached $207 million in 2007.[2] Games for advertising are sometimes classified as a type of serious game, as these games have a strong educational or training purpose other than pure entertainment.[4] Other methods of advertising in video games include product placement being integrated into in-game environments[5] and companies/organizations sponsoring commercial games or other game-related content.

Global Public Innovation Network - Ash Center The Global Public Innovation Network, established in 2002, is a collaborative network of 10 public policy awards programs from around the globe. With support from the Ford Foundation and contributions by the individual programs, the Innovation Network gathers and disseminates knowledge about innovations in public service provision, public action, and governance. These innovations represent significant contributions to the collective well-being of citizens and to the reduction of social, economic, political, gender, and ethnic inequalities. By sharing successful local practices through an international network, the impact of each awards program can extend far beyond its country’s borders.

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