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ZeroTouch transforme n'importe quelle surface en engin tactile.

ZeroTouch transforme n'importe quelle surface en engin tactile.

Getac's resistive-type multi-touch technology works with or with Getac's resistive multi-touch technology brings multi-touch to the gloved and ungloved alike Anyone who has tried to use a multi-touch touchscreen with anything other than their bare skin will know that it’s just not possible, no matter how hard you press. That’s because the capacitance technology used for the bulk of multi-touch devices doesn’t detect pressure, but measures the changes in electrical resistance caused by contact with a conductor – in this case, the human body. That might be annoying in cold climates, but is an even bigger problem in situations that require the wearing of protective gloves.

store - home Gigabyte GA-C1037UN-EU Fanless Celeron 1037U Mini-ITX Board with Dual LANFeb 10, 2014Fractal Design Node 304 in Black and WhiteNov 28, 20135 Fanless Impactics SystemsJuly 20, 2013 We now offer 5 different systems built with the ultimate fanless chassis from Impactics - starting at just £299 ex VAT. The newest addition to the range fills the gap between the i3-3220T and i7-4765T with a Haswell Core i5-4570T 35W TDP processor. All systems are capable of 1080p playback and are configured to your specification with up to 16GB memory, multiple drives, a blank front panel option and your choice of Operating System. Fanless Impactics Systems

Google Android port for Xburst CPUs on its way I haven’t fully jumped on the Google Android for netbooks bandwagon. The operating system is designed for cellphones with low resolution displays and slow processors. And the number of applications available for Google Android pales in comparison to the huge variety of apps that you can run on Windows or Linux netbooks. But today I’m thinking that maybe there are some netbooks that would be right for Google Android. PadPivot, lap & desk stand for your iPad,Tablet, or E-reader by Jim Young Pad Pivot™ is the ultimate tablet stand for iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle, or other tablet device. It features hands-free positioning on your lap and adjustable angles and positioning on the desktop. The ingenious hinged design allows Pad Pivot to fold small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or bag making it the most versatile and unique stand in the marketplace. Be sure to watch the video!

North Face Etip gloves for touch screens Etip gloves with X-Static tips (Photo: North Face) Image Gallery (2 images) You are in a freezing cold condition with a thick glove on. store - mini-itx motherboards Mini-ITX Motherboards Mini-ITX Motherboard comparison charts Fan indicates whether the board is supplied with a fan fitted. CPU Speed We assign a number 1-4 to reflect processor speed in CPUMarks. These currently fall in the ranges 1=250-400, 2=450-800, 3=950-1050, 4=1700-2000. Energy Rating We assign a letter A-C to reflect overall board power consumption (measured under light load running memtest).

XBurst netbook reading list You know all those stories about the “world’s cheapest netbook” you keep seeing that all seem to point to the same laptop, but with different names? That’s because they’re all produced by the same Chinese company, Exon Technology and distributed worldwide by companies that use a dozen or so different names for the same device. Two Liliputing readers have put together some pretty awesome resources for information about these netbooks powered by XBurst CPUs. Satarii Star Accessory Our idea is the Star Accessory, a product that makes your mobile camera follow your every move. You can video yourself doing anything without the awkwardness of asking friends or complicated setups. Want to know more? Check out our Blog, follow us on twitter @satariistar or Facebook and send us your thoughts at Our Story We’re a team of product designers who are passionate about design and think its best when paired with new enabling technology.

Emblaze's First Else unveiled in London, promises to be a game-c Folks, today might be the day when you start to notice how ancient our smartphones have become, even if they only came out in last few months. Blame Else (formerly Emblaze Mobile) for its confusingly-named First Else, a phone "built from scratch" over the last two years and now powered by Access Linux Platform (ALP) 3.0 -- a mobile OS thought to have quietly died out since our last sighting in February. Until today's London launch event, the last we heard of this Israeli company was from October's Access Day in Japan where it previewed the Else Intuition OS, which we like to think of as inspired by Minority Report. While it's still too early to tell whether the First Else -- launching in Q2 next year -- will dodge the path of doom, we were already overwhelmed by the excellence of the device's user experience, both from its presentation and from our exclusive hands-on opportunity. Do read on to find out how Else is doing it right. Emblaze ELSE unveiled in London, we go hands-on

store - Intel Atom Mini-ITX boards Jetway JNC96-525 Atom motherboard with 12V DC Input. Integrated Fanless 45nm 1.83GHz Intel Atom D525 processor with integrated Intel GMA 3150 Video. Intel NM10 Express Platform Controller Host (PCH) Chipset. Ingenic - LinuxMIPS XBurst All the SoCs of Ingenic have a Xburst core. Its instruction set is compatible with MIPS32 and it has a SIMD instruction set to accelerate the speed of video codec algorithm. Jz4720 is a low cost multimedia application processor targeting for mobile devices like MP4, electronic dictionary. Link Jz4730 is a multimedia application processor targeting for mobile and general embedded devices.

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