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Les trucs qui m'énervent -

Les trucs qui m'énervent -
Bon allez, je réponds à l'appel d'Alda (mais je ne continuerai pas la chaîne -- j'ai une aversion envers les messages qu'on me demande de forwarder à X personnes.) 1. À ton avis pourquoi il y a moins de femmes chez les geeks, libristes, hacker et hardcore-gamers de tous bords qu’ailleurs ? Je ne pense pas que la proportion écrasante de mâles soit spécifique à l'informatique. On retrouve le même genre de tendance chez les politiques, chefs d'entreprise ou chefs étoilés. Et encore: Dans nos sociétés occidentales, malgré ces comportements à la con, on peut considérer que la femme est admirablement bien traitée par rapport à la majorité des pays de cette planète (où certaines se prennent de l'acide dans la gueule pour avoir osé apprendre à lire). Ne jetons pas la pierre aux geeks/gamers: Je ne pense pas que ce problème leur soit spécifique. 2. Oui, bien sûr, la question ne se pose même pas. 3. Question intéressante. 4. J'aime le calme, le matin. 5. Oui. 6. 7. La TV ? 8. Malédiction. 9. 10.

More Search Options and other updates from our Searchology event Today we are hosting our second Searchology event, to update our users, partners, and customers on the progress we have made in search and tell them about new features. Our first Searchology was two years ago, when we were excited to launch Universal Search, a feature that blended results of different types (web pages, images, videos, books, etc.) on the results page. Since then Universal Search has grown quite a bit, adding new types of results, expanding to new countries, and triggering on ten times as many queries as it did when we launched it. But as people get more sophisticated at search they are coming to us to solve more complex problems. To stay on top of this, we have spent a lot of time looking at how we can better understand the wide range of information that's on the web and quickly connect people to just the nuggets they need at that moment. The Search Options panel also gives you the ability to view your results in new ways. Check out a video tour here:

Blogmotion Les Numériques Les infos de Ballajack Bay 12 Games: Dwarf Fortress 02/06/2019 Various consolidation and small moves to start the month. I traced accounts for embezzlement networks and smoothed out some rough edges there, and made sure the mercenary groups based on organized religions (as opposed to generic worship) functioned correctly. I also fixed some frequency issues with religions and updated the November update to temple profaning to make it compatible with upcoming religious strife. Ruining random temples no longer matters to the deity. In order to be cursed, the act must be against a god the offender worships, for some specific reason (how this manifests in post-worldgen is TBD, but at a minimum it can just check the worship of, say, a tantrumer -- curse one way, religious tension the other.) In order to avoid werebeasts and vampire curses exploding like popcorn during religious riots, something had to give, and in general, making the curse stories a little more personal seemed appropriate now.

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