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Classroom learning gets a boost from education app Seesaw In high school, I worked furiously to hide my phone from my teachers. If a phone rang in class, student and device were sent straight to the principal, and if we were caught texting, we awaited the wrath of administrators and educators alike. But in the last few years, technology in schools has evolved from being banned to being embraced, and this gradual shift has allowed for the success of apps like Seesaw, a platform that “empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school.” Compatible across a number of devices, including iOS, Android, Kindle, Chromebooks, and computers with Chrome or Firefox, Seesaw is just one of the many educational apps slowly changing the face of education in the 21st century. And much of its popularity seems to be derived from its implicitly collaborative nature. According to the app’s site, “Seesaw gives students a real audience for their work and offers parents a personalized window into their child’s learning.”

Color My Room Want to visualize how the colors you're considering will look in your home? Upload a photo of your room and paint it! You'll get a personalized picture you can save and share. 1 Get your colors 2 Choose a photo 3 Prep it A Very Good Checklist for Assessing 21st Century Learning Skills January 29, 2015 Here is another great resource from Dr. Jackie Gerstein, one of our favourite EdTech bloggers. Jackie designed this beautiful chart featuring 12 attributes and skills that teachers should tend to in their instruction. You can use it as a self-assessment checklist to help you evaluate your teaching practice. What I like the most about this chart is the fact that it emphasizes the social and affective component in learning, something which is often overlooked in today’s digitally-focused learning paradigms.

Downloads The Mac App Store Browse and download apps for your Mac — from your Mac. Shop for apps by category, read user reviews, and buy apps in one simple step. 8 Web Apps To Create Animation Gif With the help of GIF, you can easily showcase how you actually feel. At times, GIF is the only answer to your design queries. With GIF, you can make exceptional animation that can give impressive results. In this round up, we are presenting 8 online web applications that can help you make a renovated GIF for your website. Using these online web apps is very easy. You simply have to arrange your photographs and transfer them, do some minor customizations and voila!

Create●Teach●Share: Boggle Board w/ Printable!!! I have been working on some new ideas for my students to do during their Daily Five "Word Work" rotation. A couple days ago I posted about my Word of the Week Graphic Organizer. Another idea I had was inspired by a couple different sources. I first saw the idea for a Boggle bulletin board on Pinterest. Click here to see the pic. Creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Kirkwood Learning - EdTech, iPads & Tech PD: Adding multiple events to Google Calendar using a spreadsheet Adding individual events to a Google Calendar can be annoying and time consuming. But there's a super easy way! Using a simple spreadsheet in the form of a CSV file you can upload as many events at one time into any of the calendars that you manage.

The Real Teachr: Strategy Grouping Template for Reading, Writing & Math Happy Friday!! Yesterday I talked about different types of lesson planning sheets, and even gave you a copy of my lesson planning sheets. Another thing I used last year was a Strategy Group Planning Sheet for Reading. I came up with the idea towards the middle to end of the year, and I wish I had come up with it earlier. This planning page is a quick reference page that you can either keep in your lesson plan book, or you can keep it in your anecdotal reading records binder (I'll talk about this at a later date).