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Hi everyone...let's have fun & personalize how our email signature looks like. These are just some of the sites i've stumbled in the web...feel free to add some more sites related to this content.Divertirsi personalizzando!!!

Generator. Email. Logo Design and Button Generator Tool. Logo Design and Button Generator Tool. Free email signature maker. Email Signature Examples, Email Signature Templates, Sample HTML Email Signatures Gallery. Easily customize your signature with your Logo, IM & Social profiles. You can also enrich your signature with your latest tweet, Quotes, Facebook status and much more! We have created some signature examples & Templates in order for you to get some extra ideas and a WiseStamp inspiration: “Official Look” signature sample: “Logo SIG” signature sample: Safe - Legal Color Names for Browser Colors i.e. Colors for HTML tags. Legal - Safe Browser Color Names These are browser colors that are safe when using the 'color name' (.

Safe - Legal Color Names for Browser Colors i.e. Colors for HTML tags

The matching HTML code and the RGB values are also shown. However, the main purpose is to show the ~150 safe colors reconized by browsers. Browser Colors by Name may not always validate in the validation checkers; however, for initial setup and testing it is often easier to use the color names (then later change to the binary values for browser colors) Signatures for Emails, Forums or Anything! Free Online HTML generator for Email Signature - Business Card - Banner. Table Code Generated Files Email Signatures, Forum Signatures, Banners, etc. Tip: Use H tag with CSS Tricks for Text Signatures! This HTML text n table generator will create a table with background color along with a top and/or bottom image. By being creative you can use this generator to make a signature file for email or forum posting. Other possibilities are advertising banners, business card, birthday greeting, etc to post on a message board or forum. After you finalize your design, copy n paste the HTML code into the .htm signature file, forum, message board, etc.

Fill in the form to create the HTML table code for a web page, a forum, birthday greetings banner, etc. e.g. using a birthday 'bar' image could produce a colorful greeting. Big Hint: If you are NOT able to create images (such as bar / line images) Then use Google Image Search to find an image - that you can then upload to your host (server). How to Use Rich HTML Formatting in Your Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express Signature. If you send your emails using rich HTML formatting in Windows Live MailWindows Mail or Outlook Express, the signature does not have to pale in plain letters beside the rest of your message.

How to Use Rich HTML Formatting in Your Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express Signature

Using HTML in your signature is not as straight forward as setting up a plain text signature, however. It is not even as easy as using HTML formatting in the rest of your message. This is because HTML signatures in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail and Outlook Express are outsourced and offshored to external files. But fret not, here's how to do it. All you need is some basic HTML knowledge, though you'll do fine even without that. E-Mail Icon Generator. (Use the promo-code "NHCHEAPO" to waive the setup fee on all pay-monthly plans!)

E-Mail Icon Generator

For GMail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo! , AOL and many more! 11,179,808 hits since 23rd June 2005. You may also be interested in our other services: The Nexodyne Stock Exchange (NXSE) - A free mock stock exchange that works just like the real thing.FreePolls - A free polling system for use on your weblog, homepage or even in e-mails.Iridium DigitalID Service - Free DigitalIDs for use in encrypting e-mails, AOL Instant Messenger conversations and on SSL webservers.Nexodyne Forums - Our forum, dedicated to games, cheats and general discussion. Like this service? Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with any of the mail providers above.Obtaining an icon through this service does not enable you to use the corresponding e-mail address unless you have signed up for it with the relevant mail provider. Free Email Signature Generator.

This one is taking me to a weird web page that does not look like any signature generator – luigi_crc - Email Icon and Signature Generator.