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Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek - Multimedia Feature

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek - Multimedia Feature
After a few minutes, the small talk faded. Worries went unexpressed. “When you’re up on top of a peak like that, it’s usually hang out for a second, and then it’s momentum,” Castillo said. “You just kind of feel it. Everyone’s like: ‘O.K., we’re not here to hang out. Let’s start going.’ It is a tenet of avalanche safety, and the command snapped the group to attention. “Someone said, ‘Partner up — everyone should grab a partner,’” Carlsen said. “It just felt bigger all of a sudden.” Rudolph, the Stevens Pass marketing director, teamed with Saugstad, the professional skier. “I was really excited about that,” Saugstad said, “because he’s just such a cool guy and I thought, wow, cool, he wants to be my partner. Jack, on borrowed Salomon skis, paired with Joel Hammond, the Salomon representative. “Dude, you’re coming with me,” he said. Wesley gave a little whistle to Carlson and Pankey and nodded downhill. Rudolph, always up for competition, sped around the trees, not through them. Sliding Snow

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6 Great Examples of Digital Storytelling - 8MS Blog At 8 Million Stories we combine digital marketing with digital storytelling. Most people know and understand digital marketing, but far fewer people have heard of digital storytelling. In the socially connected world, the attention span of an audience becomes shorter as more and more mundane content is thrust in front of their eyes. Digital storytelling allows a brand to evoke emotion, and become more connected with consumers. The Caribbean Goes Geothermal Source: Corbis Gabriela walks into a large, dimly lit apartment, goes to a counter, buys a bag of sativa and sits on the sofa with her friends, joint in hand, like in Amsterdam. Except this is not Amsterdam. This is Barcelona, and the open sale of marijuana is illegal. Still, places like these are popping up all over the city and in many other European capitals like London, Paris and Ljubljana, Slovenia, part of a sneaky end run around Europe’s widespread prohibition of pot. These “cannabis social clubs” are seemingly innocent nonprofit associations that only serve members, at least in principle.

This is what it sounds like when you put tree rings on a record player. This is an excerpt from the record Years, created by Bartholomäus Traubeck, which features seven recordings from different Austrian trees including Oak, Maple, Walnut, and Beech. What you are hearing is an Ash tree’s year ring data. Every tree sounds vastly unique due to varying characteristics of the rings, such as strength, thickness and rate of growth. Keep in mind that the tree rings are being translated into the language of music, rather than sounding musical in and of themselves. Traubeck’s one-of-a-kind record player uses a PlayStation Eye Camera and a stepper motor attached to its control arm. It relays the data to a computer with a program called Ableton Live. The Russia Left Behind A few times every day, the high-speed train between St. Petersburg and Moscow barrels through the threadbare town of Lyuban. When word gets out that the head of Russia’s state railway company — a close friend of President Vladimir V. Putin — is aboard, the station’s employees line up on the platform standing at attention, saluting Russia’s modernization for the seconds it takes the train to fly through. Whoosh.

Flat design Definition and purpose[edit] Flat design refers to a style of interface design which removes any stylistic choices that give the illusion of three-dimensions (such as drop shadows, gradients, textures, or other tools that add depth)[1] and is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors.[2] Designers may prefer flat design because it allows interface designs to be more streamlined and efficient. It is easier to quickly convey information while still looking visually appealing and approachable.[3] Additionally, it makes it easier to design an interface that is responsive to changes in browser size across different devices. With minimal design elements, websites are able to load faster and resize easily, and still look sharp on high-definition screens.[1] As a design approach, it is often contrasted to skeuomorphism [4] and rich design.[1] In the 1980s, computer-based user interfaces were a foreign concept to most users. History of use[edit]

The March Family Letters Pemberley Digital presents The March Family Letters, a modern adaptation of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The series follows the four March sisters as they make video diaries for their mother deployed overseas. The videos document their love, loss and struggle into adulthood. Headstrong Jo is the instigator of the videos, but the project is an easy sell to self-centered Amy who begins to produce her own outlandish contributions for the series. The eldest, Meg, and introverted Beth are both reticent, but eventually get dragged into the production.

Print Magazine Faustine Steinmetz and 6a Architects invite us into their studios and speak at length about their creative process. The Italian duo Studiopepe talks about how they manage to stick to their distinctive, surrealist style while working on various commercial projects. Two very different Polish photographers are portrayed: Bownik, a contemporary photographer with a mysterious aura and a flair for scientific experiments, and Zofia Rydet, who took a unique approach to photographing children in post-war Poland.

Mercator: Extreme Controls scrollwheel double-click zoom shift+drag right-click drag Riding the New Silk Road - Interactive Feature Chinese drivers check a train carrying Hewlett-Packard notebook computers, which are being shipped nearly 7,000 miles by rail from western China to Western Europe along the northern route of the ancient Silk Road. A rusting Soviet-era tank, its barrel still pointing toward China, sits next to a rail yard near the China-Kazakhstan border. Truck-mounted cranes move containers from Chinese freight cars to Kazakh freight cars, which use the wider gauge of the former Soviet Union’s rail network. A railway guard checks containers at Dostyk, Kazakhstan, as part of the heavy security surrounding the nation's rail network.

Writing Augmented Reality Applications using JSARToolKit This article discusses APIs that are not yet fully standardized and still in flux. Be cautious when using experimental APIs in your own projects. Introduction Pemberley Digital Pemberley Digital presents Emma Approved, a full-­length adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic Emma. The series follows the iconic Emma Woodhouse, re-imagined as a young brilliant entrepreneur who runs a life coaching and matchmaking business with her business partner and lifelong friend Alex Knightley. As Emma’s elaborate schemes to make everyone’s lives better lead to unexpected drama and revelations, she learns to listen to the people around her and open her own heart to the possibility of love.

Fresh doubts over a Texas execution Webb was dismissed from the diving school in June 1998, after he was jailed on a Houston drug charge. In his arrest records, Webb listed a $1,000 stipend from Pearce as his only source of income. In August 1998, Webb pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison. At the same time, his parole on the robbery charge was revoked, which kept Webb in prison until 2007. As soon as Webb returned to prison, Pearce resumed sending money to Webb’s commissary account with a $200 deposit in the fall of 1998 and $400 in 1999, according to the prison records.

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