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Arduino : Présentation et traduction en Français de ArduBlock.

Arduino : Présentation et traduction en Français de ArduBlock.

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Course on MIT App Inventor and Arduino - All I have made many tutorials for creating apps using MIT app inventor and connected the app with arduino to make things work, I often get email stating something went missing when they follow my tutorial, Here's a step by step tutorial on getting started with creating MIT app inventor and control things with arduino. To complete this tutorial you need a Bluetooth module HC-05 or HC-06 to connect with arduino and send or receive data to and from other Bluetooth device. Lets Make our first app to control an LED

Arduino Tre Arduino TRE, the first Arduino board manufactured in the U.S. Thanks to the 1-GHz Sitara AM335x processor, Arduino developers get up to 100 times more performance with the Sitara-processor-based TRE than they do on the Arduino Leonardo or Uno. This performance opens the doors to more advanced Linux-powered applications. The Sitara-processor-based Linux Arduino can run high-performance desktop applications, processing-intensive algorithms or high-speed communications. The Arduino TRE is two Arduinos in one: the Sitara-processor-based Linux Arduino plus a full AVR-based Arduino, while leveraging the simplicity of the Arduino software experience.

Linux User & Developer - le magazine Linux et les logiciels libres pour une génération GNU We have a small army of robots here at LU&D. And a small quadcopter. We’ll need them for when we take control of Cupertino, but for now we like to think of what different tasks they can help with. In the case of the Makeblock Starter Robot Kit from the Little British Robot Company, it’s education. The Makeblock Starter Kit is a relatively cheap, Arduino- powered robot that is designed to be built and programmed manually. Everything is kept fairly simple so that kids can get involved with construction and learn how some of the more basic electronics work in the process. ScratchX What is ScratchX? ScratchX is a platform that enables people to test experimental functionality built by developers for the visual programming language Scratch. What's the difference between Scratch and ScratchX? Scratch is a programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. ScratchX is a separate experimental platform built to test experimental Scratch features, also known as Experimental Extensions.

Getting Started with ArduBlock DOWNLOAD Ardublock 1.Download ardublock-all.jar ArduBlock 2. Keep Sharing Arduino & Genuino community pics and Win! Keep Sharing Arduino & Genuino community pics and Win! Zoe Romano — April 5th, 2016 April 2nd was a great day. We spent it celebrating Arduino and Genuino Day in more than 330 local communities and we had lots of fun! MacOSX This document explains how to connect your Arduino board to the computer and upload your first sketch. 1 | Get an Arduino board and USB cable In this tutorial, we assume you're using an Arduino Uno, Arduino Duemilanove, Nano, Arduino Mega 2560 , or Diecimila. If you have another board, read the corresponding page in this getting started guide. Program Arduino on your Raspberry Pi Learning to code is one of the best things about owning a Raspberry Pi for a lot of people. Python and C are easy enough to start with on the Pi and you can get great results in a short time. When it comes to physical computing and making, though, not much beats using the Arduino IDE to control the open source controllers, servos and sensors associated with the system. Once set up, we can also use the Pi to program the Makeblock robot we reviewed in issue 142 of Linux User & Developer, using either the built-in commands or your own code.

Scratch Arduino Extension On Mac, the serial number will be something like /dev/tty.usbmodem-1511.On Windows, the serial number will probably be the highest-numbered COM port.(Or unplug the Arduino, check the menu, and then replug your Arduino and see what new port appears.) See the next section, Supported Languages, for information on alternate block tanslations. When you see the indicator light in the "More Blocks" tab turn green your ready to start using the extension! Projecte Scratch Features Arduino objects offer blocks for the basic microcontroller functionalities, analog and digital writes and reads, and also for higher level ones. You can find a block to manage Parallax continuous rotation servomotors. Creating Arduino objects is available in 3 different ways as in the Scratch environment. You can choose between creating a new connection or using an already created one. This feature allows Arduino virtual objects work collaboratively using the same connection (the physical object).

Turn your old cellphone into a smartwatch Turn your old cellphone into a smartwatch Arduino Team — July 20th, 2016 Do you have an old cellphone lying around somewhere? Don’t know what to do with it? Getting Started - BLE Shield — RedBearLab Important: Blend, Blend Micro and our BLE Shield share the same libraires. If you have followed our other "Getting Started" guide and installed the above libraries, you can skip this section go to "BLE Shield Setup" Check your "Sketchbook location" in Arduino IDE (it is for storing Arduino support files), go to menu File > Preferences...

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