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555 Timer Contest entry – Le Dominoux Winner of the 555 Timer Contest: Artistic category. Winner of a Fluke Multimeter donated by 555 Timer Contest entry video: Description: Système Adafruit apprentissage Introducing Bluefruit EZ-Link The ultimate serial Bluetooth link & wireless Arduino programmer We are excited to add another product to our growing Adafruit Bluefruit line, this time its the Bluefruit EZ-Link: the best Bluetooth Serial Link device ever made. Getting to know Nanode and Winode Hardware Getting to know Nanode and Winode Hardware Part 1. Using the SD Card and RTC to make a 4 channel datalogger.

GBS301 - Serial Adapter with Bluetooth wireless technology Description IOGEAR's Serial Adapter with Bluetooth wireless technology brings wireless Bluetooth technology to your RS-232 serial equipment, allowing you to eliminate messy cables. With a range of up to 330 ft (100 meters), you can communicate with serial devices beyond the reach of conventional cables. Simply plug the wireless adapter into your serial equipment and transfer data to and from Bluetooth-enabled devices. With no software required, the Serial Adapter with Bluetooth wireless technology is a true plug-n-play solution. All you need to do is plug in the serial adapter to serial RS-232 equipment with a DB-9 connection and enjoy the freedom of wireless Bluetooth technology. Easy, Reversible Motor Control for Arduino (or any Microcontroller) This project uses just three main components to provide forward and reverse control for a single motor. You can easily interface it to an Arduino or any other microcontroller. It's so simple - you can wire it up "free-form" without a circuit board in about 15 minutes. Features: All parts available at Radio Shack for under $9 Supports PWM for variable speed control Handles up to 5 amps peak / 2.5 amps continuous (5 amps continuous with heatsink) Controlled using just two pins - "enable" and "direction"

555 Timer/Oscillator Tutorial © by Tony van Roon Thank you Ron Harrison from Micron Technology, Inc. for pointing out the errors in this tutorial! The 555 timer IC was first introduced around 1971 by the Signetics Corporation as the SE555/NE555 and was called "The IC Time Machine" and was also the very first and only commercial timer ic available. It provided circuit designers and hobby tinkerers with a relatively cheap, stable, and user-friendly integrated circuit for both monostable and astable applications. Since this device was first made commercially available, a myrad of novel and unique circuits have been developed and presented in several trade, professional, and hobby publications.

Tutoriels Arduino - Ethernet + SD Whatsit? We just got the latest version of the Arduino Ethernet shield with a MicroSD card slot and I promised Bill Greiman I'd try out the latest version of his SdFatLib library so I decided to code up a simple Webified file browser. Its a quicky project and demonstrates what you can do, but it isn't 100% perfect so you should be ready to modify it if you'd like to do other stuff, 'K? This is a good beginning to a logging web-monitor, or remote storage system. Get familiar Initializing Micro-SD card on an Ethernet shield

Low cost serial port I/O boards with A/D, D/A, digital I/Os and local intelligence The Intelligent Serial I/O Boards Thanks to the many built-in communication protocols, the Super PLCs also make more than great serial-based I/O boards for PCs or Workstation! You can use the T100MD's RS232 port for straightforward connection to a PC. With an RS232-to-RS485 adapter (such as the Auto485) as many as 31 super PLCs can be connected to a single PC to provide distributed I/Os at up to 4000 ft away.

Monitor for Li-Ion / Li-Poly Battery Packs with cell balance connector BM3 for 3S battery pack BM4 for 3S / 4S battery pack BM4 using 12F675 PIC A small piece of plastic been cut from the connector (red arrow) to fit both 4 pins and 5 pins balance connector This device designed to be a "Battery Monitor", which will neither not cut off power nor control your model, but just a alarm. Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Plate by RyGuy Now you can send that beautiful $55 board out on your next physically aggressive project with confidence. I also built in a sliding trap door for lower plate egress as well as top box openings that help extend your leads to sensors, motors etc all while protecting your board. Grab the Mega 2560 plate and cover source files here: Oh, and if you run an Ethernet shield I have included a box top that can house both boards perfectly.

555 timer IC Internal block diagram The 555 timer IC is an integrated circuit (chip) used in a variety of timer, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. The 555 can be used to provide time delays, as an oscillator, and as a flip-flop element. NRF24L01-2.4GHz-HowTo Having two or more Arduinos be able to communicate with each other wirelessly over a distance opens lots of possibilities:Remote sensors for temperature, pressure, alarms, much moreRobot control and monitoring from 50 feet to 2000 feet distancesRemote control and monitoring of nearby or neighborhood buildingsAutonomous vehicles of all kinds These are a series of 2.4 GHz Radio modules that are all based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+ chip. (Details) The Nordic nRF24L01+ integrates a complete 2.4GHz RF transceiver, RF synthesizer, and baseband logic including the Enhanced ShockBurst™ hardware protocol accelerator supporting a high-speed SPI interface for the application controller. The low-power short-range (200 feet or so)Transceiver is available on a board with Arduino interface and built-in Antenna for less than $3! See it here. NOTE!

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