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Bienvenue sur le site PHM ARDUINO

Bienvenue sur le site PHM ARDUINO

Bienvenue - Fritzing Parse Yahoo! Weather RSS using PHP and SimpleXML (also: explore the yweather namespace) by Pete Karl | Web Developer | Boston, MA The Yahoo! Weather API is just swell. We get current temp, atmosphere, et cetera for any area of the US and a forecast for tomorrow all for free. In a similar bout of awesomeness, PHP5 contains the SimpleXML class. I'm assembling a mobile site that uses the weather feed from Yahoo! Yahoo! The weather API from Yahoo! The feed accepts arguments that describe the location (p) & units for temperature (u). Important data I want to extract from this feed: today's temperature today's 'condtiions' (cloudy? Thanks, Yahoo! PHP & SimpleXML My first big lesson in XML parsing came from an XML Programming course where we built DOM and SAX parsers in Java. Essentially, SimpleXML is a DOM parser. In case you're interested, there are big differences in usage between SimpleXML and DOM objects. Usage Starting with the Yahoo! First thing's first, let's get a handle on that weather feed (this is all in PHP, mind you, so don't forget the ) <? <? <? Results

TinyGPS | Arduiniana A Compact Arduino GPS/NMEA Parser TinyGPS is designed to provide most of the NMEA GPS functionality I imagine an Arduino user would want – position, date, time, altitude, speed and course – without the large size that seems to accompany similar bodies of code. To keep resource consumption low, the library avoids any mandatory floating point dependency and ignores all but a few key GPS fields. Usage To use, simply create an instance of an object like this: Feed the object serial NMEA data one character at a time using the encode() method. You can then query the object to get various tidbits of data. Statistics The stats method provides a clue whether you are getting good data or not. chars – the number of characters fed to the objectsentences – the number of valid $GPGGA and $GPRMC sentences processedfailed_checksum – the number of sentences that failed the checksum test Integral values Values returned by the core TinyGPS methods are integral. Using Floating Point Date/time cracking Download

Ethernet Shield osur un réseau local Démarrer à travers un réseau local Nous allons dans cette expérimentation procéder par étapes de complexité croissante : - Nous allons démarrer l’application de l’ethernet shield (nommé ETHS dans la suite du texte) à travers un réseau local, - Puis nous montrerons comment dépasser la limite du réseau privé pour faire de l’acquisition de données à travers l’Internet, - Enfin nous montrerons - grâce au code Stantor - comment développer un concept de SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - Supervision, Commande et Acquisition de données) à travers l’Internet. Mais d’abord étape 1 : Monter le ETHS sur une carte Arduino ; nous avons choisi une Mega 2560. Le ‘shield’ (en français la ‘plaque’ - en américain ‘shield’ désigne la plaque des ‘cops’) est empilable ‘stackable’ c’est-à-dire que les broches des connecteurs femelles ‘headers’ sont très longues (du type de celles utilisées pour le ‘wrapping’ il y a quelques années). Un commentaire sur l’adresse IP. created 18 Dec 2009 by David A.

Organisateur de composants «3xbla Component Organizer (or CO for short) is a small, cross-platform and very easy to use application targeted at all those people who have electronics as (at least) an hobby. It’s main purpose is to avoid to google for the same datasheet hundreds of times or “hey I know I already downloaded that datasheet but I can’t find it now on my computer”, so you spend less time gathering information and have more time to look at the hardware. With Component Organizer you can easily search and manage your datasheets and application notes. You can as well manage your component’s stock and be alerted when it’s on low stock or without stock. A component can be an amplifier, a microcontroller, but also a development board, a compiler… All those things that have an heavy document describing it’s features and/or how it works. It doesn’t require installation and so it’s very portable. Last but not the least… CO is open source! Download Windows: win7 (may work on other editions) Source code Sample data

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