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Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon The URL of this page is Buttons in most browsers' Tool Button Bar, upper left. BACK returns you to the document previously viewed. FORWARD goes to the next document, after you go BACK. If it seems like the BACK button does not work, check whether you are in a new browser window; some links are programmed to open a new window. Each window has its own short-term search HISTORY. TaggedFrog - Download free document and file tagging application Extensions Croak Simple audio preview extension for .wav, .ogg, .mod, .it, .s3d and .xm files. News Articles, Magazine Back Issues & Reference Articles on All Topics Google Search Engine - google search engine free download - Google App Engine API Search, Google Ranking Search Engine Optimization Tool, Tubidy Mobile Video Search Engine, and many more ... Google Search - google search free download - Maps - Navigation & Transit, Google Search, Google Search, and many more programs

s Glossary of Internet Terms The URL of this document is: which is where you can look for the latest, most complete version. Feel free to make links to that URL. Back to Index 1xRTT -- (Single Carrier (1x) Radio Transmission Technology) A wireless communications protocol used for connections to networks by devices such as laptop computers. 1xRTT has the capability of providing data transfer speeds of up to 144 thousand bps. 1xRTT is a built on top of another widely used protocol, CDMA and is also called CMDA2000. How To Fix Your Stuff - Fixing Computers Check Out Dean's "Technically Inclined" IT Blog Category: Fixing Computers Fix MagicJack Problems by Tweaking and Changing Your Proxy Settings The MagicJack has changed the game for people wanting cheap phone service. At $39.99 for the device and first year of service, it is hard to find a flaw with the model. However, things that sound too good to be true, frequently are, but through research and experimentation, I've found ways to optimize your MagicJack connection and fix some common problems. more...

Stop using the lens of your preconceptions : Pharyngula 3.6 Beta Well. There’s another paper out discussing science blogs, which is a good thing, I suppose. I just find the conclusion a bit disappointing. Deep Brain Stimulation – A New Frontier in Psychiatry For as long as the brain has been seen as the site of mental activity, it has followed that altering brain function should be implemented to treat mental illness. Second generation antidepressants and psychotherapy are currently the least invasive ways of affecting brain function but they leave too many patients only partially improved, and have proved completely ineffective for some. Estimates of treatment unresponsiveness are unreliable, but 30% to 40% patients with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) probably become treatment failures. For these patients, techniques like deep brain stimulation (DBS) provide a promising treatment alternative.

A Synthetic Solution for a Legal 4:20 Spice has been on the market since 2002, but it wasn't until December of last year that German pharmaceutical company TCHPharm announced JWH-018 was found as one of the active components in at least three versions of Spice. On January 19th, the University of Freiburg in Germany announced the other main active substance in Spice is an analog of the synthetic cannabinoid CP 47,497. Three days later the German government added CP 47,497 to its controlled drug schedule, making Spice illegal. Austria, France and Poland were quick to follow. The manufacturer and online sales outlets are unwilling to ship Spice to the U.S. This is most likely due to the Federal Analog Act, which allows any chemical "substantially similar" to an illegal Schedule I or II drug to be treated as if it were also in Schedule I, but only if it is intended for human consumption.

A 3-Step Cure for Digital Packrats, and How to Know If You’re On Post written by Leo Babauta. I have a confession to make: until recently, I was a digital packrat. While my outer life has become fairly simple, as I declutter my home and workspace, and my paper files have also become pretty simple, my digital life was a mess. I had all kinds of files on my hard drive, just because I thought I might need them. I had all kinds of files in my email, because Gmail storage is so cheap (free) that I felt I didn’t need to delete anything.

The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures « OkTrends 3.6 Beta 2 Hello, old friends. I am back from dark months of data mining, here now to present my ores. To write this piece, we cataloged over 7,000 photographs on, analyzing three primary things: Facial Attitude. Is the person smiling? 7 stupid thinking errors you probably make The brain isn’t a flawless piece of machinery. Although it is powerful and comes in an easy to carry container, it has it’s weaknesses. A field in psychology which studies these errors, known as biases. Although you can’t upgrade your mental hardware, noticing these biases can clue you into possible mistakes.How Bias Hurts You