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Languages - German - Talk German - An introduction to German

Languages - German - Talk German - An introduction to German

German Words | Learn German Vocabulary and Nouns Learn German words in many categories with free German flash cards and the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game. The flash cards and the Lingo Dingo will teach you basic German words and German vocabulary with audio from native speakers. Learn German Words - Pick a Topic Below Learning German Words Hopefully you have learned many new German vocabulary words after you have visited each of these pages.

German Web Resources - Web Links Culture and HistoryMusic, Radio & TelevisionNews and MagazinesLiteratureLanguage Learning SitesChat and Virtual WorldsCountry/City ToursGrab BagProfessional Language Associations Culture and History Top Music, Radio, and Television News and Magazines Literature Language Learning Sites Chat and Virtual Worlds Country/City Tours Grab Bag Professional Language Associations Colours in German Words for colours in German with notes and colour-related expressions. schwarz - black Shades / expressions pechschwarz - pitch black kohlrabenschwarz - black as a raven Schwarzfahrer - black rider, i.e. someone who rides a bus or train without a ticket, like a stowaway Schwarzseher - black-looker, i.e. a pessimist schwarzmalen - painting in black - expressing a pessimistic outlook sich schwarz ärgern - to turn black with anger, i.e. being very angry - especially about something you can't change Da kannst du warten bis du schwarz wirst - You can wait until you turn black (hell freezes over) weiß - white schneeweiß - white as snow eierschalenfarben - egg shell coloured = off-white, slightly brownish tinged white rot - red blutrot - blood red weinrot - wine red, burgundy Morgenrot / Abendrot - morning red / evening red - reddish glow in the sky at dawn / twilight rot werden - to become red - to blush rot sehen - to see red - to be furious Rotlauf - red run - erysipelas, an infection of the skin

German : Foreign Language Flashcards Traveling to Germany? – Thanks to Swapna Das for providing the word lists for Chapters One through Five. UPDATE: You can study all the German cards online at Over 250 words with pictures that are perfect for the beginning language learner and traveler.Topics include: Greetings, Questions, Places, Numbers, Dates and Times.Click Here to see a list of the words included in this set. Over 100 words with pictures.Topics include: Numbers, Occupations, Colors, Body Parts, School items.Click Here to see a list of the words included in this set. Over 100 words with pictures.Topics include: Fruit, Vegetables, Places, Money, Adjectives, Questions, Verbs.Click Here to see a list of the words included in this set. Over 125 more picture flashcards.Topics include: Food, Drinks, Desserts, Family & Friends, Adjectives, Verbs.Click Here to see a list of the words included in this set. For more information about downloading and using the cardsClick Here.

German Travel-Related Words and Phrases - dummies By Edward Swick Traveling in German-speaking countries can be confusing if you can’t read the signs or understand the instructions you’re given. Learning a few useful travel-related words and phrases in German before you begin traveling can save you time and reduce your frustration level. Here are a few general travel-related terms that everyone should know before making the big trip. Reisepass (passport) der Koffer [m] (suitcase) der Rucksack (backpack) das Gepäck (baggage) flugschein [m] (airplane ticket Zoll [m] (customs) die Fahrkarte (ticket) die Reservierung (reservation) Making or changing travel arrangements While traveling in a German-speaking country, you often need to make or change your travel arrangements. Rückfahrkarte (round trip ticket) einfache Fahrkarte (one-way ticket) Platz(Sitz) (seat) Bahnhof (train station) der Zug (train) S-Bahn [f] (local train) der Flug [m] (flight) Flughafen (airport) Ich möchte eine Fahrkarte reservieren. Dealing with the hotel Dusche [f] (shower) das Bett (bed)