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Bhaktivedanta Vedabase

eBooks: Welcome Welcome to Buddhanet eBook!s! Here you will find our extensive collection of eBooks that were created by the Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc. for BuddhaNet.Net. The collection covers a large range of topics, from childrens books to art and history, spanning Mayahayana, Theravada and other Buddhist traditions. You will find more eBooks archived in the BuddhaNet File Library. If you are looking for the Buddhist eLibrary Project, please go here: Our eBooks are FREE. All eBooks contained here are © Copyright 'Buddha Dharma Education Association/' All rights reserved unless otherwised indicated.

Good Math, Bad Math After the whole Plait fiasco with the sum of the infinite series of natural numbers, I decided it would interesting to dig into the real math behind that mess. That means digging in to the Riemann function, and the concept of analytic continuation. A couple of caveats before I start: this is the area of math where I'm at my worst. I am not good at analysis. I'm struggling to understand this stuff well enough to explain it. What I'm trying to do here is to get rid of some of the mystery surrounding this kind of thing. That's all rubbish. Math is complicated, because it covers a whole lot of subjects. I'm a professional software engineer. I've got friends who are obsessed with baseball. That's the way that math is. And it's definitely not easy. Anyway, what the heck is the Riemann zeta function? It's not easy to give even the simplest answer of that in a meaningful way. The starting point for defining it is a power series defined over the complex numbers (note that the parameter we use is . .

testi_e_filosofi Testi e Filosofi L'Advaita Vedanta, o Vedanta Non-duale, è un sistema metafisico che si fonda su un antichissimo lignaggio di filosofi, le cui radici si trovano nelle scritture Vediche. Secondo la Tradizione, il primo insegnamento proviene da Vishnu/Shiva che lo trasmise ai Rishi, i poeti veggenti dei tempi remoti, autori dei Veda e delle Upanisad, che lo trasmisero agli uomini. Questa longeva serie di testi comprende quindi innanzitutto le opere dei filosofi che propriamente hanno codificato e insegnato la metafisica non duale, Sankara e Gaudapada, ma si riallaccia costantemente alla tradizione vedica della Sruti, la dottrina rivelata attraverso i Rishi, e alla Smrti, le scritture tramandate che hanno fondamento nella Sruti. Vedanta è il termine con cui si identificano le dottrine esposte al "termine dei Veda" (questo il significato letterale) come compendio filosofico dell'istruzione religiosa, nei trattati delle Upanisad.

Evergreen Messages of Spirituality, Sanskrit and Nature Shiva Shadakshara Stotram: Omkaram Bindu - in sanskrit with meaning - Stotra on Sri Shiva ॐकारं बिंदुसंयुक्तं नित्यं ध्यायंति योगिनः ।कामदं मोक्षदं चैव ॐकाराय नमो नमः ॥१॥ Meaning:1.1: (Salutations to Him) Who resides In the Spiritual Heart Center as Omkara, On Whom the Yogis Constantly Meditate,1.2: Who Grants All Desires and also Liberation to His Devotees.Salutations to that Shiva, Who is represented by syllable "Om", The first syllable of the Sadakshara mantra "Om-Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Ya". नमंति ऋषयो देवा नमन्त्यप्सरसां गणाः । Meaning:2.1: (Salutations to Him) To Whom the Rishis bow down in Reverential Salutation, To Whom the Devas bow down in Reverential Salutation, To Whom the Group of Apsaras bow down in Reverential Salutation,2.2: To Whom the Men bow down in Reverential Salutation and Who is the Lord of the Devas. महादेवं महात्मानं महाध्यानं परायणम् । Meaning:3.1: (Salutations to Him) Who is the Great God, Who is a Great Soul, Who is the Final Aim of all Meditation,3.2: Who is the Great Destroyer of Sins of His Devotees. शिवं शांतं जगन्नाथं लोकानुग्रहकारकम् ।

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