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Still life: Bent objects » Article », Digital Journalism UPDATE: The Return of Bent Objects Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art. Little polish girl French Whoops! Maybe you were looking for France? France, scaled to actual size. French is a series of incomprehensible garglings, and throat utterances belched out by the French, and those nations who have been invaded by them in the past (a sand dune in the Sahara populated by an ant colony and some inconsequential rice farmers in Vietnam). 13 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can’t Google has become the standard search engine of virtually every web-goer on the internet today. In fact “to Google” is pretty much synonymous with “to search”. But that certainly doesn’t mean that other search engines can’t do a decent, if not better, job and this list has been compiled for just this reason. So check out this catalog of awesome alternative search engines that are certain to help you search faster and more efficiently on that World Wide Web.

Pew Research Center's Internet & Overview of responses In an online survey of 895 technology stakeholders’ and critics’ expectations of social, political and economic change by 2020, fielded by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center: » Google won’t make us stupid: 76% of these experts agreed with the statement, “By 2020, people’s use of the Internet has enhanced human intelligence; as people are allowed unprecedented access to more information they become smarter and make better choices. =^..^= I Can Has History? =^..^= Happycat Ceiling Cat Medieval Ceiling Cat Rave Cat

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal March 16, 2011 Going crazy before flying out to Chicago tomorrow! You're all gonna come see me at C2E2, right? Batman Running Away From Shit Dear followers, You’re invited to follow my work and web comics on my brand new tumblr Hope to see you there, Top 50 Education Technology Blogs Education technology has many supporters in its movement to alter traditional teaching methods. This list of the top 50 education technology blogs includes writers, technicians and social media experts…but they all are teachers. The “movers” are teachers who facilitate learning among other teachers and in the classroom, the “shakers” teach new philosophies and innovations, and the folks “on the ground” offer news, tools and methods of using those tools in the classroom. This list is divided into those three categories, and each link within those categories is listed alphabetically. The links lead straight to the recently updated blogs, and the descriptions supply information about that blogger’s achievements, including careers and jobs. Movers

CHATROULOLZ - Flock Oh Japan You So Funny.. Posted 3 years ago 120 notes Everything Shii Knows It was a lot more annoying to maintain this website after it closed than I expected. Even after I put up a big banner it turned out that I was hosting stuff here without copyrights and moral permissions. I need to focus on other things in my ife these days. A lot of 4chan stuff, including things taken from this wiki, can be found on GitHub (why GitHub? IDK)

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