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Capture full web page screenshots in your browser instantly

Capture full web page screenshots in your browser instantly

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Explainer Video Toolkit Explainer Video Toolkit Template allows you to make your own animated commercials, short promos or explainer videos with energic style and easily. Explainer Video toolkit Template can show any kind of logos. Everything is created inside After Effects so you can customize every small part of template. 7 Quick and Easy Translators for Firefox What do you do when you come across a website that doesn’t have a version in your language? Or, what if you are working with someone who speaks another dialect? For various reasons, translation tools can be valuable in successful communications with others. There are, of course, Web-based tools and services that you can use, but what quicker way to translate than with one for your browser? If you are a Firefox user in a need of an easy-to-use tool, then one of these options should work great for you. S3.

Join us today! This Common Craft End User License Agreement (“License”) describes your (“You(r)”) legal use of the videos and/or related materials (“Content”) provided to You by Common Craft. By clicking “I Accept” and/or obtaining any Content from Common Craft, You shall comply with this License. If You are unable to comply with this License or do not wish to be bound by its terms, do not download or use any Content. 1. Delivery. After You sign this License, Common Craft will deliver the Content to You in the format selected on the Common Craft website, located at (“Website”) for Your use during the Term. Better Manage Your Tabs in Firefox With Tree Style Tab For the most part, tabs look and perform in much the same way across different programs. Tabs in Firefox operate in much the same way as they do in Chrome, and while we covered how to introduce vertical tabs, Firefox has another variation that might catch your attention. Tree Style Tab is an add-on for Firefox that turns your tab bar into a tree-style tab bar like a folder tree of your file manager. Begin by going to the Mozilla Firefox add-ons page and installing Tree Style Tab. You’ll have to restart the browser, and when you do, there will be a very obvious difference. Having installed the extension, it’ll be possible to go further and use collapsible tabs quite contentedly.

10 Money-Saving Browser Extensions That You Should Install Now Online shopping is much more convenient than going to a physical store, but it also has its downfalls. It can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal, especially if you haven’t had the time to do any comparison shopping. Fortunately, there are plenty of browser extensions out there that will compare prices, find coupons, save you money.

newest - Thingiverse View More Page 5 Medical imaging material characterization phantom by ilustrad 2 hrs ago Shower door towel holder by Hobby2 2 hrs ago How to Enable "Do Not Track" in IE, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome Many people take online privacy seriously, and with hundreds of entities tracking your every move online, it’s not a bad idea to use every tool at your disposal. One that’s built right into your browser is Do Not Track (DNT), which is like the Internet equivalent of the Do Not Call registry. Enabling this setting means that your browser asks websites to not track your activity. Whether they oblige or not is up to the site. Here’s how to enable it in all of the major browsers. In Internet Explorer: Click the gear icon in the top-right, then choose Internet Options.

The Brilliant creative team blog November 20th, 2012 | Posted by Jon in Video | Leave a comment Dumb Ways to Die is a beautifully animated Melbourne Metro Trains transport safety ad which features colorful characters singing a catchy tune as they set fire to their hair, poke a stick at a grisly bear, get their toast out with a fork or use their private parts for piranha bait. The video is also designed to demonstrate the danger and stupidity of playing on train platforms, tracks and level crossings by the myriad of other dumb ways to die. The song is performed by Melbourne artist Tangerine Kitty, the song was produced by Cat Empire keyboards player Ollie McGill. Along with the song and clip on iTunes and YouTube, Metro Trains are developing posters and announcements at stations and educational material for school students.