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The Primary Water Institute - Links & Downloads The Science of Water Science to Sage - "Water Revolution" - Link WATER Journal - Information about water - Link Foundation For Water - Link World Technology Senate - Link Earth's Deep Water Cycle - ISBN978-0-87590-433-7 - Link Steve Jacobson, Northwestern University - Link USA Today - Hydrogen & Oxygen trapped inside the Earth's Mantle Rock - Link Are there oceans hiding inside the Earth? BBC - Link The Problem - Secondary Water is finite UC Berkeley News Center - Water Woes - Link Read about California Drought, 1/31/14 - Link World Economic Forum 1/31/14 . . .Water is Top 3 Global Risk - Link Bloomberg Business Week - California Drought 2/3/14 . . . - Link Huffington Post - California Drought 1/31/14 . . . - Link More drought information, SFGate 2-17-14 - Link US Water Wars in the Middle East - Link California needs to get a grip on its groundwater - Link for more info see > In the News The Solution - Primary Water is unlimited M. Interview with Stephan Riess, 1985

Robots.txt Generator SEO Tools Tools to help you build and market your website. Firefox ExtensionsWeb Tools If you need feedback or have any burning questions please ask in the community forum so we can get them sorted out. LoTW users list Please note this is not an official list, as the ARRL never considered releasing such a list as useful. This is a compilation of information from many sources, including the DX-Cluster, DX bulletins, WEB sites and files received from other LoTW users. If you would like to help making this list even bigger, then your file of callsigns you got LoTW credits from is very welcome (see the "How to help" page). I hope this list will encourage other hams to use the LoTW system by showing them that almost all current DXCC entities, including very rare ones (Ducie Is, Heard Is, North Korea,...), can already be credited for the DXCC with this system!

The iPad Guide - How to Get the Most Out of the iPad When the iPad was released, Steve Jobs called it "magical". And in many ways, he was right. The iPad is a great device capable of doing everything from streaming movies to entertaining you with great games to becoming your digital library to simply letting you surf the web on your couch. Unfortunately, one of it's magical qualities isn't to instantly allow you to know all of the great ways to use the device. This iPad guide will teach you everything from how to go about picking out the right iPad to the basics of how to go about using it to how to get the most out of it. Did you know you can hook the iPad up to your HDTV and watch streaming movies on the big screen?

Setting Up A Render Farm What and Why? A render farm is simply a collection of networked computers that work together to render a sequence in less time. By dividing your sequence between multiple machines your total render time becomes a fraction of what it is on a single computer. Most production studios will fill huge rooms with server rack upon server rack, full of thousands of rendering computers (or render nodes as you’ll hear them called). But they’re also useful (as well as financially viable) for smaller teams or even individuals. A render farm can be a custom built cluster for a few thousand dollars or it can be a collection of arbitrary computers, a computer lab with networked stations, or you can invite all your friends over with their laptops. Solar and Wind Energy Our Universal Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) allows you to invert your energy to the electrical box, for use of other appliances if needed. Our Boost Inverters are designed (Auto Sensing) if connected to grid, to operate during power outages via solar and battery. Batteries can be charged with both utility and solar at the same time, allowing you to always be connected. This means you will never be with out electricity, or (optional) our technology allows you to connect in areas where no power is available.

A Deeper Look At Robots.txt The Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) is not exactly a complicated protocol and its uses are fairly limited, and thus it’s usually given short shrift by SEOs. Yet there’s a lot more to it than you might think. Robots.txt has been with us for over 14 years, but how many of us knew that in addition to the disallow directive there’s a noindex directive that Googlebot obeys? s Blog: January 2012 Today I have been playing around with MEPT beacon code on my Gadget Gangster Parallax Propeller board. First I wandered over to Jeff, KO7M's blog and borrowed his WSPR beacon code. WSPR was the thing I originally wanted to try when I decided to get the Gadget Gangster: I hadn't even heard of OPERA at that time. But I was unsure whether I would be able to generate the FSK frequencies WSPR uses: four tones separated by about 1.48Hz. Jeff decided to shoot as near as he could and programmed for a 2Hz separation of tones, and found that the signal was decoded by K1JT's WSPR program.

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